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For track wishlists for other distributions, see Track Wishlist.
Track Wishlist
This is the track wishlist for CTGP Revolution.
General discussion goes on the talk page.
Please keep alphabetical order when adding to this page!
Please do not make duplicate listings!
Do NOT edit this page beyond adding new tracks or updating your own unreviewed tracks unless you are a CTGP Admin!


This list is for new tracks that have not yet been added to CTGP-R. Please indicate the desired track and music slots in the proper fields. All tracks will be put through the track testing process by the CTGP Track Council and the CTGP Track Testing Server. The decision to accept or reject a track lies solely with the CTGP Track Council, with MrBean35000vr having the last word about tracks.

To submit a track, please put the track in the "Unreviewed Tracks" table, and make sure to give it the "Submitted" tag. If a track is updated while still in the testing process, feel free to put the track back in the section that it was originally in, but make sure to indicate that it was updated with the "Updated" tag. Do NOT re-submit a track version that was already submitted previously. You may ONLY submit a track if you are directly credited as an author or designer of said track. If you submit a track that you are not credited for, it will be removed. If your track has been previously reviewed before, please give it the "Submitted" tag as well, as opposed to a "Rejected" tag or any other tag.

We strongly recommend joining the Track Testers Discord Server for easier communication: https://discord.gg/sjPzuJ7PwD

CTGP has bore witness to over a decade of new custom tracks, a period of time in which standards have continuously risen. For this reason, the modern-day selection process, run by us members of the CTGP Track Council, is intensive and relies upon many dedicated players engaging in extensive evaluations in order to judge and bugtest tracks.

Our mission is to introduce polished tracks to CTGP. We cannot dedicate these manhours into thoroughly detailing any issues with tracks that, at a mere first glance, blatantly do not meet our standards; our resources are best directed towards tracks that prove themselves as candidates with significant potential for CTGP. For this reason, our first priority is selecting these tracks, then followed by producing reports of thorough tests; if a track cannot pass the former, we have better things to do than perform the latter.
We, unfortunately, must reserve the right not to be obligated to treat all tracks equally.

As such, if any submitted track clearly does not meet the quality standard of modern-day CTGP tracks, it will therefore be moved to the Rejected Tracks table with the tag "Does not pass initial quality checks."
As of the year 2021, it has been required of the Council to do a re-evaluation of any track that has been accepted every 6 months until it is ready to be added to CTGP. We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause. If anyone has any questions about the status of their track, please DM bento (@bentokage), Cotni (@cotni), Echo (@rocksaltwa), or JC (@jcmkw) on Discord.

It should also be noted that the following list of tracks are unable to be reviewed for addition to CTGP for varying reasons:

  • New tracks from Mario Kart 8 (due to potential copyright).
    • Note: Retro remakes of tracks that appeared in Mario Kart 8 (e.x. SNES Donut Plains 3) are still eligible for review.
  • New tracks from Mario Kart Tour (due to potential copyright).
    • Note: Retro remakes of tracks that appeared in Mario Kart Tour (e.x. SNES Koopa Beach 2) are still eligible for review.
  • Remakes of tracks that appeared in Mario Kart Wii, since these layouts are already in the base game. This (obviously) only applies to tracks in the unmodified game.
  • Any texture hack of a current CTGP track, or of a previously reviewed / rejected track, that does not fix the issue(s) given for the track.
  • Any track that crashes your game upon load (yes, these have been submitted before).
  • Any track that is directly based after a real-life company or organization that may cause potential copyright issues (e.x. Burger King Drive-Thru).
  • Any track that is directly based after a real-life person, mostly for liability purposes (e.x. Troy's Teespring Trek).
  • Any track that has a speedmod value below 1.0 (e.x. half-speed mods).
  • Any track that has the Item Position Bug present.

New Tracks


Ready The track has been accepted and has no known issues; it will be included in a future CTGP update.
Needs Fixes The track has been accepted (or is a proposed update to an already existing CTGP track), but the author is currently working on a new update to the track to fix bugs and various other issues.
Rejected The track has been rejected since it was last tested.
Submitted The track has been submitted for review.
Updated The track was previously submitted for review, but has been updated before the review period ended.
Add new tracks to the topmost table! If you don't, your course will stay un-reviewed!

Unreviewed Tracks

Track Status Track Slot Music Slot Laps Speed Mod Notes
BKMR Sewer Submitted Toad's Factory Toad's Factory 3
Sunken City Run Submitted DK Summit DK Summit 2
Please do not add tracks past this list!
The tracks below have already been selected for review!

