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MarkAlbertsma03's Profile Picture.png
Discord: Krummers#1936
YouTube Channel: Krummers
Twitter: Krummers
Twitch: Krummers
Mario Kart Wii
Favorite character and vehicle: Dry Bones on Jet Bubble / Bubble Bike
Favorite custom character: Mario (Sunshine)
Favorite custom track: Sky High Island
Favorite non-wii custom track: Rainbow Road DX
Distributions I play:

About me

Yee, you found me! I am MarkAlbertsma03 (also known as Krummers). I have made custom track updates and a custom distribution called Nintendo Remasters. Alongside with Trainiax, Octanevinny and KantoEpic, I am a moderator on this website to keep this place clean and consistent. Feel free to ask any questions on my talk page. My timezone is CET or CEST, depending on summer- or wintertime, so that is when I check and read my messages.

Friend Codes

If you want to add me on any of these distributions, here are my friend codes. These all have openhost, so I don't need to add you back.

Distribution Friend Code
CTGP Revolution 5159-9698-3365
Hide and Seek 1681-0474-5979
Intermezzo 0693-2070-4087
Variation Sensation 1766-9468-1630
MKW Hack Pack 2110-5442-5053


Loose TemplatesMy Sandbox

By the same author: MarkAlbertsma03

Nintendo RemastersHide and Seek DS Pack

Track Edits:
SNES Battle Course 4 (Race)Carcanut MallChain Chomp RollercoasterClosed Dark MallMario Circuit (Offroad Swap)GCN Sticky Mountain

Reversed Tracks:
SNES Mario Circuit 1RSNES Donut Plains 1RSNES Choco Island 1RSNES Donut Plains 2RSNES Vanilla Lake 1RSNES Koopa Beach 2RN64 Moo Moo Farm RMario Circuit R

Character Textures:
Birdo (Yellow)Dry Bowser (Gold)Gold MarioKing Boo (Gold)

Vehicle Texture:
Dark Trickster

Custom Track Updates:
Custom Tracks:
10 Jumps to Victory8-Bit Road (+ Battle Arena)A Small Course 2Aperture LaboratoriesBlood Moon ForestBowser's Flooded CastleChoco Island 666Circuit Boardway
Coin Runner CircuitGold Leaf SkywayHouse LoopIcepeak MountainJungle JivesKoopa's Botanical GardenLava PitRainy CircuitSix King LabyrinthSkyscraper Sewerway
Slot CircuitThunder CanyonVVVVVV CircuitVVVVVV Circuit 2VVVVVV Circuit 3

Retro Tracks:
SNES Donut Plains 1 (zilly)SNES Choco Island 2 (Toxic Prime)SNES Vanilla Lake 1 (James)SNES Choco Island 3 (Toxic Prime)DS Cheep Cheep Beach (sup3rsmash8)
DS Nokonoko Beach (Ermelber, Yoshidude4 & Turbo Yoshi)DS Luigi's Cookie Pinball (Skipper93653)DS Waluigi Pinball Beta (Yoshidude4, Gericom, Ermelber, & Turbo Yoshi)RMX Choco Island 1 (Toxic Prime)
RMX Choco Island 2 (Toxic Prime)

Custom Battle Arena Updates:
Retro Battle Arenas:
DS Nintendo DS (NintenYoshi)Classic DS Twilight HouseDS Palm Shore (Retrostyle12)DS Tart Top (Man-O-Wii)DS MR_stage1 (Retrostyle12)DS MR_stage2 (Retrostyle12)DS MR_stage3 (Retrostyle12)

Texture Hack Update:
Yoshi's Highway

Custom Menus:
American English MenuSingleCTGP MenuSingle

Custom Track Edit Updates:
Mushroom ParkGalactic Mall

Character Texture Update:
Dry Bones (Gold)