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| [[Mountain Path]] || {{unknown|Unreviewed}} || || From the preview video, it seems that there is a minimap issue.
| [[Mountain Path]] || {{unknown|Unreviewed}} || || From the preview video, it seems that there is a minimap issue.
| [[Mushroom cliff]] || {{unknown|Unreviewed}} || Use Mushroom Gorge slot, Download - http://www.mediafire.com/?709zed9o8mv6zwr ||
| [[Mushroom Cliff]] || {{unknown|Unreviewed}} || Use Mushroom Gorge slot, Download - http://www.mediafire.com/?709zed9o8mv6zwr ||
| [[Mushroom Fort]] || {{maybe|Needs fixes}} || Uses Mushroom Gorge's course slot. DS Twilight House's Music is requested. Download [RC1] [http://www.mediafire.com/?gxalbad6ws7daov] || The start line misses itself, and the minimap could use a bit of work.
| [[Mushroom Fort]] || {{maybe|Needs fixes}} || Uses Mushroom Gorge's course slot. DS Twilight House's Music is requested. Download [RC1] [http://www.mediafire.com/?gxalbad6ws7daov] || The start line misses itself, and the minimap could use a bit of work.
| [[N64 Choco Mountain]] || {{unknown|Unreviewed}} || Needs DK Summit/DK Snowboard Cross for both slot and music. Designed to replace the old version. ||
| [[N64 Toad's Turnpike]] RC2 || {{yes|Accepted}} || Needs Moonview Highway's slot and music ||
| [[N64 Toad's Turnpike]] RC2 || {{yes|Accepted}} || Needs Moonview Highway's slot and music ||

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Track Wishlist
This is the track Wishlist for CTGP Revolution. General discussion of CTGP-R goes on the Talk Page.

Track Wishlist


This list will make it easier for Mr. Bean and other CT distributors to identify the latest custom tracks and versions of tracks that are worthy of being included in CTGP and other distributions. If a track has a major glitch, a fix from anyone would be greatly appreciated as long as the original creator of the track permits it. Tracks in this section should be removed after the tracks are added to CTGP-R. Any rejected or removed tracks should be listed in the Rejected Tracks section after a CTGP-R update, along with the reason it was rejected. This is so CT authors can identify and fix the problems with their tracks, and so the same tracks won't be re-suggested again unless they are improved. Beta tracks that have been released to the public can be considered for inclusion unless specifically prohibited by the track author.

Please use alphabetical order when adding to this page.

New Tracks

Newly released tracks since the last CTGP-R Update. No major glitches are known. Please indicate the desired slot and music in the "Notes" field. All tracks will be verified manually as the pack is assembled, and the status field will indicate progress. The decision to accept or reject a track lies solely on popular vote, and all tracks will be demonstrated on a live stream with at least 50 viewers to get opinions. Should a track be updated since the time of verification, please change the status field back to "Unreviewed", and the track will be redownloaded and redemonstrated (including any previously rejected tracks). Any notes that track authors need to be aware of will be inserted in the "Issues/Track Review" field, and please feel free to delete erroneous information.