Accepted Tracks


Track Status Track Slot Music Slot Laps Speed Mod Notes
Area 64 Ready N64 Bowser's Castle SNES Ghost Valley 2 3
Darkness Temple Ready Bowser's Castle Bowser's Castle 3
Fort Francis Ready Maple Treeway Block Plaza 3
Lava Road (Renegade Ciara) Ready Bowser's Castle Bowser's Castle 3 Update by Zootmcschmoove
SNES Choco Island 2 (Slimeserver) Ready N64 DK's Jungle Parkway N64 DK's Jungle Parkway 3
Toad's Temple Ready Wario's Gold Mine Wario's Gold Mine 2
Toadette's Castle (FunkyRacer) Ready Bowser's Castle DS Twilight House 2
Volcanic Skyway (bento & Metabus) Ready DS Desert Hills DS Desert Hills 3

Needs Fixes

Track Status Ver. Track Slot Music Slot Laps Speed Mod Notes
BKMR Moai Mountain Needs Fixes 1.0 GCN Peach Beach GCN Peach Beach 3 Mandatory Changes:
  • All planned fixes on the wiiki page, including lightmap creation
  • Currently, the optimal line (taking both shroomlesses) results in you only getting one item set per lap. This should be changed to be at least two - one suggestion involved moving the second item set to have two item boxes on the ramp just before the second shroomless, and two item boxes on each side of that ramp. Even adding another set, given that the only set you get with optimal shroomless driving has only two boxes, might be good, but not necessary given the short length
  • Bill should be able to take the fence shortcut without killing you
  • Startline shouldn't be trickable
  • Remove the trick into the path leading to the ending cut flip ramp - the trick sets you up badly for the cut, and it feels far more satisfying to take without a trick
  • Mipmaps are very much needed
  • General model cleanup - many model holes, many vertices aren't merged.
  • Fix up all cameras that need it
  • Nerf the first shroomless cut either by moving the ramp to be positioned more like the version from Boom Karts or by moving the main road closer to the cut. If the former nerf option is taken, nerfing the shroom grass cut inside of the shroomless would also be prudent
  • All relevant bugs in #submission-bug-reports


  • Differentiation of offroad: sand = light (GV) offroad, grass = normal offroad. This also allows for more alt lines with the first shroomless
  • Potentially add some sort of dock through the grass so someone can approach the main shortcut faster with an additional shroom at this angle, which feels like a natural line out of the bridge cut as well [3]
  • Proper culling on materials may help improve performance, if needed
  • If you want to do more with worldbuilding
  • Lava texture in particular got some criticism for being too bright or looking too much like "cheese" or "wallpaper." Lightmap might help, as might some other adjustments
  • Additional enemies, especially at the beginning, could work nicely
  • Put a boost panel on the main route around the flip route to make both routes viable if you're not going for the shroomcut
Inferni Umbra Needs Fixes 2.0 Bowser's Castle Grumble Volcano 3 Mandatory Changes:
  • KCL changes from normal road to sticky road should be reverted except in places where it was done to fix a bug.
  • Reduce brightness of orange lava and post-effect on some textures to prevent eye strain
  • Reduce speed of the fire tunnel's animation to prevent eye strain/dizziness
  • All relevant bugs in #submission-bug-reports


  • More rock formations in the lava to make the ones at the end of the above-ground section less out of place
  • Re-add the road glow from current Infernal Pipeyard
  • Perhaps add some sort of startline gate?
Interstellar Laboratory Needs Fixes 2.0 Beta 1.2 Rainbow Road Rainbow Road 3 Mandatory Changes:
  • Replace placeholder materials/textures with finalized work
  • Make the space station shortcut two shroom: raise the station a bit, make the top fully flat offroad, make it all sticky road, remove the trick ramp at the end of it, and remove the trick at the end of it.
  • Extend fences around the second turn of the track to prevent an annoying and barely-faster shroomless
  • Clean up KCL: fall boundaries too low, etc.
  • Clean up KMP: Bill routes, harsh respawns, etc.
  • Fix Z-fighting
  • Clean up dark/oversaturated shading in some areas (city, metal road)
  • Fix moire patterning throughout the track
  • Update minimap to include new shortcuts
  • Fix goomba helmet flickering
  • All relevant bugs in #submission-bug-reports (fall boundaries are too low, bad bill routes, etc)


