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! width="1%"| What I edited
! width="1%"| What I edited
| [[Rainbow Jungle]]
| [[Rainbow Jungle (Flohrian)|Rainbow Jungle]]
| [[Flohrian]]
| [[Flohrian]]
| KMP, Model fixing
| KMP, Model fixing

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Hi, I am Buschkling, also known as SpyKid. In Mario Kart Wii, my Mii name is ☆BιαcκPαω☆. Sometimes I go under the name "Jasper" too.
I am a Mario Kart Texture Hacker and Custom Track creator. My most popular custom tracks are: Aquadrom Stage, Bayside Boulevard and Candy Coaster.
YouTube Page

My Texture Hacks

Name Texture Hack of
Weird Stadium GCN Waluigi Stadium
Riolu's Factory Toad's Factory
Ice Hill GCN DK Mountain
Deserts River N64 DK's Jungle Parkway
Autumn Leaves DS Desert Hills
Rainbow Glow Circuit Mario Circuit
Koopa Jungle Koopa Cape
Bowser Cave Mushroom Gorge
Snowy Treeway Maple Treeway
Rosalina's Castle Bowser's Castle
Peach's Castle Bowser's Castle
SNES Bowser Road SNES Mario Circuit 3
Jungle Temple Dry Dry Ruins
Toad Park Toad's Factory
N64 Bowser's Castle Wii N64 Bowser's Castle
Wintertime Town DS Delfino Square
Downtown Night Koopa Cape
Luigi's Snowboard Raceway Luigi Circuit
Bowser's Shop Coconut Mall
King Koopa's Casino GBA Bowser Castle 3
Dry Raceway N64 Mario Raceway
Spooky 8-Bit-Road SNES Ghost Valley 2
DK's City Daisy Circuit
Garden Falls DS Yoshi Falls
Shiny Road SNES Mario Circuit 3
Misty Lake GBA Bowser Castle 3
Pumpkin Hill Wario's Gold Mine
Blueforest Valley SNES Ghost Valley 2
Jungle Gorge Mushroom Gorge
Sand Stadium GCN Waluigi Stadium
Dragon Cross Flaris DS Delfino Square
Crystal Jungle N64 DK's Jungle Parkway
Reshiram Palace Bowser's Castle
Mushroom Resort Mushroom Gorge
Night Island Factory Toad's Factory
Pink Town DS Delfino Square
Rocky Mine Wario's Gold Mine
Ryoshima Coast Koopa Cape
Cake Sweetway SNES Mario Circuit 3
Cloud Ocean Rainbow Road
Opposite World GBA Bowser Castle 3
Tristeza Castle N64 Bowser's Castle
Electro Raceway N64 Mario Raceway
Arowana Mall Coconut Mall
New Leaf Treeway Maple Treeway
Fairy Bloom Land N64 Sherbet Land

My Custom Tracks

See user-template at the bottom of this page.
  • Note: Download my custom tracks directly from the wiki pages for the most recent versions.
  • Note 2: Please don't modify any of my custom tracks (and texture hacks), unless you ask me about what you'll change, and I give you permission.
  • Note 3: Don't release any texture hacks of my custom tracks as updates without my permission.

My Custom Track Distributions

A list of my custom track distributions. They are not finished yet.

Name Status
Challenge Custom Tracks (working Title) On hold
SpyKid's CT Pack In progress

Custom Track Edits

This is a list of Custom Tracks, I assisted on making, but the changes were so minor, that I'm not listed as a main author.

Name Creator What I edited
Rainbow Jungle Flohrian KMP, Model fixing
8-Bit Road Nuke KMP, KCL
Fog Swamp Fraz KMP
Moo Moo Island Spear Model edits
Ermelber City Ermelber Textures, Model edits
Blue Sky Beach WiiLuigi Fixing textures
Abyssal Ruins ChaosShadow23 Model fixing
Nightmare to Dream World xBlue98 KMP glitches fixed
Water Tower Flohrian Model edits, KMP
Yankees' Octagon Yankees Model edits
Luigi's Ghost Castle Flohrian Model edits, KMP
Opposite Island Florian, Björn, Magma, wiimaster35000vr KCL
Hillside Circuit MysterE99, Quajeek99 KMP edits and fixes (which were never released)
Bowser's Challenge JerryMKW Model fixes, KMP fixes
3DS Neo Bowser City HelloImYourMind, Burikillo, ZillaSpaz, MrKoeikoei KMP
Pipeland Sewer WorldsBoss, SpyKid, Pepo 2000 Model creation

Upcoming Custom Tracks and Projects

Here is some information about the custom tracks I'm planning, updating or creating right now.

In Progress


To be released & On hold

  • Superstar Dystopia - A dark track with mixed themes, currently in the modelling phase.
  • Emotion Journey - The model is done, but there are texturing issues that first need to be fixed. KCL, KMP and the BRRES needs to be finished as well.
  • Eclipse Cove - When I get the right motivation to do it, I'll fix the slowmotion bug... There is an ALPHA version of this track in SpyKid's CT Pack.
  • Halloween Forest - I gave the model to wiimaster35000vr to finish it.
  • Down to Earth - Can't be finished as of now because of size problems. I gave the files to Sucht93a, he wants to do something with it.
  • Summer Memento - A track to remember a person close to me who passed away, to honor him. Not sure if this track will be public yet.


  • Athletic Raceway - New model is finished already. It will feature a baseball section as 5th sport and the swimming section will have Delfino Pier's water.
  • Wacky Rooftop Run - Update that balances the 2 split paths, and adds some more decoration.



These are tracks, that I had ideas of, but not sure If I will actually do these as real custom tracks.

  • Golden Seashore - A fast-paced racetrack that takes place on an island with many hotels. It takes inspiration from the TrackMania Island courses.
  • A pirate ship track - idea by MarLuc2304

"The track will start on a beach and then it goes underwater into the ocean until the players will enter an broken ship. Then the players drive up the ship and will be shoot to a mountain by a cannon (similar to GCN DK Mountain). After the mountain, the players will arrive on the beach again." This sounds nice, maybe I will do this in the future.

- A track through a theme park where the main part of the race is going over a rollercoaster. I already had a similar idea earlier.

  • Canyon Battleground

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