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For track wishlists for other distributions, see Track Wishlist.
Track Wishlist
This is the track wishlist for CTGP Revolution.
General discussion goes on the talk page.
Please keep alphabetical order when adding to this page!
Please do not make duplicate listings!
Do NOT edit this page beyond adding new tracks or updating your own unreviewed tracks unless you are a CTGP Admin!


This list is for new tracks that have not yet been added to CTGP-R. Please indicate the desired track and music slots in the proper fields. All tracks will be put through the track testing process by the CTGP Track Council and the CTGP Track Testing Server. The decision to accept or reject a track lies solely with the CTGP Track Council, with MrBean35000vr having the last word about tracks.

To submit a track, please put the track in the "Unreviewed Tracks" table, and make sure to give it the "Submitted" tag. If a track is updated while still in the testing process, feel free to put the track back in the section that it was originally in, but make sure to indicate that it was updated with the "Updated" tag. Do NOT re-submit a track version that was already submitted previously. You may ONLY submit a track if you are directly credited as an author or designer of said track. If you submit a track that you are not credited for, it will be removed. If your track has been previously reviewed before, please give it the "Submitted" tag as well, as opposed to a "Rejected" tag or any other tag.

We strongly recommend joining the Track Testers Discord Server for easier communication: https://discord.gg/sjPzuJ7PwD

CTGP has bore witness to over a decade of new custom tracks, a period of time in which standards have continuously risen. For this reason, the modern-day selection process, run by us members of the CTGP Track Council, is intensive and relies upon many dedicated players engaging in extensive evaluations in order to judge and bugtest tracks.

Our mission is to introduce polished tracks to CTGP. We cannot dedicate these manhours into thoroughly detailing any issues with tracks that, at a mere first glance, blatantly do not meet our standards; our resources are best directed towards tracks that prove themselves as candidates with significant potential for CTGP. For this reason, our first priority is selecting these tracks, then followed by producing reports of thorough tests; if a track cannot pass the former, we have better things to do than perform the latter.
We, unfortunately, must reserve the right not to be obligated to treat all tracks equally.

As such, if any submitted track clearly does not meet the quality standard of modern-day CTGP tracks, it will therefore be moved to the Rejected Tracks table with the tag "Does not pass initial quality checks."
As of the year 2021, it has been required of the Council to do a re-evaluation of any track that has been accepted every 6 months until it is ready to be added to CTGP. We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause. If anyone has any questions about the status of their track, please DM bento (@bentokage), Cotni (@cotni), Echo (@rocksaltwa), or JC (@jcmkw) on Discord.

It should also be noted that the following list of tracks are unable to be reviewed for addition to CTGP for varying reasons:

  • New tracks from Mario Kart 8 (due to potential copyright).
    • Note: Retro remakes of tracks that appeared in Mario Kart 8 (e.x. SNES Donut Plains 3) are still eligible for review.
  • New tracks from Mario Kart Tour (due to potential copyright).
    • Note: Retro remakes of tracks that appeared in Mario Kart Tour (e.x. SNES Koopa Beach 2) are still eligible for review.
  • Any texture hack of a current CTGP track, or of a previously reviewed / rejected track, that does not fix the issue(s) given for the track.
  • Any track that crashes your game upon load (yes, these have been submitted before).
  • Any track that is directly based after a real-life company or organization that may cause potential copyright issues (e.x. Burger King Drive-Thru).
  • Any track that is directly based after a real-life person, mostly for liability purposes (e.x. Troy's Teespring Trek).
  • Any track that has a speedmod value below 1.0 (e.x. half-speed mods).
  • Any track that has the Item Position Bug present.

New Tracks


Ready The track has been accepted and has no known issues; it will be included in a future CTGP update.
Needs Fixes The track has been accepted (or is a proposed update to an already existing CTGP track), but the author is currently working on a new update to the track to fix bugs and various other issues.
Rejected The track has been rejected since it was last tested.
Submitted The track has been submitted for review.
Updated The track was previously submitted for review, but has been updated before the review period ended.
Add new tracks to the topmost table! If you don't, your course will stay un-reviewed!

