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Maple Treeway is a nitro race track from Mario Kart Wii. It is the third track of the Star Cup. The track later reappeared in Mario Kart 7 as the final track of the Leaf Cup, and again in Mario Kart Tour as the signature track for the second Halloween Tour, making it the first Wii track to appear in that game.

Original Version
3DS Version
Tour Version

Other than the version by Nintendo, there is currently one version available:

List of available WBZ files: ct.wiimm.de

Names in Other Languages

Dutch: Wii Wigglers Woud
French: Wii Chemin à la Sucrerie (NTSC)
Wii Bois Vermeil (PAL)
German: Wii Blätterwald
Italian: Wii Pista degli aceri
Japanese: Wii メイプルツリーハウス
Korean: Wii 단풍나무 로드
Portuguese: Wii Bosque de Bordo (NTSC)
Wii Pista de Árvores (PAL)
Russian: Wii Кленовая аллея
Spanish: Wii Camino Forestal (NTSC)
Wii Senda del Arce (PAL)
Greek: Wii Φθινοπωρινό Δάσος
Polish: Wii Klonowa Drzewostrada
Finnish: Wii Vaahterapuutie
Swedish: Wii Lönnträds Vägen
Czech: Wii Javorová Stromocesta
Danish: Wii Ahorns Trævej