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Texture Randomizer is a cheat code created by JimmyKaz. It changes all the current textures on the screen to an assortment of images based on player location. This can change the textures of things like fade transitions, buttons, model textures, layout textures, and even BREFT particles.

How to Use

As the code has a different effect based on where it is used, it requires a button activator.

Press 1 on the Wii Remote to activate the code. Press DPAD-LEFT on the Wii Remote to deactivate the code.

Texture Randomizer, NTSC-U [JimmyKaz]
28341462 00000200
04170EC4 60000000
E0000000 00000000
28341462 00000001
04170EC4 4bfffe65
E0000000 00000000

Texture Randomizer, PAL [JimmyKaz]
283457E2 00000200
04170F64 60000000
E0000000 00000000
283457E2 00000001
04170F64 4BFFFE65
E0000000 00000000

Texture Randomizer, NTSC-J [JimmyKaz]
28345162 00000200
04170E84 60000000
E0000000 00000000
28345162 00000001
04170E84 4BFFFE65
E0000000 00000000

Try to activate the code when you are in a scenario where a lot of graphical events occur, like getting caught in a Bob-omb explosion or hitting a Fake Item Box. Otherwise, the code will just change every texture to "LAP" or "TIME", or the texture for one of the positions (1st, 2nd, etc.). Do not activate the code on the Press the A Button screen, as the game may freeze if you do so.