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For track wishlists for other distributions, see Track Wishlist.
Track Wishlist
This is the track wishlist for CTGP Revolution.
General discussion goes on the talk page.
Please keep alphabetical order when adding to this page!
Please do not make duplicate listings!
Do NOT edit this page beyond adding new tracks or updating your own tracks unless you are a member of the CTGP Track Council!


This list is for new tracks that have not yet been added to CTGP-R. Please indicate the desired track and music slots in the proper fields. All tracks will be put through the track testing process by the CTGP Track Council and the CTGP Track Testing Server. The decision to accept or reject a track lies solely with the CTGP Track Council, with MrBean35000vr having the last word about tracks.

To submit a track, please put the track in the "Unreviewed Tracks" table, and make sure to give it the "Unreviewed" tag, not the "Under Review" tag. Tracks that are labeled as Under Review have been noticed by the CTGP Track Council and have been put in their personal list of tracks to review. If a track is updated while still in the testing process, feel free to put the track back in the section that it was originally in, but make sure to indicate that it was updated. Do NOT re-submit a track version that was already submitted previously. You may ONLY submit a track if you are directly credited as an author or designer of said track. If you submit a track that you are not credited for, it will be removed. If your track has been previously reviewed before, please give it the unreviewed tag as well, as opposed to a "rejected" tag.

CTGP has bore witness to over a decade of new custom tracks, a period of time in which standards have continuously risen. For this reason, the modern-day selection process, run by us members of the CTGP Track Council, is intensive and relies upon many dedicated players engaging in extensive evaluations in order to judge and bugtest tracks.

Our mission is to introduce polished tracks to CTGP. We cannot dedicate these manhours into thoroughly detailing any issues with tracks that, at a mere first glance, blatantly do not meet our standards; our resources are best directed towards tracks that prove themselves as candidates with significant potential for CTGP. For this reason, our first priority is selecting these tracks, then followed by producing reports of thorough tests; if a track cannot pass the former, we have better things to do than perform the latter.
We, unfortunately, must reserve the right not to be obligated to treat all tracks equally.

As such, if any submitted track clearly does not meet the quality standard of modern-day CTGP tracks, it will therefore be moved to the Rejected Tracks table with the tag "Does not pass initial quality checks."
As of the year 2021, it has been required of the Council to do a re-evaluation of any track that has been accepted every 6 months until it is added to CTGP. We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause. If anyone has any questions about the status of their track, please DM Brawlbox or Melg on Discord.

It should also be noted that the following list of tracks are unable to be submitted to CTGP for varying reasons:

  • New tracks from Mario Kart 8 (due to potential copyright).
    • Note: Retro remakes of tracks that appeared in Mario Kart 8 (e.x. SNES Donut Plains 3) are still eligible for review.
  • New tracks from Mario Kart Tour (due to potential copyright).
    • Note: Retro remakes of tracks that appeared in Mario Kart Tour (e.x. SNES Koopa Beach 2) are still eligible for review.
  • Texture hacks of current CTGP tracks, or texture hacks of previously reviewed / rejected tracks that do not fix the issue(s) given for the track.
  • Any track that is based after or includes references to a real-life company or organization that may cause potential copyright issues (e.x. Burger King Drive-Thru or Toy Story).
  • Tracks with speedmods below 1.0 (e.x. half-speed mods).

New Tracks


Accepted The track has been accepted without issue, and will be included in a future update.
Maybe The track has been accepted previously, but second deliberations are required by the Track Council. This will rarely ever be used.
Updated The track has been accepted, but an update has been released after the accepted version.
In Testing We would like to add this track, but is still currently being bug-tested by the Track Council. It will be accepted once all found bugs are fixed.
Needs Fixes We would like to add this track, but further action by the author is required.
Updating We would like to add this track, but the author is currently working on a new update to the track. We will test the track once this update is out.
Rejected The track has been rejected since it was last tested.
Expired This track was accepted, but too much time has passed since then with no progress on promised updates, so it must be submitted again for reconsideration.
Under Review The track is currently under review, and a decision has not yet been made.
Unreviewed The track has never been reviewed before.
Add new tracks to the topmost table! If you don't, your course will stay un-reviewed!