Unreviewed Tracks

Track Status Track Slot Music Slot Laps Speed Mod Notes
GBA Wendy Raceway 1 (Marianne8559) Submitted GBA Shy Guy Beach SNES Mario Circuit 3 It's maybe reject...
The Grand Archives Submitted Coconut Mall Coconut Mall 3
The Great Apple War Submitted GBA Shy Guy Beach GBA Shy Guy Beach 3 "they can't reject all of us!" <- something said 10 days before a rejection
Yumi's Odd Raceway Chirari Updated GCN Peach Beach GCN Peach Beach 3 It's likely to get rejected again, but I've addressed a general issues. Enemies now rarely fall due to the addition of walls and improved green and blue block areas.(It may still fall.) Also, the model was scaled up by 1.3%. Additionally, I made it so that the player gets darker when passing under a shadow.
Please do not add tracks past this list!
The tracks below have already been selected for review!

Accepted Tracks


Track Status Track Slot Music Slot Laps Speed Mod Notes
3DS Rainbow Road (ZPL) Ready Rainbow Road Rainbow Road 1
Aqua Dungeon Ready N64 Bowser's Castle N64 Bowser's Castle 3
Bowser Jr.'s Crafty Castle Ready DS Delfino Square DS Delfino Square 3
Castle in the Sky Ready Maple Treeway Maple Treeway 1
Cosmic Grove Ready Koopa Cape SNES Ghost Valley 2 3
Fiery Factory, Fading Frost Ready Grumble Volcano GBA Bowser Castle 3 3
Spooky Swamp Ready SNES Ghost Valley 2 SNES Ghost Valley 2 3 1.07×
Wiimmfi Wonder World Ready Maple Treeway Funky Stadium 3

Needs Fixes

Track Status Ver. Track Slot Music Slot Laps Speed Mod Notes
Blissful Block Needs Fixes 1.3 Moonview Highway Moonview Highway 3 Bugs & Issues
  • Close the first turn of the lap 2 route about 10 seconds earlier, as it is reachable on very fast paces going into lap 3.
  • Missing pocha effect
  • PTB near rooftop section on lap 1.
  • All relevant bugs in #submission-bug-reports


  • Further differentiate grass textures so that offroad grass and non-offroad grass are easily uniquely identifiable.
  • The ending section, while praised for its creative driving, is extremely hard to take a good line on. Either flatten the road a little or reduce drastic altitude changes - the combination of the road surface being curved and changing height dramatically leads to its current gameplay issues. This turn particularly raises issues. [1]
  • The ramp at 0:21 here should be widened to prevent toxic gameplay. [2]
  • Multiple members felt the geyser section was too heavily punishing, and that one or two geysers could be removed or the section reworked.
  • The blind turn near the end where cars come tight around the corner should be made less blind or more generous in terms of cars, if possible.
  • The track could use one or two more shroom cuts for balance purposes. Turning the second half of the lap 2/3 shroomless route into one is a possibility, but other ideas are welcomed.
  • Firetruck shortcut lap 2 should potentially not be cycle-based due to pacelocks.
  • More arrows in a few places - talk to an admin about this.
Darkness Temple Needs Fixes 3.0 Bowser's Castle Bowser's Castle 3 Bugs & Issues:
  • The track is a bit overscaled, making some sections feel drawn out. Adding obstacles is an option, but many members expressed interest in a direct scaling change - a 5-10% downscale would likely be beneficial.
  • The final ramp sometimes give stunt tricks, when it should only give flips.
  • The track still needs a lightmap, which is already planned.
  • The spike in the middle of the road is currently barely visible, and should either be clarified or removed.
  • Default item route after the mushroom section shouldn't cut through the off-road.
  • All relevant bugs in #submission-bug-reports


