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A texture hack distribution is a collection of texture hacks which have been created by a user, to allow other users to download and play all of the tracks in the distribution. Texture hack distributions may also change other things about the game, such as menu colors, icons, in-game text, and fonts.

Distribution List

Current Distributions

Distribution Type Release Last
Status Author
Onion Kart Wii Riivolution &
My Stuff
2024-06-08 2024-06-12 released SuperOnion64
Krash Kart Wii Vol. 2 Riivolution &
My Stuff
2024-04-30 2024-06-02 released Krash
Gensokyo Night Racing My Stuff &
2024-02-25 released Ayzula
Nostalgic Texture & Music Pack My Stuff 2023-09-02 released xMeap826
CiccioGamer89 Pack My Stuff &
2023-08-25 2023-10-25 released NITRO_BOZO
KZ Random Texture Distribution Riivolution 2023-08-24 2023-10-21 released Kazuki
Darkent's Texture & Music Pack My Stuff 2023-07-27 2023-09-14 released Darkent
12 Riivolution 2023-07-06 2023-07-14 released NotSnowy
100% Orange Kart Wii My Stuff 2023-04-16 2023-04-20 released ωhimsii
Xeno Kart Wii My Stuff 2023-02-17 2024-06-05 released Xeno
Mario Kart Generations My Stuff 2023-02-16 2023-11-29 released RyderMK05
Mario Kart: Night My Stuff 2023-02-08 2023-03-06 released Gray
Centiskorcher's Texture Turmoil My Stuff 2022-12-24 released Centiskorcher
Wiimms Mario Kart Textures 2022-12 ISO Patcher &
2022-12-17 released Wiimm
Winter Texture Pack My Stuff 2022-12-11 2022-12-13 released xMeap826
Touhou Project Racing My Stuff 2022-11-07 2024-02-01 released RyderMK05
Hack4LOL Kart Riivolution &
My Stuff
2022-11-05 2023-03-19 released Rapboy on Wii
Mario Kart Wii Universe Riivolution 2022-10-31 2022-12-09 released FazeSmithz
Ryder's Exciting Texture & Music Pack My Stuff 2022-08-26 2023-02-23 released RyderMK05
Bunch'O Textures My Stuff 2022-07-01 2022-08-01 released RyderMK05
Sunset Kart Wii My Stuff 2022-04-22 released SpearX5544
GaelLazer's Texture & Music Pack My Stuff 2022-04-01 2022-10-08 released GaelLazerYT
Luna Kart Wii My Stuff 2022-03-16 released Darkent
Ryder's Moody Texture Pack My Stuff 2022-03-04 2023-03-23 released RyderMK05
Jimmy Dean Kart Wii My Stuff 2022-01-10 2022-09-27 released Me, You
Falco's Texture Pack My Stuff 2021-07-21 released Falco
$uicideboy$ Texture & Music Pack My Stuff 2021-06-19 2021-08-20 released dex
Pride Kart Wii Riivolution 2021-06-01 2022-06-05 released Primm
Tan In The Snow Pack Demo My Stuff 2021-04-01 released Cats4Life
4DR Yoshi1998's Texture & Music Pack My Stuff &
2021-01-22 released PurpleYoshiFanSpence1998
Fe4rless' Texture Pack My Stuff 2021-01-07 released DrFe4rless
King Toad's Epic Music and Texture Pack My Stuff 2020-10-20 released King Toad
André's Retro Texture & Music Pack My Stuff 2020-09-29 2022-03-25 released André
HD Battle Track Texture Pack My Stuff 2020-08-04 released Cederic
AaronTheSilverGamer's Texture & Music Pack My Stuff 2020-07-09 2023-11-11 released AaronTheSilverGamer
André's Texture & Music Pack My Stuff 2020-07-06 2021-04-03 released André
