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Hi! I’m Tpointer56 AKA Toxic Prime. I’m an American MK and Geometry Dash player that makes a lot of art and animations.

Released Tracks

Birdo Island v1.0: A Project me and GuidedByVoices worked on. Thanks to SlipperyMac for fixing all the issues it had. ZPL made a new version as well. The final version will be released soon.

Sunset Bridge v1.0: A remake me and ChisSilver64 made together.

Volcanic Skyway (Toxic Prime & Rosalina Speedruns): Collab with Rosalina Speedruns. It’s based off of v2.3. An update is planned.

Northpole Slide (Toxic Prime & Bri): Currently in alpha state, hope to update it soon. Another remake will be released soon.

Tower Loop (Toxic Prime, Rosalina Speedruns & ZPL): Got permission from Jay089 (the creator) to remake this.

Blue Loop (Toxic Prime & _tZ): Made my own version because the current one is lacking in my opinion. A huge update is planned to make this track better.

Petite Town: My first original design in MKW. It was made for my IRL friend.

F-Zero White Land I (Toxic Prime): I will make more F-Zero ports in the future.

Orange Loop (Toxic Prime & Bri): My first track with shadows. An update is planned.

Horror Valley: One of my best tracks.

Hemoglobin Falls: Inspired by Shy Guy Falls and Blood Fire Sky.

Cheese Road 2 (Toxic Prime): I got inspiration from Toy Time Galaxy’s third Star in Super Mario Galaxy. A remake is planned.

SNES Rainbow Road (Toxic Prime): The alpha was intended to be a joke. v1.0 was made to be a more serious track.

Cheese Road 1 (Toxic Prime): Made this so people wouldn’t wonder why I didn’t do Cheese Road 1. A remake is planned.

Cheese Road 3 (Toxic Prime): Decided to complete the trilogy. A remake is planned.

Castle of Hope: I made the track concept in 2018 and Lovelifeandtpose024 made it into a CT.

Torrential Treetops: Another concept I made that Lovelifeandtpose024 made into a CT.

Tiny Town Route: Sequel to Petite Town, collab with ZPL.

Desert Raceway: Something I worked on since December 2019. I plan on adding animations in a future update.

Mozzarella Mountain: Made for a contest, not my best model, but oh well. A huge update is planned.

Azria Temple: SpyKid gave me permission to use his model and I made it into a CT.

Gold Leaf Skyway: Created for a contest, inspired by Gold Leaf Galaxy.

Coin Soup Pot: Created for a contest, inspired by an unfinished track by SpyKid.

Labyrinthine Freeway: A track I started in 2018 but never got back to until 2020.

RMX Choco Island 1: A Mario Kart Tour track I remade for Mario Kart Wii, with shadows and model edits by ZPL.

Divine Tunnels: Created for a contest, haunted sewer track that's shaped like the Katakana letter sa.

Legend of the Seventh Star: I thought of a concept of making track edits into custom tracks, so I started by remaking the layout of Volcano Manege and then editing it with my own takes. I might do this with other track edits as well.

Mossy Tower Ruins: Collab with Rex for a contest. Basically a bunch of towers that have crumbled over time.

Arctic Chill: I made the model back in 2019 but I didn't finish the model until earlier this year. Sheale finished the track.

Abandoned Bazaar: Created for a contest. The name says it all. A huge update is planned.

SNES Vanilla Lake 1 (Toxic Prime): I saw that Atlas made a remake of this track for Mario Kart 8 and I used it as inspiration for this remake, along with a model I got from the 3D Warehouse.

Starlit Sanctuary: Created for a contest. It's basically my first attempt at modeling certain complex structures.

The Twilight Zone: This was mostly BillyNoodles's work, I mainly just did some bug fixing and small edits to the track.

Cloakwood Chasm: Created for a contest. This was a collab with Hman6516. A huge update is planned.

SNES Ghost Valley 1 (Toxic Prime): I wanted to make a version of this track based off of the one in Mario Kart Tour, but I eventually decided to add elements inspired by NintenYoshi's remake of SNES Ghost Valley 3 to make it more interesting.

Old Churches: Created for a contest. I got heavy inspiration from a track called Citro's Wedding Altar.

SNES Choco Island 3 (Toxic Prime): Once the SNES beta tracks got leaked, this one stuck out to me the most and I decided to remake it.