Unreviewed Tracks

Track Status Track Slot Music Slot Laps Speed Mod Notes
Blossoming Ruins Unreviewed Maple Treeway Maple Treeway 3 Visual updates are on the way, but we would like to see what layout / big model changes people would like to see first.
Prismatic Parkway Unreviewed N64 DK Jungle Parkway N64 DK Jungle Parkway 3 I am thinking of updating this track in the future, and would like some feedback so I know what to edit, add, or remove. :)
Skybound Cloudscape Unreviewed Luigi Circuit Mushroom Gorge 3 I do not expect this track to get accepted, but I’d like to see feedback for it, as I consider it my best solo work.
Please do not add tracks past this list!
The tracks below have already been selected for review!

Accepted Tracks


Track Status Track Slot Music Slot Laps Speed Mod Notes
Hell Pyramid Accepted Grumble Volcano Grumble Volcano 3
Ice Cream Fortress Accepted N64 Sherbet Land N64 Sherbet Land 3

Needs Fixes

Track Status Ver. Track Slot Music Slot Laps Speed Mod Notes
3DS Bowser's Castle (ZPL) Needs Fixes v1.1 Bowser's Castle Bowser's Castle 3 Minor:
  • Fix current bullet bill issues.
  • Fix the bumpiness of the ramp before the barrel so that tricks aren't as difficult to get.
  • Make the spinning barrel longer, unsquished, have moving road collision and have the rim animated.
  • Change the collision of the underwater fire pillars from cactus (could perhaps use an object for its collision).
  • Glider displacement is incorrectly UV mapped.
  • Underwater section needs water KCL.
  • Lava is corrupt.
  • Add sticky road to the underwater exit.
  • Missing pochaYogan at the lava geysers.
  • Z-fighting on the windows.


  • Remove the boost panels on the top route after the ramp to balance the paths better.
Bowser Jr.'s Fort (MrFluffy) Needs Fixes v1.1 Rainbow Road GBA Bowser Castle 3 3
  • Bill can lock onto the item route of 1st cut.
Glacier Mine Needs Fixes v1.0 N64 Sherbet Land N64 Sherbet Land 1 Submission created by popular demand, allowed as the original author is unreachable.


  • Sticky tricks need to be made more consistent.
  • In general, KCL should be improved. You can fly over boost panels or get weird pockets of air (most notably at the mine exit) amongst other inconsistencies which are mainly due to overuse of sticky road. Out of bounds planes are also not great, you can get a no lap count in the mine due to missing OoB.
  • Both water currents need to be slowed down. The first one makes you go at 116 without a wheelie, so the boost panels but also any boost items are useless, and it is over 10s long. The second is just far too punishing.
  • Star box needs to be removed
  • Bill can drop you off the track at most gaps.
  • No checkpoint coverage in any of the shroomcuts.
  • Multiple places (mine downhill, mine exit, koopa sign at the end) have lag issues.
  • UV-mapping is very mediocre almost everywhere, but it is very noticeable at most walls, the boost panels and the halfpipes.
  • No mipmaps


  • Boulders in the waterfall sections need a smoother route.
  • Similarly to the Koopa sign with the question mark, an indicator for the shroomcut after the water current could be useful.
  • Some Z-fighting (most notably the arrow signs) issues


  • Most large ramps in the ice section could be much flatter, as they give far too much air.
  • The wooden ramp right after the mine exit could be removed, as it can be annoying due to the road being slippery.
  • If possible, make the track baggable without altering forwards gameplay.
  • Visuals can definitely be improved. The track reuses a lot of assets from regular tracks and could also look much better with proper lighting. However due to the current lag issues, it is unclear how much can really be done.
  • The wario signs do not fit the atmosphere of the track

To be polled:

