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Wiimm's Intermezzo
(custom track distribution)
Author: Wiimm
Patch Type: ISO Patcher &
Riivolution Generator
Mode: Standard 32 tracks
or CT-CODE edition
or LE-CODE edition
Online Region: 20222
Tracks: varies (1 to 400 ct)
Release: every Tuesday
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Intermezzo is a weekly custom track distribution by Wiimm to test all new and updated tracks offline and online. The first Intermezzo was released at 2012-10-22 and contained 19 tracks. From the beginning, item cheats were allowed to enable a more efficient way of testing tracks. As of September 2015, the Intermezzos contain a built-in item cheat for Wiimote+Nunchuck and for GameCube controller.

The Intermezzo will usually created every Tuesday. Wiimm implemented a generator that creates an Intermezzo fully automated in only a few minutes, optional with CT-CODE or LE-CODE. Usually it is played online the following Wednesday after the Wiimms Mario Kart Fun tournament. Occasionally an additional Intermezzo for the weekend will be created. In the year 2012 to 2018 nearly all new tracks of Wiimm's CT archive were tested by a tester team using an Intermezzo. Since autumn 2018, only tracks that are either candidates for MKW-Fun or contain interesting features will be added to Intermezzo.

As of November 2013, each public Intermezzo will be announced at The Intermezzos of the last weeks are available at

As of April 2019, Intermezzo became the main LE-CODE testing distribution. Each contains 10 custom battle arenas and new custom racing tracks of the previous week.

As of January 2020, all new tracks and new updates are included again. If not included for other reason, the prefix »+N« (compare table below) is used. At the talk page you can requests older versions of the tracks.

Current version & download

You can find the most recent versions and related track lists at

Prefix of track names

Most track names begin with a plus sign followed by an optional letter. This divides the tracks into categories:

prefix Description
+ New track and candidate for MKW-Fun.
+U Update for a track, that is already included into MKW-Fun.
+V Update for a new track, that is already accepted into MKW-Fun.
+T Track that the tester team should watch. (but no plans for MKW-Fun).
+X Track with special features that the MKW-Fun tester team will review.
+Y Track with special features that the MKW-Fun tester team will review.
+N New track provided to external users. Ignored by MKW tester team.
+W Track included by wish of third person.
+S / +1 Single lap variant of a track created for testing.