  • It would be super cool if the gem rotated.
  • The texture on the rock structure to the right is very stretched, and could be adjusted.
  • Underwater road could be smoothened
  • Corners should be cut on all three flip ramps, not just the middle one
  • Could use fog AREAs to make the interior darker and the underwater blue, for example.
Fort Francis Needs Fixes 2.2 Maple Treeway Block Plaza 3 Bugs & Issues
  • Background visuals could be improved beyond their current state, which is primarily a blue void. Given the visual style of the track and the current version being incredibly faithful to the original game, something along the lines of simple 2d hills, trees, clouds, etc. would probably do the job, but this is up to interpretation
  • The spiral is too tight for most vehicles (even Flame Runner is forced onto a few specific lines); this should be widened
  • The second flip ramp should be made so that the entire ramp is the height of the right side of the ramp, since there is no incentive for players to take the higher ramp
  • The ending shroom cut is barely possible shroomless with a TF input and should be adjusted so that this is impossible
  • The lap 3 route is currently both slower (due to the cannon) and somewhat polarizing due to the provided opportunity for free shock-dodging in team events (due to the cannon); many people suggested reworking it to not involve a cannon
  • On fast paces in time trials, the lap 3 route opens up too late to be accessible
  • A couple people suggested improving intro cameras, with one suggestion being a close-up shot of Francis himself as a way of referencing the track's theme
  • The window at the spiral was mistaken on first playthrough for the main route by multiple people, since it doesn't look like a window until you're basically in the turn (at which point you're already committed to going forwards)
  • Bill routes at the lap 3 route can be activated early
  • Respawns towards the end of the track are slightly too punishing


  • Some textures are blurry; consider LOD bias or neat mip filtering
  • Council thinks this would look cool with shading of some sort, and said to reach out of you are interested and need help
Frantic Funyard Needs Fixes 1.1 Moonview Highway Maple Treeway 2 Bugs & Issues:
  • Sandbox tricks must be more consistent.
  • Boost panels and flip ramps should have their edges be boost/flip KCL as well.
  • RC car cycles/routes should be tinkered with so that the most blind areas don't have brutal cycles in TTs especially. Main areas are after the big flip ramp near the RC cars and on the top platform at the end.
  • Both a potential downscale (90%, if this doesn't make the road too narrow, maybe) or a speedmod (1.1-1.2 perhaps?) was suggested. Such options should be explored, at minimum.
  • If remodeling is in play, the spiral received by far the most criticism for being so long, as well as for the mud providing unsatisfying gameplay.
  • Remove the invisible bagging cannon, since such contrived bagging strats are pretty widely disliked by most baggers.
  • This wallbounce should be made more consistent by removing junk road KCL [3]
  • Make shovel more consistent [4]
  • Some ramps sharply incline from the road, allowing for early air - this should be fixed by making it a more gradual KCL transition.
  • Any other known bugs.


  • Inclined ramps should be trickable on all edges, not just the ends, to allow for low tricks off the side of them.
  • Potentially rework the lap 2 route to improve intrigue, since it currently is one of the slowest parts of the layout. Shortcut should stay intact.
Interstellar Laboratory Needs Fixes 2.0 Beta 1.2 Rainbow Road Rainbow Road 3 Bugs & Issues:
  • Replace placeholder materials/textures with finalized work
  • Adjust shortcut platform like discussed: Flatten and make normal trick
  • The startline boost ramp is blind and punishing; add much more generous invisible walls
  • Slightly rebalance lab item sets with discussed plan
  • Respawns (especially near shortcut) are too harsh
  • Fix Z-fighting places in lab
  • Clean up dark/oversaturated shading in some areas (city, metal road)
  • All relevant bugs in the submission-bug-reports channel on the Track Testers server


  • Translucent start ramp / other visual indicator to make the first jump not blind at all, if feasible.
  • Redo your lightmap UVs. The weird dark shading in the city appears to be from overlapping/degenerate mapping, which if corrected would improve other areas too
  • Finish adding the space goomba
  • Add animated objects to the background to make the course come alive.
  • Lag permitting, bake lighting for your trees (currently unshaded)
  • Consider additive blending on translucent surfaces to 1) reduce visual artifacting and 2) look better.
N64 Wario Stadium (bugsy) Needs Fixes 1.0 GCN Waluigi Stadium GCN Waluigi Stadium 2 This track has been re-reviewed and subsequently accepted due to the track's recent ban in the Grand Star Cup competitive league as well as strong public demand for the track to be added. The author has released a blueprint of his plans for futher developing the track [5]; this feedback is based on that plan.

