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Avatar: Tigerman avatar.jpg
Country: United States
Discord: Tigerman#7097
Discord server: Discord server for a football league I created.

Hi, I'm GuidedByVoices. I'm a Mario Kart fan and custom track character. My favorite characters are Yoshi, Koopa Troopa and Diddy Kong. I now have an older (2017) sketchup. I hope this works.

Tracks I've Released

Name Release Date Status Next release news
Birdo Island 2018-02-09 v1.0 released. Remade the track from scratch with Toxic Prime.

Future Projects

Name Release Date Status
Pink Loop 2019-??-?? Working on Map Model in Sketch-up.


  • None


  • Any DKR tracks not ported yet
By the same author: GuidedByVoices

Custom Tracks:
Birdo IslandPink Loop