JTG Texture Pack My Stuff 2020-07-02 2020-12-28 released JTG
Nintendo Remasters Riivolution 2020-06-08 2024-05-12 released Krummers
Cederic's MKW Custom Texture and Music Pack My Stuff 2020-06-06 2021-02-04 released Cederic
Man-O-Wii Kart Riivolution 2020-04-27 released Questorian
Northgical's Textures and Music Pack My Stuff 2020-03-18 2024-04-03 released Northgical
Dxrk x hari's Pack My Stuff 2020-03-15 2024-06-18 released Dxrk, hari
Penguin Kart Wii My Stuff &
2020-01-14 released That Mario Kart Pro
Kozakura's Texture and Music Pack Riivolution 2019-12-24 2020-04-21 released Kozakura
AaronTheSilverGamer's Dark Themed Texture and Music Pack My Stuff 2019-10-11 2024-04-30 released AaronTheSilverGamer
AaronTheSilverGamer's Light Themed Texture and Music Pack My Stuff 2019-10-08 2023-12-12 released AaronTheSilverGamer
Spyro's Texture Pack My Stuff 2019-09-17 2019-12-11 released Jasperr
Saiveeon Track Texture Pack My Stuff 2019-08-20 2021-04-13 released Saiveeon
Mario Kart Wii-HD-Remaster My Stuff ≤ 2019-06-30 2020-09-12 released koolkreate
Miscellaneous Texture Pack Riivolution 2019-06-14 released Krash
Randy98's Texture Pack Riivolution 2019-05-04 released Ray owen MK
Nevesqq's Texture n' Music Pack My Stuff &
2019-01-12 2019-01-12 released Nevesqq
Krash Kart Wii My Stuff, Riivolution &
ISO Patcher
2018-06-23 2024-01-06 released Krash
Smacpack My Stuff 2018-05-21 2018-05-22 released Smacpats
Jari Kart Wii My Stuff &
2018-04-17 2022-05-02 released Metaljaripower
Mario Kart Wii High Quality Remaster My Stuff &
2018-??-?? 2021-05-11 released Vadenimo
Zef Kart Wii Riivolution 2017-07-09 2017-07-09 released Zef
Custom Texture Grand Prix Riivolution 2016-11-04 2023-01-23 released NGC
Trent Kart Wii Riivolution &
My Stuff
2016-02-08 2018-02-12 released Darkmario957
Violet Kart Wii Riivolution 2015-11-14 released ΔMKW大GIRLΔ
Stickboy Kart Wii Riivolution 2013-10-24 2014-04-15 released TheOnlyStickboy
AaronMKWFan's Texture Pack My Stuff 2013-08-24 2019-01-21 released AaronTheSilverGamer
Rookie's Texture & Music Pack My Stuff 2013-08-18 2018-08-02 released Rookie
Gatlin's Texture Pack My Stuff 2012-08-17 2016-03-25 released Gatlin
Venom Kart Wii Riivolution 2012-06-18 2012-10-03 released Venom45000VR
Mizy's Texture Pack My Stuff 2012-06-07 2013-02-17 released Mizy
NicoWK1337's Texture & Music Pack My Stuff ≤ 2012-02-26 released NicoWK1337
Darky Kart Wii Riivolution ≤ 2012-02-05 2013-09-13 released DarkyBenji
Mario Kart NFS Riivolution, ISO Patcher &
My Stuff
2012-02-01 released mircojanisch
Mario Kart Black Riivolution &
My Stuff
2010-09-29 2024-05-14 released Roobitz

Announced Distributions

Distribution Type Announced
Status Author
Mario Kart Wii VTV3 Interview Build 2007/04/30 Riivolution 2024-05-18 2024-??-?? In progress TheSuperMarioKartFanatic7536976
RunningMan's Texture Hacks Riivolution 2023-03-16 202?-??-?? In progress RunningMan2003
Katsu Kart Wii My Stuff &
2021-03-15 In progress Katsu Rs
Inverted Kart Wii My Stuff &
2020-12-21 202?-??-?? In progress HackerCop