Canary Bay

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Canary Bay
Author: NinYoda1
Version: v3.1d
Date of latest version: 2019-08-09
Editors used:
WBZ files:
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Canary Bay is a custom track made by NinYoda1.

Slot Information

This track only runs on slots 3.1 and 7.1 because of the object pylon01.


v3.1d VS Race
v2.0 Time Trial
v1.0 VS Race (Dolphin)

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2013-11-16 First release
v1.1 2014-12-01 Update by Keiichi1996:
  • Blocked Ultra Shortcut.
  • Optimized water animation.
  • Fixed item route header.
  • Set culling.
v2.0 2016-09-02 Third release
v3.0 2017-10-27 Fourth release
v3.1 2018-04-29 Update by KantoEpic:
  • Improved item routes.
  • Added respawn points.
  • Added boost animation.
  • Added and moved most pylons to the boardwalk path.
  • Removed a few Cataquacks and moved the remaining ones.
  • Removed most oil slicks.
  • Remade item box sets.
  • Changed sand texture.
  • Removed unused routes.
  • Other minor gameplay improvements.
v3.1b 2018-05-05 Update by KantoEpic:
  • Fixed blackscreen for Wii users.
  • Removed a few pylons on the boardwalk path.
v3.1c 2018-11-25 Update by KantoEpic:
  • Tweaked enemy routes.
  • Improved check points.
  • Lowered texture sizes.
  • Added mipmaps.
  • Fixed Cataquack scale.
  • Cleaned KCL.
  • Removed unneeded files.
v3.1d 2019-08-09 Update by KantoEpic:
  • Fixed Ultra Shortcut.
  • Adjusted start position.

Custom Track Distributions

This track is part of the following Custom Track Distributions:

Names in Other Languages

Dutch: Kanariebaai
French: Baie Canarie
German: Kanarische Bucht
Italian: Spiaggia delle Canarie
Japanese: カナリーベイ
Korean: -
Portuguese: -
Russian: Залив Канарейка
Spanish: Bahía Canario
Greek: Κόλπος Καναρινιού
Polish: -
Finnish: -
Swedish: -
Czech: -
Danish: -