  • Improve lighting throughout the track, including the trees (which are currently unshaded). Adding more emissive sources inside would help, and having the glowing buildings also emit some light would be smart as well.
  • Consider additive blending on translucent surfaces to 1) reduce visual artifacting and 2) look better.
  • Change out a few of the out-of-place vanilla game textures, as they stick out in the space environment
  • Redesign or remove the zipper in the city section, as it often sends you in an unfortunate direction and enables a niche cut over the building with a wallclip.
N64 Wario Stadium (bugsy) Needs Fixes 1.0 GCN Waluigi Stadium GCN Waluigi Stadium 2 This track has been re-reviewed and subsequently accepted due to the track's recent ban in the Grand Star Cup competitive league as well as strong public demand for the track to be added. The author has released a blueprint of his plans for futher developing the track [4]; this feedback is based on that plan.

Mandatory Changes:

  • After the fifth turn, adding a second bump such that the fastest strategy involves wheelieing over the first bump and getting a low trick off the front of the second bump would be appreciated.
  • The flip ramp shortcut could be buffed a bit by cutting more off, should it need to become the main shroomspot. [5]
  • There was decently strong pushback on the shroomless shortcut from throughout council. It doesn't save much time, but due to it requiring racers to travel perpendicular to the road, it will be extremely blockable and laggy online. Options for revision include making it shroom-only or allowing for multiple viable shroomless angles, among other alternatives.
  • The straight after humps should be reworked to require more driving tech, as opposed to just two normal tricks. It doesn't need to be the same as the current version, but this section on the current version is loved for the myriad ways to take it fast and the unintuitive but satisfying tech the set of three humps present.
  • U-turn after shouldn't have OOB tight of the grate, just widen the grate for intuitiveness.

To Be Polled:

  • Lap Count
  • TT Shroomspot involving the bonk
Sandy Clocktower Needs Fixes 1.01 DS Desert Hills DS Desert Hills 3 Need to address first ramp concerns and stuff about the shortcut.
Stickerbush Serenity Needs Fixes 2.1 Mushroom Gorge Mushroom Gorge 3 Mandatory Changes:
  • Many council members would prefer the cannon at the start to be trickable.
  • The flip trick on the final shortcut should be indicated, and the stunt trick immediately prior should be non-trickable, both for lack of indication and because the stunt trick usually sends racers off the track.
  • Backwards NLC by going backwards after cannon before going forwards. It would be better to just extend the checkpoints to cover the starting platform and cannon.
  • KCL needs a good bit of polish - the bridge tricks are a particular culprit.
  • Far too generous respawn for failing gap, to the point of it likely being used as a shock-dodge strategy.
  • Trickable KCL in the hut should be reduced - the wooden ramps shouldn't give such frequent early tricks, and only the far side of the platform with the mud that racers would trick off when not taking the shortcut should be trickable so as to prevent tilting TT strats.
  • All relevant bugs in #submission-bug-reports


  • If possible, make wheelie moonjump impossible while retaining the hop moonjump.
  • The clouds poking into the road on the downhill and uphill can be a bit tricky to anticipate.
  • Some members found the offroad corner cut to be a bit underwhelming. One option could be bringing back the v1.0 shroomcut, or even expanding on a niche multi-shroom cut, if you want to get creative. [6]
Thunder City Needs Fixes 2.0 Moonview Highway Moonview Highway 3 Mandatory Changes:
  • Remove the OOB and the ledge right after the first flip ramp, or at least lower it to prevent over-low tricking the ramp. OOB isn't needed there as long as the ledge is removed.
  • Move the tree from the shroomless shortcut, as it's blind and somewhat intrusive.
  • Rework the city shortcut. Current issues are that it can both be done shroomless and can be overshot entirely, counting you OOB; and that the exit of the shortcut gives too much air. Making the platform larger but with a flat exit would be one possible remedy.
  • The boardwalk section should be reworked to bring back some of the old version's tech and driving flow. A few things:
    • The ramp should stay a flip ramp (like the OG, a double flip too), but it should be angled higher similar to the old version and not send the racer as far outwards.
    • The reject road should be removed on the boardwalk. The previous bullet point will help mitigate issues with overshooting the boardwalk from the flip ramp, and the reject road is borderline non-functional as is.
    • A key element of the boardwalk was its driving flow on the old version.
      • Though it obviously had issues with regards to its playability outside of a competitive setting, this driving element should be recreated a bit more.
      • This could be done, among other things, by reintroducing some of the air pockets that made driving the old one so satisfying. A key point is bringing back the tech of going off the top of the first banked turn to land at the bottom of the second turn. Talk to an admin for more details.
      • Steepening the incline of the boardwalk and removing sticky road will help with this, as will frequent playtesting.
  • The boardwalk shroom shortcut should be made shroom only or removed (removing it would probably be better for online, as it'd take away an OP catchup spot right at the end of the track leading to less luck-based races). Should a shroom cut there be kept, the rock should be modified so as to reduce intrusiveness.
  • The finish line in the KMP does not match the visual finish line.
  • Remove the early finish strategy.
  • Fix KMP, and model issues, and anything else reported in ⁠submission-bug-reports.
  • Myriad KCL issues.
  • Rain effect should only be present outdoors and not when in a tunnel, for example.
  • Visual model does not match the collision on the cars.
  • Water material has rendering issues, especially with regards to the sea floor texture.
  • Item sets could potentially use reworking, discuss in the thread before finalizing placements.
  • Cannon should be immediately after the ramp to prevent an unfortunate target shock or FIB off the track.