New Tracks

Track Name Status Notes Track Review/Issues
3DS Rosalina's Ice World Unreviewed
Abe Abbott Raceway Accepted
Alpine Circuit Accepted (Download at Wiki Page)
Alpine Mountain Accepted v1.1: Unwanted short cut removed.
Ancient Ruins Rejected Ultra shortcut, faulty minimap, poor reviews when demonstrated to viewers.
Aquadrom Stage v2 Needs fixes Download at Wiki Page - Should use Koopa Cape music slot. Bullet bills fail on small passageway. May also not be wise to let people drive out of bounds near the start line.
Athletic Raceway RC1 Needs fixes Download Link: [1] No minimap.
Block´s Castle Unreviewed
Blue Loop Accepted; see review It may be worthwhile to add a fall boundary near the start line. A wall clip against the start line pole could result in a glitched shortcut.
Boo Circuit Rejected Nice concept, but definitely needs more things happening per lap. Unused KMP objects floating in midair.
Cannon City II Rejected Moonview music and slot recommed - Download Rejected by popular demand, stream viewers gave a surprisingly low rating to the track. Cars hit people waiting on start line, some cars float in midair.
Citro's Wedding Altar v1.0 Unreviewed Download at Wiki Page - Should use DS Peach Gardens Music Slot.
Cliff Village v1.5 Needs fixes Download at Wiki Page - Should use Daisy Circuit music slot. There were some bullet bill issues during testing.
Coral Cape v1.0 Needs fixes Download at Wiki Page - Should use Koopa Cape music slot. The minimap is out of place and cut off.
Crystal Dungeon Accepted; see review Download at Wiki Page - I think Maple Treeway music slot is good on it. The bullet bill routes may have slight issues.
Darkness Temple Needs fixes Download: [2] - please use Dry Dry Ruins music slot. The minimap is horrendously misplaced, and the item routes need work.
Delfino Circuit Needs fixes Download link: [3] The minimap is cut off. Also, it may be possible to get out of bounds via a clip against a tree or similar.
Delfino Village Needs fixes (Download at Wiki page) Please use DS Delfino Square music slot. The bullet routes need work, and the minimap is cut off.
DK Jungle Tour RC1.1 Needs fixes New track with a completely different layout and model - To be called DK Jungle Tour 2 There are a lot of areas that theoretically should be classified as out of bounds but are still drivable. Some shortcuts may be a little overpowered, and there are issues with the bullet routes.
DKR Ancient Lake Accepted
DK's Jungle Beach Unreviewed (Download at Wiki page)
DS DK Pass Needs fixes (Download at Wiki page) There is an ultra shortcut, accessible if leap out of bounds at the large jump at the final corner.
Factory Course Accepted
Forsaken Mansion Unreviewed Download on Wiki Page - Should use SNES Ghost Valley 2 music slot.
GBA Boo Lake Accepted Should use SNES Ghost Valley 2's Music & Slot ID (Download at Wiki Page)
GBA Snow Land Accepted; see review Version 1.2, Uses N64 Sherbet Land's Music & DK's Snowboard Cross/DK Summit's Slot ID for Snow Heavy multiplayer lag.
GCN Mushroom Bridge (by Torran) Accepted Needs to use the Moonview Highway slot and music
Girly Course Unreviewed
Glaced Valley Unreviewed
Green Park Accepted; see review GCN Mario Circuit music slot. Some KMP objects are not solid/character cannot interact with them correctly.
Icestorm Peak Needs fixes RC1 Download: [4] should use DK's Snowboard Cross Music Slot There is a problem with item routes. Also could maybe use more obstacles.
Jungle Island Accepted should use GCN Peach Beach's Music & Slot ID
Kirio's Raceway Needs fixes Maybe Luigi/Mario Circuit music slot will be good. There is also a glitched shortcut where you can skip one of the loops by leaping over a wall, either causing a respawn error or getting back onto the track by leaping through culled road.
Lava Mushrooms Unreviewed Mushroom Gorge music slot (If possible).
Lava Road RC1.1 Unreviewed [ENG]Created by FireLuigi [JPN]ラバロード 作成者:炎ルイージ
Lakeside Hill Unreviewed (Download at Wiki Page) Moo Moo Meadows Music Slot should be good.
Love Beach Needs fixes should use Daisy Circuit music slot. Respawn error at the beginning of the race. Minimap needs work, and it might be worthwhile to add some more KMP objects to keep the races interesting.
Luigi's Valley RC1 Rejected Download: [5] Far too little going on. General negative response from stream viewers. The respawn point could also use work; or more respawn points added.
Lunar Spaceway Accepted Needs Rainbow Road slot and music
Majora's Castle Rejected There is no download for the latest version of this track, and apparently the author has lost the SZS file.
Misty Caveway Rejected Download at Wiki Page - needs Mushroom Gorge slot. There is an ultra shortcut and respawn failures, and it gained generally negative response from stream viewers.
