KZ Random Texture Distribution

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KZ Random Texture Distribution
Author: Kazuki
Type: Riivolution
Tracks: 570
Arenas: 60
Version: v1.0.3
Date of latest version: 2023-09-08
Download: Dropbox
Source: GitHub


KZ Random Texture Distribution (abbreviated as KZ-RTD) is a texture hack distribution created by Kazuki. It is based on and inspired by Wiimms Mario Kart Textures 2022-12. The author encourages other people who are not familiar with coding to use this as a template for other texture hack distributions. Instructions on how to do so can be found at the Customization Instructions.

The track and arena listing of this distribution consists of the texture hacks on Wiimm's Custom Archive that have been marked as online safe. A complete list of these can be found here. A full track and arena list with many details are found at Tracks and Arenas.

Customization Instructions

Texture Hacks

Mario Kart Wii has what are called special slots. Every track is assigned a unique special slot ID. This, however, is not the order of the cups. More details can be found at the slot article.

This distribution has an extra attribute called the variation slot. This slot is randomly determined when the track is selected. For example, if special slot ID 0 (i.e. Mario Circuit) has three texture hacks, it will select one of these.

The SZS files are stored in a specific way. Special slot IDs count in hexadecimal, whereas the variation slots do so in decimal. For example, the fifth texture hack of N64 Sherbet Land has special slot ID 1b and variation slot 5. Thus, its filename is 1b_5.szs (and its multiplayer variant 1b_5_d.szs). In general, the filename is

{2 digit hexadecimal special slot ID}_{decimal variation slot}.szs.

However, if there is a variation slot 0, then the original file (old_sherbet_64.szs) would be used.

Note that the variation slots always have to be in order. If there is any gap in the sequence (e.g. 4 is missing in 1 to 6), it is assumed that there are only three texture hacks. The rest will not be used in the selection procedure.

Cheat Codes

Cheat codes can be edited by providing a new GCT file, which is located at SD:/codes/RMC?01.gct. Unlike RiiOcarina, this does not have a limit to how many codes can be applied.


Currently no media


Track Listing


Arena Listing


Game Features
Feature Author Information
LE-CODE Loader Leseratte Loads the LE-CODE binaries to patch the game.
CT Distribution Loader Kazuki Apply Gecko codes compatible with the LE-CODE Loader without modifying the main.dol.
Random Texture Hacks Kazuki Selecting an original track or arena will randomly select a texture hack.
Custom BRSTM Loader CLF78, Kazuki Based on CLF78's Track Music Expander. It can play a different piece of music for each texture hack.
Custom Server Support Wiimm, Leseratte Support to play on a custom Mario Kart Wii server has been added as a replacement to Nintendo WFC. It comes with a custom region so that Regional/Continental races work.
Custom Exception Handler Star, Riidefi Displays exception information on-screen when an exception occurs.
Unlock Everything Without Save _tZ You can unlock everything without saving.
CTGP Revolution Speedometer Replica stebler, mkw-sp contributors, MrBean35000vr, Kazuki Adds the speedometers from CTGP Revolution. These can be customized by editing Race.szs and putting it in the My Stuff folder.
Extra UI SZS Loader Kazuki Prevents crashes caused by Race.szs that do not contain the necessary files for the speedometer.
Change Characters Between Wi-Fi Races MrBean35000vr When in online play, the player's character, vehicle and drift mode choice may be changed between races by pressing + or START (depending on your controller) when on the VR screen. This simply takes the player back to the character select menu and then returns them to the vote when they have reselected. If the time limit expires, the currently selected options are taken.
Ghost Blocking mdmwii The game will not save ghosts at all in order to try to prevent save data corruption and accidental overwriting of ghosts. Personal leaderboards are also not updated.
Extended Region Color Kazuki In addition to red, blue, green, yellow, white, and purple, the colors black, orange and light blue have been added to the online nametag colors.
Region ID Changer Anarion, Vega You can change the online nametag color via Riivolution settings.
Matchmake Region Modifier Wiimm You can change your matchmake region for regional races via Riivolution settings. For example, you can enter Japanese regional races with an NTSC-U disc.
Mario Kart Channel Button Sends to Riivolution Vega, Kazuki The Mario Kart Channel button will now send you back to Riivolution. If Riivolution is not installed, it sends you to the System Menu.
Automatic BRSAR Patching Elias_ The revo_kart.brsar file will now be automatically patched to prevent music from cutting off mid-race.
Fix for BRSTMs with Fewer Audio Tracks stebler BRSTM files with less audio tracks than the track slot requires will no longer cut off mid-race.
Track Music Speed Up on Final Lap Melg, MrBean35000vr, CLF78 Automatically creates sped-up final lap music for tracks without _F files.
Load BRSTM Volume from BRSTM MrBean35000vr, Melg An improvement of MrBean35000vr's initial code, you can edit byte 0x3F of any BRSTMs from 0x0 to 0x7F (127 in hexadecimal, the maximum volume) to change its volume.

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2023-08-24 First release
v1.0.1 2023-09-05
v1.0.1.fix 2023-09-05 Fixed crash on boot for PAL.
v1.0.2 2023-09-06
  • Fixed crash when variation slot 0 is selected for PAL and NTSC-U.
  • Replaced a duplicated GCN Winter Mountain v1.0-night to v1.0-day.
v1.0.3 2023-09-08 Fixed function where BRSTMs with few audio tracks were not working properly.
By the same author: Kazuki