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Vadenimo's Profile Picture.jpeg
E-Mail: [email protected]
YouTube: Vadenimo
Twitter: Vadenimo2k21
Twitch: Vadenimo
Discord: @Vadenimo#6153
My Mario Kart Wii Player Statistics
Favorite Characters: Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Dry Bowser, Rosalina & Mii Outfit B
Favorite Custom Character: Dixie Kong
Favorite Karts: Sprinter/B Dasher Mk 2, Standard Kart, Blue Falcon, Wild Wing
Favorite Bikes: Mach Bike, Dolphin Dasher, Wario-Bike & Flame Runner, Magikruiser
Favorite Nintendo-Track (Nitro Cup): Moonview Highway
Favorite Nintendo-Track (Retro Cup): N64 Mario Raceway
Favorite Custom Track: Luncheon Tour
Favorite Custom Track (Retro): GBA Mario Circuit

About me

Hello, I’m Vadenimo. I live in Germany, and I’m a 17-year-old nerd, who likes to modify Nintendo games. I’m mostly focused on NSMBWii hacking, but there was also a long period of time, where I modded Mario Kart Wii. Sadly, I left MKWii modding in 2021, but maybe I’ll come back at one day. The reason I left was, because I wanted to find something new and cool. That’s why I left, after 3 years. I still play MKWii sometimes, with friends, but not actively enough. My current project is a hack based of Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii which is called Super Mario: Eternal Autumn. There are some levels that I have to finish, but I’m in a good way, to release this hack on August 2022.

By the same author: Vadenimo

Modified Nintendo-Tracks (Texture Hacks):
Vadenimo CircuitMoo Moo StreetsMoo Moo Meadows HQPlanet Puprle-Blue GorgeEvening FactoryRosalina Town

Cancelled Distributions (Texture Hacks):
Mario Kart Wii High Quality Remaster – Vaden Kart Wii