Wiimms Mario Kart Fun 2011-06

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Wiimms Mario Kart
Fun 2011-06
Cover: WiiTDB cover
Author: Wiimm
Type: ISO Patcher
Wii IDs: RMCE09, RMCP09
Tracks: 32 custom tracks (Videos)
Battle: 9 custom arenas
Vehicles: 28 texture hacks
Release: 2011-06-11 (Download)

Wiimms Mario Kart Fun 2011-06, the successor of Wiimms Mario Kart Fun 2011-03, is a Custom Track Distribution made by Wiimm. It has been released in June 2011 as ISO Patcher.

Download and Installation

Download and installation are described in a separate page: »Wiimms Mario Kart: Download and Install«. The installation guide is written in English and German.


2011-05-21, pre1 (First preview and test version)
2011-05-22, pre2
  • Bug fix: The reserved slot 6.1 for GCN Sherbet Land was empty. Wii hung if selecting it.
  • Start and title screens ready.
2011-06-05, RC1 (first release candidate)
2011-06-11, Release (v1)
2011-06-14, Release (v1b)
  • I have updated the cygwin sub system to avoid a very rare bug on Windows systems. No need to update if the creation was done without error messages.

Known Bugs

  • Six King Labyrinth and Daisy's Palace RC2 have heavy lagging problems on 2-split-screen when playing offline with enabled computer drivers. Again and again it's like playing in slow motion. Online there are much less problems. Some other tracks has similar but lesser problems.
  • The minimap of some tracks is wrong, DS Cheep Cheep Beach has the worst minimap.

Wii Disc IDs

Wiimms Mario Kart Fun 2011-06 uses 4 IDs:

  • RMCP09 : PAL version that shares the savegame with the original game.
  • KMCP09 : PAL version that uses a own savegame (but shares it with other custom distributions).
  • RMCE09 : NTSC version that shares the savegame with the original game.
  • KMCE09 : NTSC version that uses a own savegame (but shares it with other custom distributions).

The KMC?09 IDs will only be used for Ticket, TMD and boot.bin. The ID of disc header is always RMC?09 to enable online gaming. Most (or all) USB Loaders and WBFS Managers will only show the disc header ID. Use wit to verify all IDs:

# wit dump image.iso --show=id

Dump of file image.iso
  Disc & part IDs:   disc=RMCP09, ticket=KMCP, tmd=KMCP, boot=KMCP09

  Partition table #0, partition #0, type 0 [DATA]:
    Partition IDs:    ticket=KMCP, tmd=KMCP, boot=KMCP09


See also: https://ct.wiimm.de/dis/6

There is also a Video Preview of all tracks available. The size of the track files differs form the original published files because all have been normalized using wszst NORMALIZE.

Slot Cup Track Author
1.1 Mushroom GBA Luigi Circuit MRbuttCHINS
1.2 Mushroom SNES Bowser Castle 2 MKDasher
1.3 Mushroom Daisy's Palace RC2 Vulcanus2
1.4 Mushroom Thwomp Factory Igorseabra4
2.1 Flower GCN Yoshi Circuit TC Cagnouto
2.2 Flower DS Waluigi Pinball RC1 MKDasher
2.3 Flower Fishdom Island N RC4 BigOto2
2.4 Flower SNES Rainbow Road Teknik
3.1 Star GCN Daisy Cruiser RC1 MKDasher
3.2 Star Thunder City v1.1 BigOto2
3.3 Star Haunted Woods Thondam
3.4 Star GBA Bowser Castle 1 MRbuttCHINS
4.1 Special Six King Labyrinth MrBean & Chadderz
4.2 Special GCN Bowser Castle RC2.4 Cagnouto, mod by Tock
4.3 Special Incendia Castle MrBean, mod by Teknik
4.4 Special GCN Rainbow Road RC2.1 MKDasher
5.1 Shell DS Cheep Cheep Beach MRbuttCHINS
5.2 Shell SNES Choco Island 2 MRbuttCHINS
5.3 Shell N64 Banshee Boardwalk RC1 Teknik
5.4 Shell GCN Dino Dino Jungle MRbuttCHINS
6.1 Banana N64 Yoshi Valley MKDasher, mod by Tock
6.2 Banana GBA Lakeside Park v0.61 Igorseabra4, bug fix by AndyK
6.3 Banana Delfino Island RC2.1 Vulcanus2
6.4 Banana GCN Wario Colosseum RC2.1 MKDasher
7.1 Leaf Thwomp Desert Scye
7.2 Leaf SNES Vanilla Lake 2 RC1 Igorseabra4, texture mod by AndyK
7.3 Leaf Volcanic Skyway RC1 BigOto2
7.4 Leaf N64 Royal Raceway Jimbo
8.1 Lightning SNES Mario Circuit 2 Teknik
8.2 Lightning Unnamed Valley Scye
8.3 Lightning Sunset Desert BigOto2
8.4 Lightning SNES Bowser Castle 3 RC1 Tock

Battle Arenas

Slot Arena Author
1.1 Delfino House Igorseabra4
1.2 Galaxy Arena Igorseabra4
1.3 Funky Stadium (original) Nintendo
1.4 Paper Battle Field Alphamariox
1.5 GBA Battle Course 2 MRbuttCHINS
2.1 SNES Battle Course 2 MRbuttCHINS
2.2 GBA Battle Course 2 Tock
2.3 SNES Battle Course 4 Alphamariox
2.4 N64 Big Donut MRbuttCHINS
2.5 GCN Block City MRbuttCHINS

Drivers & Vehicles

Driver Vehicle Modification
Baby Mario Willi-Bike Baby Wario
Baby Luigi Willi-Bike Baby Waluigi
Baby Daisy Blue Falcon Baby Rosalina
Toad Willi-Bike Evil Toad
Toad Quack Quack Toadsworth
Toadette Kameknaller Grüne Toadette
Koopa Willi-Bike Red Koopa
Mario Flippster Naked Mario with Ski
Mario Rapido Red Mario
Mario Mach-Bike Dark Mario
Luigi Mach-Bike Blauer Luigi
Peach Mach-Bike Naked Peach
Daisy Flippster Naked Daisy with Ski
Yoshi Mach-Bike Red Yoshi
Yoshi Rapido Red Yoshi
Diddy Kong Rapido Blue Diddy
Diddy Kong Mach-Bike Blue Diddy
Bowser Jr. Mach-Bike Violett Bowser Jr.
Medium Mii A (w) Mach-Bike Yellow Mach Bike
Medium Mii B (w) Mach-Bike Yellow Mach Bike
Donkey Kong Bowser Bike White Fleece
Bowser Bower Bike Blue Bowser
König Buu Huu Wario Bike Original Buu Huu
King Buu Huu Bowser Bike Original Buu Huu
Rosalina Bowser Bike Red Rosalina
Funky Kong Bowser Bike Wiimm Logo
Funky Kong Wario Bike Black Funky