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About Me

Hey Dragon fellows, I'm Dxrk also known as Dark.
I'm a Mario Kart Wii Modder who mainly focus on texture hacks.
I started around 2013 or 2014 (not entirely sure when) with Mario Kart Wii Modding and mostly does Music Packs like Pokémon Video Game Music Remixes, Teminite and Smash Brothers etc.
There all got deleted through middle of develop, because of unmotivation. The First ever released Music Pack is the F-777 Music Pack.


Not sure when, but i will try to create a Custom Track for Mario Kart Wii one day.


Mario Kart Wii Awards 2019 - Favourite Modder


You are free to use my textures in your pack but if you want to release your updated or edited version of my textures, you have to ask me first about it.

Other Mods

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Non MKWii Mods

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By the same author: Dxrk

Track Texture:
Sky Mushroom BeachNight RoadNighttime MeadowsAurora FortressSNES Mario Circuit HDAqua SandstormSpace Circuit 3Banshee ValleyDragonite Falls
Melting Magma LandDark Bowser Castle 3Dry Dry HillsWater World RoadPokémon HillsWuhu StadiumFlooded Station CapeForgotten IsleHeaven Square
Abandoned BeachBassBasher SummitMario Burying GroundsHeart of FarmFlying Dutchman BeachNeon Mine WorldRadioactive Power PlantCobalt CastleSky Valley
Dragon HighwayCharizard Lava FallsZiggurat GardenLava Road 3Galactic BeachMisty SatdiumToxic CircuitHaunted MallWaterfall MineSky ParadiseWeird Raceway
Jungle RacewaySiberian Manor

Battle Texture:
Heaven SkyscraperNight Thwomp DesertSpace Course 4Bowser Lava LandSNES Battle Course HDCrisis Battle 3
Sunset Thwomp DesertMisty Twilight SwampDrip ColosseumGravel PitDeathview Chomp RouletteWuhu PlazaDarkness Pier

Custom Track Texture:
Apocalyptic ChallengeGloobalt Castle

Character Texture:
Fxnky Kong with Bxster SwordFxnky KongDry BxwserDarkness Blue Baby Daisy

Other Mods:
F-777 Music PackGhost Item PackRain Kart WiiUnderground Rock Music PackDxrk x hari's PackRap Music Pack
Mario Kart DS Mission Mode Pack for Mario Kart Wii Mission ModeAnime Rain GIF MenuRatchet & Clank Music PackSuper Mario Odyssey Menus