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Mii: Davidslane's Mii.png
YouTube: Davidslane
Discord: davidslane#8458


Hi, I'm Davidslane, but you can just call me David for short. I am a custom track creator who enjoys competing in Custom Track Jams. I am not an experienced custom track creator by any means, and do not regard my works as exceptional or anything of the sort, and I primarily just do it for the fun of it. I am OK with any of my custom tracks being added to a distribution pack, but just note that Koopa Troopa Resort has a freeze regarding enemy routes in the KMP. If you would like to update any of my tracks, I ask that you contact me on Discord before doing so. The same is preferred for remakes, however you do not need to ask me for permission to remake any of my tracks.

First Come, First Serve!

I have my very own Mario Kart Wii custom track competition called "First Come, First Serve", or "FCFS" for short. There is more information on my YouTube channel. There is also a Discord server you can join.

Latest FCFS (Hosted by Bruh de la Boi)

Davidslane's Track Pack

I also have a Custom Track Distribution titled "Davidslane's Track Pack". It is meant to be a fun, simple distribution created for my own enjoyment. And also, it could never be possible without the major help of BillyNoodles, so please make sure to check him out!

Thanks for stopping by, dear reader, and may you have a wonderful day :)