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Discord Tag: judge81
Youtube: Judge81

About Me

Hey there, I'm Judge. I play Mario Kart Wii, Smash Bros, Rocket League and other stuff. I have some mods for Mario Kart Wii I created.

Fun Facts

  • I live in England.
  • I main Bowser Jr on the Mach Bike.
  • My Mii is bald with a '?' on the face.
  • My favourite Mario Kart Wii game mode is Countdown Mode.
  • Something I am bad at is Time Trials.
  • Due to life commitments I'm not always active in Mario Kart Wii.
By the same author: Judge81

Texture Hacks:
Arctic CircuitBlue FallsBombing MissionBowser KingdomBowser's DomainCasino PartyCastle RacewayChampion's CircuitChill ThrillThe City of LightsCosmic Gardens
Cosmo CanyonCrown SandsDelfino NightDK RoadDiamond MineDisco MallEnbarr PalaceFerrari CircuitGrand ResortHyrule FarmJudge CircuitJudge Cross
Lost PrologueMagma MoonMario Kart Grand PrixMidsummer NightThe Peak of RacingRed PlanetRed RunRoad BeachRoyal Knights RacewayRoyal RoadSand Oasis
Secret TempleSector 2ShambhalaSherbet NightSnake Union PassageSnow FieldsSnowfall CircuitSuper StadiumTemple of the AncientsViridis VolcanoWaterway
Wooded KingdomXalax CircuitZora Gorge

Game Modes:
Item Box MixNew Item Modes

Custom Track Distributions:
Judge CT PackThrough the Ages

Item Box Mix Tracks