Wiimms Mario Kart Fun 2020-12

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Wiimms Mario Kart
Fun 2020-12
Cover: Wiimms Mario Kart Fun 2020-12 Cover.png
Author: Wiimm
Type: ISO Patcher &
Riivolution Generator
Wii IDs: RMCE45, RMCP45, RMCJ45, RMCK45
Online Region: 145
Arenas: 10 custom battle arenas
Tracks: 32 Wii + 376 custom tracks
Release: 2020-12-12
Download: v1 (564 MB, tar.xz)
LE-CODE Logo (Horizontal).png

This version of MKW-Fun was released on December 12th 2020. MKW-Fun 2020-12 contains 10 battle arenas plus 32 original tracks plus 376 custom tracks, which are divided into 2 Battle Cups and many Racing Cups. Like its successor MKW-Fun 2020-06, it is based on LE-CODE.

Including variants there is a total of 383 custom tracks spread over 104 cups. In contrast to the previous version, there are 39 new custom tracks and 46 updates. 15 tracks are removed.

Overview about Wiimms Distributions


2020-12-05, RC1
  • Final track selection.
  • Release candidate without item cheats.
2020-12-12, v1