Moo Moo Island Unreviewed Google Sketchup Remake (download on Wiki Page)
Mountain Crazyness Unreviewed
Mountain Path Unreviewed From the preview video, it seems that there is a minimap issue.
Mushroom Cliff Unreviewed Use Mushroom Gorge slot, Download - http://www.mediafire.com/?709zed9o8mv6zwr
Mushroom Fort Needs fixes Uses Mushroom Gorge's course slot. DS Twilight House's Music is requested. Download [RC1] [6] The start line misses itself, and the minimap could use a bit of work.
N64 Choco Mountain Unreviewed Needs DK Summit/DK Snowboard Cross for both slot and music. Designed to replace the old version.
N64 Toad's Turnpike RC2 Accepted Needs Moonview Highway's slot and music
N64 Wario Stadium (by Captain Kwark) Accepted Should use N64 Mario Raceway's Music, In Mario Kart 64, This Track Used This Music
Night Mountain Unreviewed
Over And Around V1.1 Rejected http://www.mediafire.com/?kcdvad4bz0mvb1l Mushroom Gorge Slot Clearly needs a lot of work. Definitely requires more polygons, falling into a black void does not look professional. KMP could also use more objects to keep things interesting.
Penguin Cave RC2 Unreviewed Download: [7] - Uses the N64 Sherbet Land slot
Powerpuff Funpark Unreviewed Download at Wiki Page - DS Yoshi Falls music slot.
Rally Circuit Rejected Stream viewers rated track very poorly.
Rapid Street Needs fixes Sketchy texturing and minimap.
Red Loop Accepted; see review In the interest of preventing glitches, the first respawn point could be moved left slightly for additional security.
Road by Road Rejected Download:[8] Rainbow Road music slot. An interesting idea for a track, however it would benefit greatly from proper modelling and a few more polygons.
Sacred Fogcoast Accepted; Updated Was given an update since it was accepted. Should be checked out again.
Seaside Resort v1 Accepted Should use Koopa Cape slot
Seasonal Circuit Accepted; see review First respawn could be moved north a bit, just as insurance against glitches. The start line poles also count as drivable road for some reason.
Sherbet Ocean Needs fixes Download at Wiki Page - should use N64 Sherbet Land music slot At least one respawn points in the wrong direction. The track is also slightly bland.
Shifting Sandland v2.2 Unreviewed Download: [9] - fixes position bug
Sky Beach RC3.2a Accepted Daisy Circuit music slot, GCN DK Mountain's course slot (for the non-offroad grass to work properly)
SM64 Bob-Omb Battlefield Needs fixes Please use GCN Mario Circuit's Music, & GCN DK Mountain's Slot ID (Please ONLY Include V2 in the pack, V1 is terrible and should never be released!) Potentially needs more going on. And the cannon angle is frightening!
SNES Bowser Castle 1 By (Memfis/Tock) Accepted GBA BC3 music slot.
SNES Bowser Castle 2 By (Memfis/Tock) Accepted; see notes GBA BC3 music slot. Minimap is huge! Is the bullet shortcut intentional?
SNES Koopa Beach 1 Accepted "Remake Beta2" Should have GCN Peach Beach's slot (for moving water to work properly).
Strobenz Desert Needs fixes (Download at Wiki page) First respawn and/or key checkpoint needs changing.
Summer Island By Magma and FloMaster35000vr Unreviewed (Download at Wiki)
Sunshine Yard Needs fixes Download at Wiki Page - should use GCN Mario Circuit music slot Minimap is slightly misplaced.
Swamp Course Unreviewed From the preview video, it looks like the track is far too short.
Tonic Trouble Plains Rejected Negative response from stream viewers. Definitely needs more KMP objects.
Troy Circuit Rejected It is possible to drive freely out of bounds, including near the start line (results in glitched shortcuts). Track also needs more to happen in it. Textures fail in places and getting stuck under the bouncy mushrooms, while not fatal, is tricky to resolve. Stream viewers also rated it poorly, probably because of its name.
Twilight Highway v1.0 Needs fixes Download at Wiki Page - Should use Moonview Highway music slot. Minimap needs work, and there are some item route issues.
Twinkle Circuit Accepted should use Galaxy Colosseum's music (Black screen in replays in v1.0)
Underwater Slide Rejected Uninteresting track layout, negative review from stream viewers.
Volcano Beach Needs fixes Beta 1.1 is Out!. Koopa Cape music slot and DK Mountain track slot. In the interest of glitch prevention, move Respawn 0 to the right slightly. It's also possible to glitch through the floor near the start line, though the method on how to do so is unclear (happened by mistake during review).
Water Temple Needs fixes Item routes! Also, minimap.
White Garden v1.0 Unreviewed Download at Wiki Page. - Should use DS Peach Gardens Music Slot. Minimap has now been corrected so the track is resubmitted as a candidate for the CTGPR update.
Yellow Loop Accepted

