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Avatar: XanderKartWii Avatar.png
Youtube: XanderDaGamer

Hi guys! You might recognize me as that guy that used to beg for requests, but now I make characters and (very recently,) tracks! I hope you enjoy my mods and sorry for the like 8 month break!

Custom Characters

Character Version Date
MarioPlaysRobloxNow v2.0 2021-02-13
Tyu111110 v2.0 2021-02-15
DenisDaily v1.0 2021-02-16
Pharaoh "Genie" v1.0 2021-06-05
King v1.0 2021-06-06
Bob v1.0 2021-06-28
Spamton v1.0 2022-04-03
Bowling Ball v1.0 2022-04-13
GD Cube v1.0 2022-04-15
Grass Block v1.0 2022-04-16
Egg v1.0 2022-04-17
MissingNo. v1.0 2022-05-03
Chrome Dino v1.0 2022-05-11
NapstablookGhosy v1.0 2022-05-23
Camo_Sans v1.0 2022-05-25

Custom Tracks

Track Version Date
Voxel Raceway v1.0 2022-03-05
Monochrome City v1.0 2022-03-12
Voxel Aquatics v1.0 2022-04-28
Old Timey Castle v1.0 2022-05-11

Custom Textures

Texture Version Date
Art Kart Circuit v1.0 2022-05-22

Unreleased Mods

Vacuum: Download

Current Status

I make tracks AND characters now!