  • A number of council members remarked that they preferred when the uphill to the left of the cave was a shortcut with items in it, even if it didn't save much.
  • Animating the skybox to bring out the "thunder" in "Thunder City" could be cool.
  • Intro cams don't focus enough on the track.
  • Potentially re-add the slow ramps towards the end, as they helped player interaction and driving flow.
Wario's Climate Cataclysm Needs Fixes 1.0 Grumble Volcano Grumble Volcano 3 Mandatory Changes:
  • Make main shroom cut require a second shroom by adding snow offroad to the area behind the crystal, for balance purposes. Should also be smoothed out some, since currently landing on the ice cap eats your speed. (sidenote - make absolutely sure using good crystal placement that it's not possible 1-shroom)
  • Wooden section near the end is incredibly bouncy currently, and can also give you air over the ramp.
  • Extend the l3 ending route to connect to the wall so target shocks aren't extremely deadly.
  • Keep the main shroomless cut, but nerf it by: 1) putting an item set around it, and 2) getting rid of the rocky cone there and widening the road so that the shroomless cut off less.
  • Draw distance issues when facing backwards on the volcanorock pieces (they disappear). These should either be put over a different object, resized to remove these issues, get merged into the course model, or some other creative solution.
  • Reduce the thwomp count on the icy turn from 2 to 1, as multiple council members felt it was overly difficult to drive the section already, and the presence of multiple thwomps exacerbated this issue.
  • Add an arrow on the ice platform before second shroomless. [7]
  • The one differently textured flip ramp should receive a matching boost texture to everything else.
  • Lots of flickering.
  • Respawn from failing big shroom cut is overly generous, and will be used as a broken respawn strat.
  • Make these your item sets (green is a current set to keep, red is a current set to remove, blue is a set to add) [8]. Ask an admin for detailed reasoning, but in short: balance.


  • Regular snow offroad gives the dirt offroad effect. If you want to fix this, see Atlas' tutorial on the wiiki: Normal Snow Off-Road Tutorial
  • Ending strat could have a jump on the end of it to make it less of a brutal trudge through offroad if you accidentally go on it before lap 3.
  • Jagged road edges at the start are too unforgiving.
Wicked Woods Needs Fixes 2.0 SNES Ghost Valley 2 SNES Ghost Valley 2 3 Mandatory Changes:
  • Trick consistency at first hill could still be improved
  • A trick often doesn't come out when taking the transition from the second to the third block tight, as you get less than the minimum 3 frames of airtime required for a trick to come out.
  • Some of the item boxes at first set are too high to get while small
  • Multiple members expressed a significant preference for the grass at the end to be normal offroad instead of GV offroad, feeling it to be a more natural and more balanced choice from a gameplay perspective.


  • Could lean a bit harder into the theming in some areas, especially in the section from the exit of the carpet to the first hill.
  • A few members expressed aesthetic discontent with the "carpet grate" before the downhill - perhaps a small jump that gives a view of the downhill ahead would more naturally telegraph the upcoming section, or some other alternative.

Rejected Tracks

Tracks that were rejected due to not meeting initial quality checks, or due to other generalized reasons, are listed within the spoiler below. These tracks remain rejected; as usual, if resubmitting a track, it must have been updated to address listed issues, and the entry in this table is to be removed.