New Tracks that Need Fixes

Tracks that would be nice to have in CTGP but aren't quite up to snuff yet. Usually these are beta versions. New tracks that have known bugs should be listed here.

Oldies but Goodies

Not new, but good tracks that were probably overlooked, or rejected tracks that were recently fixed.


  • Thp that shows four tracks when selecting a cup could be changed to be all black or all white, as seen in Darky Kart Wii. Preview: [[11]] (Skip to 0:33)
  • Not sure what its name is, but that font Benji made for Darky Kart Wii
  • Could the 1st person camera system at least be considered for MKWii?

Existing Tracks

Track Bug Reports

Please notify track authors of bugs by posting info about the bug on the track's page or talk page, or the author's talk page.

Include the name of the track and describe the problem.

Updated Tracks

Tracks that currently have older versions in CTGP-R that have been since updated/fixed.

Existing Tracks: Music/Slot Requests

  • F-Zero White Land I DK Summit's music. In this recent video (at 41:00) MrBean and Chadderz are playing v1 of the level. V1 should not be in any version of CTGP but has appeared in a few CTWW videos. V2 is the latest version and was released before CTGP 1.01 and appears in most CTGP videos, so I don't know why some videos feature V1 and other V2. Here is a video of V2 for comparison. V2 features an enhanced model with buildings in the background, more vibrant textures, and KMP and KCL fixes.
  • GCN Baby Park's Music should be changed to that of GCN Cookie Land, as they both have similar themes.
  • GCN Luigi Circuit It needs GCN Mario Circuit's music - in MKDD they both used that same song

Rejected tracks from previous CTGP-R releases

  • Unknown

Other Fixes

  • Chalky has a fixed version that fixes this character: Σ

Custom Characters

As stated in here: Post custom characters that you would like to be in the next CTGP. All characters must:

  • Include Icons
  • Include all needed files, for every Bike/Kart/etc.
  • It must be animated

New Custom Characters

  • Black Mage By Slawter - Full animations, CSS and minimap icons, uses Luigi's slot
  • Goomba By DJLowgey - Full set with Animations, uses Dry Bones' Voice & Slot
  • Hammer Bro by DJLowgey - Full set & Fully animated, must replace use Bowser Jr's slot/Koopa's Voice
  • Petey Piranha - By DJ Lowgey, must replace any large character
  • Pianta By DJLowgey - Replaces any Large Character
  • Sonic The Hedgehog - Uses Daisy's Stats & Large Mii's voice (If not possible just replace any available medium character)
  • Tuxie (Lost Penguin from SM64) by DJLowgey - Full set, animated, uses Baby Daisy's Voice & Slot