  • Making one or both of the shroomless cuts ramps bigger
  • Changing the road from slippery to normal in the mine halfpipe turn.
Halogen Highway Needs Fixes v1.1 Moonview Highway Rainbow Road 2 Major:
  • Lag.
Midnight Museum Needs Fixes v2.0 N64 DK's Jungle Parkway N64 DK's Jungle Parkway 3 Major:
  • Starting position should be moved closer to 1st ramp so that 12th place's view is not obstructed by a fence.
  • The track has a lot of item route issues at the various path switchs. Most notably, it locks onto the ship shroomcut by default.
  • The small flip ramps are inconsistent, sometimes you cannot get a trick.
  • When going for the shroomless, you can clip offroad randomly.
  • Out of bounds is far too punishing at the skull shroomcut.
  • There are still a lot of horizontal walls spread throughout the track. In general, the KCL needs to be improved to prevent softlocks.
  • Minimap needs to be redone; it lacks details and also shows areas that aren't driveable.
  • The carpet and the arrows have major Z-fighting in the main exhibit hall.


  • Model could match the KCL better at the horn for the skull shroomcut.
  • Opening cameras can be improved and no replay cameras are assigned to an AREA.
  • Toad Mummies could use smooth shading so they look less jarring.
  • BLIGHT is not used.
Sky High Island Needs Fixes v1.05 Koopa Cape Koopa Cape 3 Major:
  • Lag.
Starry Cityscape Needs Fixes 0.5 Rainbow Road Galaxy Colosseum 2 Major:
  • The track needs arrows, it is too confusing right now
  • Even with arrows, the industrial section lap 1 could do with more clarity as it is quite dark and blind.
  • OoB needs a ton of work. You can access areas you should not be able to (even allowing an unintended shortcut) and it can is very agressive elsewhere.
  • Some KCL jank, most notably walls can poke above the road sometimes. The flip ramp at the split path rainbow section can also give very early tricks.
  • Item routes issues at the volcano piece area.


  • No replay cameras assigned to an AREA


  • Add BLIGHT
  • To be tested some more: the shroom cuts look a bit weak, most notably the top path cut lap 2 and the ending cut.
  • Item sets could be rearranged in a better way in the first rainbow section.
  • The industrial section uses a volcano piece that falls through the floor which is not very realistic, but you do not see the object fall during normal races.
  • Buildings in the city section all look quite similar and the track could use more variety there.

In Testing

Track Status Track Slot Music Slot Laps Speed Mod Notes
Amanita Abyss In Testing Mushroom Gorge Mushroom Gorge 3
Lost Ruins In Testing Mushroom Gorge SNES Ghost Valley 2 3

Waiting on Author Update

Track Status Track Slot Music Slot Laps Speed Mod Notes
Dark Matter Fortress Updating N64 Bowser's Castle N64 Bowser's Castle 3
Haunted Gardens Updating DS Peach Gardens SNES Ghost Valley 2 3 Major:
  • Ghosts need a far more predictable route or their collision completely removed.
  • The mud cut entry should be clearer, either via a better LOD balance or by some kind of indication with plants or another object.
  • There should be no respawns directly in the mud cut as driving in heavy offroad is very painful.
  • Position tracking of the players doing the mud cut versus players driving in the normal path is off. It was also the case in the original Haunted Woods, but it feels like more of an unintended effect rather than a purposeful decision. The game still shows you in first when you're clearly not based on where people doing the cut are.
  • Bill is too strong in the cut. It used to go flying on Haunted Woods, and the same could probably be done here to nerf it somewhat.
  • Mega box should be less difficult to reach.
  • The shortcut will be lengthened to nerf it by a couple seconds, as a result of the poll that was run by author request.


  • The force field thing that appears behind the arrows on laps 2 and 3 does not have collision, making it completely pointless. It should either be given collision or removed.
  • The pipe object lacks an underside to the rim. It is very visible on this track since the pipes at the beginning are rotated off the vertical axis.

Acceptance Expired

Acceptance Expired

Rejected Tracks

Rejected Tracks

Tracks that were rejected due to not meeting initial quality checks, or due to other generalized reasons, are listed within the spoiler below. These tracks remain rejected; as usual, if resubmitting a track, it must have been updated to address listed issues, and the entry in this table is to be removed.

Rejected due to Failed Quality Checks