Mii Info Editor

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Mii Info Editor
Author: Kazuki
Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OS
Programming language: JavaScript
Software Type: Viewer, editor
File Formats: Mii RAW Data,RKG
Version: v0.1
Date of Latest Version: 2020-06-14


Mii Info Editor is a program developed by Kazuki that allows editing Mii RAW Data files that are dumped by Save Game Manager GX and Mii Dumper. It also allows Importing Mii data from RKG files. The program uses CTMKF to show the Mii names and is based on Node.js and Electron,



Open a Mii Data file or import an RKG file.


Preview of the program

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v0.0.1 2020-05-01 First release
v0.0.2 2020-05-07 Fixed some bugs.
v0.0.3 2020-06-05 Fixed UI.
v0.1 2020-06-14 Add special Mii toggle.
By the same author: Kazuki

Custom Tracks:
Galaxy Chain Chomp Road

Custom Arenas:
Riru's Battle

Japanese CT CollectionKZ-Speedometer Pack

Mii Info Editor

Mii Info Editor Lite