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Hi! I’m Tpointer56 AKA Toxic Prime. I’m an American MK and Geometry Dash player that makes a lot of art and animations. As of January 31st of 2020 Pacific Time, I have left the community due to so much online drama and toxicity in the community that almost pushed me to committing suicide. I will still make tracks outside of the community and they will still be published here, but I’m keeping myself away from most of the community due to it severely affecting my mental health.

Released Tracks

Birdo Island v1.0: A Project me and GuidedByVoices worked on. Thanks to SlipperyMac for fixing all the issues it had. ZPL Gaming made a new version as well. The final version will be released soon.

Sunset Bridge v1.0: A remake me and ChisSilver64 made together. Another remake will be released soon.

Volcanic Skyway (Toxic Prime & Rosalina Speedruns): Collab with Rosalina Speedruns. It’s based off of v2.3.

Northpole Slide (Toxic Prime & Bri): Currently in alpha state, hope to update it soon. Another remake will be released soon.

Tower Loop (Toxic Prime, Rosalina Speedruns & ZPL Gaming): Got permission from Jay089 (the creator) to remake this.

Blue Loop (Toxic Prime & TZ): Made my own version because the current one is lacking in my opinion. A huge update is planned to make this track better.

Petite Town: My first original design in MKW. It was made for my IRL friend.

F-Zero White Land I (Toxic Prime): I will make more F-Zero ports in the future.

Orange Loop (Toxic Prime & Bri): My first track with shadows.

Horror Valley: One of my best tracks.

Hemoglobin Falls: Inspired by Shy Guy Falls and Blood Fire Sky.

Cheese Road 2 (Toxic Prime): I got inspiration from Toy Time Galaxy’s third Star in Super Mario Galaxy.

SNES Rainbow Road (Toxic Prime): This was intended to be a joke. A future update is in progress to make it a more serious track.

Cheese Road 1 (Toxic Prime): Made this so people wouldn’t wonder why I didn’t do Cheese Road 1.

Cheese Road 3 (Toxic Prime): Decided to complete the trilogy.

Castle of Hope: I made the track concept in 2018 and Lovelifeandtpose024 made it into a CT.

Torrential Treetops: Another concept I made that Lovelifeandtpose024 made into a CT.

Tiny Town Route: Sequel to Petite Town, collab with ZPL Gaming.

WIP Tracks

Azria Temple (with SpyKid)

Chernobyl (with ChisSilver64)

Formula 1 Dream (with SpyKid)

Glowing Caverns (with Jasperr)

Hemoglobin Falls Remake (with varemi)

Snow Halation (with Ayoraster)

Square Root Track (needs a new name) (with SpyKid)