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</noinclude>{{textbox|news|June 2020|
</noinclude>{{textbox|news|June 2020|
; 2020-06-02
; 2020-06-02
* CPU$ released v1.0 of the character '''[[Mii Outfit Golden (Large Male Mii Outfit A Texture)|Mii Outfit Golden]]'''.
* [[RotationRex]] released a Beta of '''[[SBSPLCP Floor It 3‎]]'''.
* [[Bri911]] updated the battle arena '''[[Waterfall Kerfuffle]]''' to v1.1.
* [[Bri911]] updated the battle arena '''[[Waterfall Kerfuffle]]''' to v1.1.
* [[DryBowser]] released v1.0 of the Model Swap and vehicle texture '''[[King Boo on Jet Bubble (King Boo Texture)|King Boo on Jet Bubble]]'''.
* [[DryBowser]] released v1.0 of the model swap '''[[King Boo on Jet Bubble (King Boo Texture)|King Boo on Jet Bubble]]'''.
* [[ZPL Gaming]] updated '''[[Cave Island]]''' to v2.3.
; 2020-06-01
; 2020-06-01

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Add your news items to template:News Month 07. It shows all releases made this month.

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  • If it is not a Custom Track, identify the news item as a Texture, Font, Character, Program, etc.
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