SADX Twinkle Circuit

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Twinkle Circuit
Creator: igorseabra4
Designer: SEGA / Sonic Team
Type: Circuit / Space
Version: v2.0
Date of Latest Version: 2012-08-26
Editors Used: SADXLVL, 3ds Max, SketchUp, SZS Modifier, CTools, BrawlBox
Difficulty: 3/10


Twinkle Circuit is one of the 6 racetracks avaliable in Sonic Adventure (for Dreamcast [1998], PC/GCN [2003] and PSN/XBLA [2010]), but it's the only one accessible in the 2003 version/without DLC. It was ported to Mario Kart Wii by igorseabra4.

A few changes were done to the track to suit Mario Kart Wii's standards:

  • The track size was increased, in size, so the players won't bump into walls all the time;
  • Each lap now takes 1:00-1:20 (on 150cc) instead of 0:35-0:50 (playing as Sonic);
  • You cannot build speed and jump off the edge of the track;
  • One of Tails' green dash rings (from Sonic Adventure DX) makes up for the impossibilty of the section with three jump ramp sets;
  • There aren't any billboards showing in-game "advertisement", although there is still plenty of decoration.

An update was released on 2012-08-26, fixing some glitches and adding more decoration.


v2 Offline Race
v1.1 Offline Race
Sonic Adventure DX Version

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2012-01-01 First release
v1.1 2012-01-13 Added some more respawn points, because it possible to fall down in different places with impact of mushrooms, bullet bill or stars. (by Wiimm) 2012-01-13 A fun version based on v1.1 with 2 more item rows. The first 4 item rows are programmed to give 3 green shells, see the video. (by Wiimm)
v2.0 2012-08-26 Second release; bugfixes and improvements. Adds animated scenery.

Custom Track Distributions

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Names in Other Languages

The translated names for this track as they appear in CTGP Revolution:

Language Track Name
Dutch SADX Twinkel Circuit
French SADX Circuit Scintillant
German SADX Glitzerpiste
Italian SADX Circuito Scintillio
Japanese SADX トゥインクルサーキット
Korean SADX 트윙클 서킷
Spanish (NTSC) SADX Circuito Destellante
Spanish (PAL) SADX Circuito Centelleante
Greek SADX Πίστα Λαμπυρίσματος
Portuguese SADX Circuito Cintilante
Polish SADX Migająca Trasa
Finnish SADX Tuikintamutka
Swedish SADX Tinderbanan
Czech SADX Zářivý Okruh
Albanian -