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Avatar: PeachKia52250vr's Profile Picture.jpeg
Birthdate: 1999-04-15
YouTube: PeachKia
Discord: PeachKia52250vr#4247

About Me

Hello, I am PeachKia52250vr, also known as PeachKia on Mario Kart Wii. Alongside Atlas, Bri, KantoEpic, Krummers and Trainiax, I am currently a moderator on the Custom Mario Kart Wiiki. I may update custom tracks to fix several bugs and/or improve the gameplay in them when I only really bother to.

Fun Facts

  • I have autism, so I can struggle with emotional problems and social things sometimes. Please bear with me if I ever do.
  • Since 2021-07-27, I have got my learner license for driving a car so I can learn more about what it is like when I adjust to driving on the roads and following road rules.
  • Lately, I have been taking a break from playing Mario Kart Wii considering I have been more busy lately, but I still do work on the Wiiki by keeping it consistent whenever I can.

Seeking help

An update for Inside the Dreamcatcher is being worked on, but I am looking for a user to help do some model edits to Inside the Dreamcatcher. If you are interested, please contact me on Discord.


Please do not update any of my mods without asking permission.


Mods I created
Mod Type Initial release date Current version Notes Update(s) planned?
2-Lap Kart Wii Custom Track Distribution 2021-??-?? v1.0 It is a distribution that only contains tracks that are two laps. It is currently in-progress.
1-Lap Kart Wii Custom Track Distribution 2021-07-18 v1.1 It is a distribution that only contains tracks that are long and at one lap. An update is scheduled.
Inside the Darkcatcher Texture Hack 2021-04-01 v1.0.april My first April Fools mod. An update is scheduled.
Inside the Dreambow Texture Hack 2021-02-13 v1.0b My first mod I made. It is a texture hack of Inside the Dreamcatcher and it took some inspiration from River of Rainbows, Color Dimension and Disco Fever. An update is scheduled.
By the same author: PeachKia52250vr

Custom Track Updates:
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Alternative Updates:
Black LoopHorror MansionIllusion CanyonParadoxic WorldwayRocrygma MinesSea StadiumSpace RoadWario's Lair

Texture Hack:
Inside the Dreambow

April Fools' Releases:
Inside the Darkcatcher

Cuberluigi CT Pack

1-Lap Kart Wii2-Lap Kart Wii