Bugs & Issues:

  • After the fifth turn, adding a second bump such that the fastest strategy involves wheelieing over the first bump and getting a low trick off the front of the second bump would be appreciated.
  • The flip ramp shortcut could be buffed a bit by cutting more off, should it need to become the main shroomspot https://imgur.com/LExPRAP .
  • There was decently strong pushback on the shroomless shortcut from throughout council. It doesn't save much time, but due to it requiring racers to travel perpendicular to the road, it will be extremely blockable and laggy online. Options for revision include making it shroom-only or allowing for multiple viable shroomless angles, among other alternatives.
  • The straight after humps should be reworked to require more driving tech, as opposed to just two normal tricks. It doesn't need to be the same as the current version, but this section on the current version is loved for the myriad ways to take it fast and the unintuitive but satisfying tech the set of three humps present.
  • U-turn after shouldn't have OOB tight of the grate, just widen the grate for intuitiveness.

To Be Polled:

  • Lap Count
  • TT Shroomspot involving the bonk
Ruinated Peach's Castle Needs Fixes 1.01 Bowser's Castle Bowser's Castle 3 Bugs & Issues:
  • There are quite a few spots where the KCL doesn't match the visual model. Though obviously there are spots where doing this makes sense, generally speaking, improving the KCL-model synchronicity would be a good thing here.
  • On that note, there are a couple of places that look like shortcuts but are not shortcuts due to invisible walls. One such example is to the left of the crates at the start. This could be made a bit clearer.


  • Make the platform to the right after the final ramp trickable to facilitate a smoother alignment onto the following straightaway.
  • There is an ultra-shortcut present. It is up to the author whether or not to keep this in some form.
SNES Choco Island 2 (Slimeserver) Needs Fixes 2.0 N64 DK's Jungle Parkway N64 DK's Jungle Parkway 3 Bugs & Issues:
  • Several members thought the track could benefit from further improved visuals, including stronger ties to the "choco" theme and improved lighting
  • Turn entering cave needs OOB on the outsides so that you can't fall back down
  • Comp player should look into boxes and tell me if the gap between set 2 and set 5 is fine
  • Look into the beam trick off of the minecart track near the beginning; is this fine, or should the trick be removed, or should the whole thing be trickable?
  • Add KCP a little bit after halfpipe on that turn
  • Track is missing "Bill Cannot Stop" points
Starry Cityscape Needs Fixes 0.5 Rainbow Road Galaxy Colosseum 2 Major:
  • The track needs arrows, it is too confusing right now
  • Even with arrows, the industrial section lap 1 could do with more clarity as it is quite dark and blind.
  • OoB needs a ton of work. You can access areas you should not be able to (even allowing an unintended shortcut) and it can be very aggressive elsewhere.
  • Some KCL jank, most notably walls can poke above the road sometimes. The flip ramp at the split path rainbow section can also give very early tricks.
  • Item routes issues at the volcano piece area.


  • No replay cameras assigned to an AREA


  • Add BLIGHT
  • To be tested some more: the shroom cuts look a bit weak, most notably the top path cut lap 2 and the ending cut.
  • Item sets could be rearranged in a better way in the first rainbow section.
  • The industrial section uses a volcano piece that falls through the floor which is not very realistic, but you do not see the object fall during normal races.
  • Buildings in the city section all look quite similar and the track could use more variety there.
Strobenz Desert Illusion Needs Fixes 1.0 Dry Dry Ruins Dry Dry Ruins 2 Bugs & Issues:
  • Improve telegraphing near the end of the track (specifically, the slight left turn before the zipper section confused quite a few members)
  • Offroad after u-turn is too intrusive (https://youtu.be/pksI4eJV_Ns?t=570 on the left)
  • Bomb car hits in tunnel count you OOB if you hit the ceiling.
  • Adjust cannon end-point to make sure it always drops you in a good line.
  • Make sure that zipper is very hard to fail with normal lines
  • Remove the reject road and just make it trickable, as the reject road makes it more jank.


