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Track Wishlist
This is the track wishlist for MKW Hack Pack.
General discussion goes on the talk page.
Please keep alphabetical order when adding to this page!
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These wishlists for existing and new tracks will be determined by Huili and maybe the suggestions of others, to see if they're worthy of inducting into the MKW Hack Pack.

New Tracks

Existing Tracks and Bug Reports

General Bugs

  • All the multiplayer files are linked with single player files, which may result in lag or blackscreen for 2 player, 3 player and 4 player multiplayer modes.
  • In friend rooms, if you pick a track randomly, from that point on all the tracks will be chosen randomly.
  • Countdown doesn't work properly offline. You have to race 8 laps of a track because there's no lap modifier code in it.
  • Freeze bug occurs if someone finishes a lap for some users.
  • Because MKW Hack Pack uses ctgp code, battle mode doesn't work: Coin Runners soft locks, and Balloon Battle has no timer, and works offline, but not so much online.
  • Even though Huili made text edits to it, the Mario Kart Channel doesn't work.
  • Ghosts cannot be saved, completing a time trial/grand prix could result in your data becoming corrupted. Racing a ghost or watching a replay could blackscreen your Wii.
  • Because MKW Hack Pack replaces regular tracks with custom tracks, My Stuff folders enabled somewhere else on riivolution could result in someone playing another track, freezing other players if their track has different KMP objects like cannons.
  • The savegame option may result in code dumps.
  • In Item Rain mode, if you go on Hack Pack Worldwides, you'll be redirected to Mr Bean's test region instead of the assigned region.
  • Because of the codes involved in the Hacker Region, time trials don't work properly when viewing or playing against a ghost.
  • In Bob-omb Blast, the item box is shrunk if the item picked isn't a bomb by default.
  • Although not a bug in the traditional sense, 200kmh behaves differently than 200cc in CTGP. There is no brake drifting or fast falling. You have to build up momentum to drift, and it's significantly faster than 200cc.
  • NTSC-J users don't have triple rotating bananas
  • Ultimate License Unlocker code blackscreens 4 player mode.
  • Bob-omb Blast has a chance of giving you an item other than a bomb, but this is rare.
  • Because of how big the Item Rain code is, some features couldn't be added, like the disable worldwide button. This means that if you go on Worldwides, you will be banned from Wiimmfi for 15 minutes.
  • High Data Rate, a code in the Master Code Pack, should only be used in friend rooms by someone who has a reliable, steady connection. It can't be used on Hack Pack Worldwides, as it disables searching for players.
  • Minor bug on Infinite Shrooms, the item box doesn't move no matter how many shrooms you use.
  • Item Rain and Double Framerate disables any custom track alterations made in My Stuff.