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MarkAlbertsma03's Profile Picture.png
YouTube Channel: Krummers
Discord: Krummers#6969
Twitter: Krummers
Twitch: Krummers
Mario Kart Wii
Favorite character and vehicle: Dry Bones on Jet Bubble / Bubble Bike
Favorite custom character: Mario (Sunshine)
Favorite custom track: Sky High Island
Favorite non-wii custom track: Rainbow Road DX
Distributions I play:

About me

Hey, I'm MarkAlbertsma03 or Mark for short. In most area's, I'm known as Krummers. I have made a few gold characters, custom track updates and a custom distribution called Nintendo Remasters, which I am very proud of. Alongside with Trainiax, Octanevinny and KantoEpic, I do moderator stuff on this website. Feel free to ask any questions on my talk page. My timezone is CET or CEST, depending on summer- or wintertime, so that is when I check and read my messages.

Friend Codes

If you want to add me on any of these distributions, here are my friend codes. These all have openhost, so I don't need to add you back.

Distribution Friend Code
CTGP Revolution 5159-9698-3365
Formula Kart Wii 1681-0474-5979
Intermezzo 0693-2070-4087
Variation Sensation 1766-9468-1630
TTs Online 2110-5442-5053


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