  • Clarity by the end of the corrupted blissful block section would help, as falling down from the top path to the bottom path can be very confusing for newer players - one member thought he was accidentally in an easter egg, even (maybe an arrow or two pointing into the Illusion Canyon section would be good).
  • Shy Guy Car boulders are a bit too punishing - sometimes, multiple can fall at once and essentially entirely block the shroom shortcut.
  • The hole in the illusion canyon section looks like a boost panel from afar, not sure how fixable this is though.
  • Draw order issues on quite a few materials, though some of this is obviously the nature of the track - if you choose to mess with this, use your discretion.
  • Though some liked the complexity of the final shroomless (on the rock), others wanted the wall vs road KCL of that rock clarified, and for it to either be made easier or made a shroom cut instead.
  • The lap 2 shroomless at the start (using the lap 2 route) shouldn't be trickable, since it is possible (and way more pro) without a trick.
  • Anything in #submission-bug-reports
Toadette's Castle (FunkyRacer) Needs Fixes 2.0 Bowser's Castle DS Twilight House 2 Bugs & Issues:
  • Though the lighting has gradually improved throughout this track's time in the thread, the outdoor garden section is simply too bright and harsh on the eyes still, to the point where it is difficult to tell where the walls and the roads are. This could be solved by simply improving the lighting with a re-bake, or by exploring a reversion to a night theme, as suggested by some members (though with a different non-stormy nighttime skybox; a common criticism of the stormy nighttime skybox from some members was its ominous theme relative to Toadette's generally upbeat persona).
  • A lack of mipmaps leads to moiré patterns in many spots.
  • Boost panel and halfpipe UV mapping doesn't line up with their edges on much of the track
  • Bumpiness and misaligned KCL to course model on the grated road. This road also lacks shading, which would help visually.
  • On stairs, the player lacks a shadow. This may have to do with KCL alignment issues.
  • The respawn for failing the shroom cut in the boost panel room is overly generous and could lead to it being abused as a shock respawn strat. It should respawn the racer in the middle of the boost panels instead.
  • The left turn by the fireball Toadette should be cut off at a 45 degree angle like such turns later in the level, both for the sake of consistency and to prevent an extremely overpowered trap spot from developing.
  • The respawn for failing the final shroom cut through the gazebo is overly generous, and should instead respawn the racer just after the gazebo.
  • Wooden bridge UVs should be adjusted, as the back of each plank is quite squished currently. Lightmapping there could be cleaned up as well.
  • All bugs in #submission-bug-reports. Specifically, make absolutely sure to fix the broken respawns under the red grate section.


