Mario Kart DS Mission Mode Pack for Mario Kart Wii Mission Mode

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Please use a different license when playing these missions. Otherwise, you may be banned from Wiimmfi for uploading unusual times on a tournament leaderboard.
Make sure that you have the file "codehandler.bin" in your "Riivolution" folder. Otherwise, this distribution will blackscreen.
Mario Kart DS Mission Mode Pack for Mario Kart Wii Mission Mode
Mario Kart DS Mission Mode Pack for Mario Kart Wii Mission Mode Logo.png
Authors: Dxrk, JimmyKaz
Type: Riivolution
Missions: 64 (56 recreated, 8 custom)
Version: v1.0
Date of latest version: 2020-10-16
Download: MEGA


Mario Kart DS Mission Mode Pack for Mario Kart Wii Mission Mode is a distribution created by Dxrk and JimmyKaz. It features recreations of missions featured in Mario Kart DS, along with eight custom missions. It currently supports NTSC and PAL users.

Due to how Mission Mode is handled in Mario Kart Wii, this distribution has some limitations. For instance:

  • One mission from each level had to be cut due to there being nine missions per level in Mario Kart DS, whereas Mario Kart Wii only has eight.
  • Missions that involved hitting enemies/CPUs with Stars had to be changed to Shells due to Stars not counting points.
  • Only two of the seven boss missions could be recreated in the game.
  • Mission 7-8 will have the Wiggler bus, as the original Wiggler model caused the game to crash.
  • Moving item box-based missions will sometimes be easier than in Mario Kart DS, since f_itembox does not allow for editing the respawn or lottery times, and sin_itembox does not have a setting to give the player specific items.
  • Missions involving collecting coins while driving backwards were cut due to the cheat code being over arena slot 1.4 and coins requiring settings to respawn, which the authors have not figured out to set up yet.
  • There were a few missions that took place in a specific area in a track had to be changed because there is a limit on how many objects you can add in a KMP file before the game crashes. The airblock object has to be used a lot since it only covers a very small area of the track and the object M_obj_kanban does not have wall collision, so an airblock has to be placed behind each one.



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Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2020-10-16 First release


  • The authors planned to have boss battles against various custom characters, since only two of the original seven boss missions from Mario Kart DS could be recreated in Mario Kart Wii. But, the game crashed while loading them. Over 30 were tested, but they all crashed. The Boat is the only one that worked.
  • Support for CTGP's My Stuff folder was initially planned, but later dropped due to Riivolution prioritizing the entirety of the folder over the main patch.
  • The distribution was delayed for about a week after its planned release due to one of the author's MEGA accounts getting hacked and him losing all of the files for the distribution up to that point. He had to update it from an older backup and recreate several missions due to him deleting his newer backup folder after the ZIP file was made for the distribution.
By the same author: JimmyKaz

Custom Tracks:
Death StarCountdown Practice TrackItem TornadoTilted Altar on an IslandCastletree CircuitThe Queen Peach

Battle Tracks:
WS Tennis Court B

Retro Tracks:
WF Wuhu Island

Track Edits:
Coconut Mall (Battle Arena)Coconut Mall (Parking Lot Rampage)‎DS Delfino Square (Midcity Rampage)

Texture Hacks:
Las Vegas Raceway

Cheat Codes:
Texture Randomizer

Custom Track Mission Mode PackMario Kart DS Mission Mode Pack for Mario Kart Wii Mission Mode