Carrington Cove: Created for a contest and a collab with JDS. This is based off of the Carrington event, which is the largest recorded geomagnetic storm on the planet.

H: Created for a contest. It was made as a giant troll.

Rolling Green Run: Created for the SMG Custom Tracks Project. This is based off of Rolling Green Galaxy.

Toxic Circuit: Made for my birthday, it's basically a fire and ice track that starts off at night but becomes morning between laps 2 and 3.

Wonders of the Sunken Sanctuary: Created for a contest. It's an underwater temple, that's all there is to it (except for some easter eggs).

Carpet Spires: Created for a contest. Heavily inspired by Kamek's Library.

RMX Rainbow Road 1 (Noia & Toxic Prime): Collab with Noia, I did some model and KMP work for this track.

Papyrophobia: Created for a contest. It's essentially a ruined paper kingdom filled with evil.

Ruined Rainbow Road: Created for a contest. I thought taking a track theme from a Nintendo track and twisting it would be a good track concept.

Acid Terrene: Remake of the iconic ASDF_Course that I made because I felt like the original had a lot of wasted potential.

Cybernetic Crescent: Created for a contest, and this was a collab with Sheale. I did some model and KMP work for this track. As a joke, I sometimes call this track Cybernetic Croissant.

Kartwood Creek (Toxic Prime): Remade this originally for a contest that was cancelled.

Solstice Tundra: First time I've won one of the Custom Track Jams, it's a Christmas miracle!

Frosty Mountains (Toxic Prime): Remade this for a modding event.

Starbit Station: Created for a contest, it's based off of the Star Festival. I plan to add a train in a later update.

WIP Tracks

Birdo Island Remake

GBA Riverside Park

SNES Bowser Castle 1 (with Hman6516)

Snow Halation

By the same author: Toxic Prime

Custom Tracks:
Birdo IslandSunset BridgeVolcanic SkywayNorthpole SlideTower LoopBlue LoopPetite TownF-Zero White Land IOrange LoopHorror ValleyHemoglobin Falls
Cheese Road 2SNES Rainbow RoadCheese Road 1Cheese Road 3Castle of HopeTorrential TreetopsTiny Town RouteMozzarella MountainDesert Raceway
Azria TempleGold Leaf SkywayCoin Soup PotLabyrinthine FreewayRMX Choco Island 1Divine TunnelsLegend of the Seventh StarMossy Tower RuinsArctic Chill
Abandoned BazaarSNES Vanilla Lake 1Starlit SanctuaryThe Twilight ZoneCloakwood ChasmSNES Ghost Valley 1Old ChurchesSNES Choco Island 3Carrington Cove
HRolling Green RunToxic CircuitWonders of the Sunken SanctuaryCarpet SpiresRMX Rainbow Road 1PapyrophobiaRuined Rainbow RoadAcid Terrene
Cybernetic CrescentKartwood CreekSolstice TundraFrosty MountainsStarbit Station

Track Updates:
Stone CircleSnake CircuitAbandoned DesertFlooded GrasslandColor DimensionBandit PlainsPipe CircuitWong SpeedKinoko ValleyKioh KatachCandy Cane Circuit
Cannon CityLuigi's RacewayNeon TowerKamek's CastleRainbow RiverGrease BeachTemple of the Lost CityPipeline SpeedwayRainbow TwistTwisty Track
Thwomp's Lava CastleKoopa CanyonMew's CircuitCrunk Cheetos CircuitBowser's Castle 5Ghost CircuitItalian WayShoobity BoopShort WayMisty Caveway
Rainbow LabyrinthGolf CourseSMB1 Speed DesertChomp CanyonMidnight StarwayDaisy City RacewayGreen GrassroadIsland on the SeaCrystal ZoneGalvarny Falls

Texture Hacks:
Rainbow Gravity RoadHydro HighwayScorched SandsChristmas DromeFrozen MansionKevin StreetCosmic DungeonSweet Sweet MeadowsCrystal Spaceway
Stoneworks PeaksGranite CanyonHidden RuinsCrafted CircuitDwight LoopBeyond the CourseNight RideFuture RacewayDystopian GardensSuper Kinoko Cave
Magical Grotto

Track Edits:
Mushroom HellEmber CoastPeach Beach but it's District 65Cataquack Falls

In-Progress Custom Track:
Snow Halation

Toxic's Texture and Music Pack