  • Add two more chomps to the garden at the end, and have all four of them trail item boxes á la DS Peach Gardens, to increase chaos and item play towards the end of races.
  • The cut in the boost panel room isn't takeable on Spear. Though not a mandatory fix, as such areas exist on many other CTs and RTs, it is worth mentioning nonetheless.
  • The grated road could be better integrated into the environment: adding depth, adding supports, implementing shading, and retexturing it to something more thematically on-point were all suggested in various capacities, though none of these are mandatory.
  • In-universe lighting sources could be improved in interior environments; while some rooms have light emanating from explicit sources, others have extremely bright ambient light, resulting in a lack of consistency and slightly jarring transitions at times.
  • Change the bagging strat to not require a shroom, as shroom-based bagging strats often result in widely disliked luck-based gameplay, and make the wooden walls of the gazebo solid on both sides. One idea to replace the bagging strat involved removing the metal rail directly under the ramp from the red grate in order to allow baggers to fall off and respawn on the grate.
  • The model could be a good deal more optimized by reducing poly count on statues especially, in order to ensure no lag.
  • Stronger ambient occlusion in the bake would help with differentiating roads and walls more.
Vacay Bay Needs Fixes 2.0 GCN Peach Beach GCN Peach Beach 2 Bugs & Issues:
  • Geyser issues, invisible wall entering coaster, crash issues, and other bugs must be addressed.
  • The Cheep Chomp Cut needs a significant rework for many reasons; ideas for reworking the shortcut included a buoy that could allow for the bounce, using the other cheep cheep to cut off less (and reworking the rollercoaster to accomodate this), or scrapping the cheep cheep altogether and instead slanting the u-turn of the rollercoaster such as to allow for a gap jump.
  • The roller-coaster needs faster paced gameplay. This could include more boost panels on uphill sections, adding sticky road to replicate the jarring downhill drops of a roller coaster, adding conveyors/water streams to replicate the thrilling nature of a coaster ride, rescaling sections of it, or many other ideas. The core idea here: faster-paced gameplay.
  • Trick consistency at the very end is questionable: either widen the trickable area in order to ensure consistent tricks or, as suggested by a couple members, remove the tricks entirely to increase the skill ceiling of the section by requiring a precise set of alignments and wheelies to take optimally. Make sure that the slopes of these bumps are shallow enough so as to not cancel wheelies.


  • More obstacles would help; especially given the size of the track, it feels rather empty without more enemies and other obstacles.
  • More background elements would help give a bit more life to the track as well. Improving animations on the existing background elements would be beneficial as well: see the swimming toads by the underwater coaster.
  • An additional smaller cut might help balance out the track in the wake of a nerf to the former cheep cheep cut. Workshop this with council. Highly recommended
Wicked Woods Needs Fixes 2.0 SNES Ghost Valley 2 SNES Ghost Valley 2 3 Bugs & Issues:
  • Trick consistency at first hill could still be improved
  • A trick often doesn't come out when taking the transition from the second to the third block tight, as you get less than the minimum 3 frames of airtime required for a trick to come out.
  • Some of the item boxes at first set are too high to get while small
  • Multiple members expressed a significant preference for the grass at the end to be normal offroad instead of GV offroad, feeling it to be a more natural and more balanced choice from a gameplay perspective.


  • Could lean a bit harder into the theming in some areas, especially in the section from the exit of the carpet to the first hill.
  • A few members expressed aesthetic discontent with the "carpet grate" before the downhill - perhaps a small jump that gives a view of the downhill ahead would more naturally telegraph the upcoming section, or some other alternative.
τ-Cryovolcano Needs Fixes 1.1 Grumble Volcano DK Summit 3 Bugs & Issues:
  • Water current near the end needs slowing, and definitely shouldn't accelerate, since it is basically instant death at slow speeds.
  • Cataquack directly after should be moved back so as to be less blind.
  • Smooth the transition to verticality on the zipper-skip cut.
  • Make sure that the zippers land you back on the road at niche angles/aren't *too* jank (e.g. http://bit.ly/funnyzipper)
  • KCL on the side of the bridge should match model
  • Anything in #submission-bug-reports


  • The offroad texture gives grass particles when driving over it after the transition (as rSL ice). Not an issue per se, of course, but if you'd like to change it (if it's even possible to change it), feel free.
  • Missing the trick into the big drop is somewhat common, especially when the water is flowing.
  • Potentially look into decreasing thwomp count by 1-2 or so, for the sake of more functional alt lines in online play. (One council member also suggested giving them a new color scheme like the cataquacks, or even just making them glow à la Siberian Chateau. Potentially cool idea).

Rejected Tracks

Rejected (2023)

Rejected (Pre-2023)

Tracks that were rejected due to not meeting initial quality checks, or due to other generalized reasons, are listed within the spoiler below. These tracks remain rejected; as usual, if resubmitting a track, it must have been updated to address listed issues, and the entry in this table is to be removed.

Rejected due to General Reasons