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YouTube: WWTEpicFail
Twitch: WWTEpicFail
Discord: Kanto#9051
Discord server: Kanto's Astounding, Neighbourly and Trouble-Free Outlet

Hi there. I am known as Kanto◇Epic, WWTEpicFail or just Kanto. Alongside Atlas, I am currently an administrator on the Custom Mario Kart Wiiki.

By the same author: KantoEpic

Custom Music Distribution:
Kanto's Mixed Bag

Custom Track Updates:
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Non-Custom Track Updates:
Untitled 5Sakura Garden

April Fools' Releases:
Turnpike 2018Muk StadiumMadness 201923 Lavaflow VLand of Maple Syrup

Skipper's 200kmh DistributionMini ArenaSunset Bridge (ChisSilver64 & Toxic Amaranth)Kingdom of Ghosts (ChisSilver64)Lost GardensCosmo GardenCastle Adventure
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