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Avatar: Octanevinny's Avatar.png
Birthdate: 1999-04-15
YouTube: Octanevinny
Discord: Octanevinny#4247

Hello, I'm Octanevinny, also known as Vinny on Mario Kart Wii. Alongside Trainiax and MarkAlbertsma03, I am currently a moderator on the Custom Mario Kart Wiiki. I sometimes update custom tracks to improve the gameplay in them. Although, I currently haven't made any custom tracks yet until I gain more experience about knowing how to make them.


I have recently created a texture hack called Inside the Dreambow. It is a texture hack of Inside the Dreamcatcher I made myself, it took some inspiration from River of Rainbows, Color Dimension and Disco Fever.

If anyone wants to consider editing or updating any of my mods, I recommend asking for permission first.

By the same author: Octanevinny

Custom Track Updates:
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Alternative Updates:
Black LoopHorror MansionIllusion CanyonNightmare to Dream WorldParadoxic WorldwaySea StadiumSpace RoadWario's Lair

Texture Hack:
Inside the Dreambow

Cuberluigi CT Pack