SADX Twinkle Circuit

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This article is about the first track. For the other tracks, see SADX Twinkle Circuit 2, SADX Twinkle Circuit 3, SADX Twinkle Circuit 4, SADX Twinkle Circuit 5, and SADX Twinkle Circuit 6.
SADX Twinkle Circuit
Creator: igorseabra4
Designer: SEGA, Sonic Team
Version: v3.3
Date of latest version: 2020-09-16
Editors used: 3ds Max, BrawlBox, KMP Cloud, SADXLVL2, SAMDL, Wiimms SZS Tools
WBZ files:
Download: Discord


Twinkle Circuit is one of the six race tracks available in Sonic Adventure (for Dreamcast (1998), PC/GameCube (2003) and PlayStation Network/Xbox Live Arcade (2010)), but it is the only one accessible in the 2003 version/without downloadable content.[1] It was ported to Mario Kart Wii by igorseabra4. On 2016-12-14, the third version of the track was released, along with releases of the other five Twinkle Circuit tracks. It is scaled 20 times the size it was originally in Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut, in in-game units. Each lap takes around one minute and 20 seconds on 150cc (which is around twice what it took in Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut). Almost every object that was present in the original game is now present here, with very similar behavior.


v3.3 VS Race
v2.0 VS Race
Original Version

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2012-01-01 First release
v1.1 2012-01-13 Update by Wiimm:
  • Added more respawn points. 2012-01-13 Update by Wiimm:
  • Added two more item box sets.
  • The first four item box sets only give Triple Green Shells.
v2.0 2012-08-26
  • Fixed bugs and improvements.
  • Added animated scenery.
v2.0.ctgp 2012-09-30 Update by MrBean35000vr:
  • Centered minimap.
v2.0.mka ≤ 2014-11-11 Update by an unknown author:
  • Changed item box model to a ring.
  • Edited minimap.
v2.0.boost 2015-04-18 Update by PhillyG:
  • Changed road collision to boost.
v3.0 2016-12-14 Remade from scratch.
v3.2 2018-04-21 Update by Sniki:
  • Fixed boost panel collision.
v3.3 2020-09-16 Update by KevinVG207:
  • Added walls to the cannons.

Custom Track Distributions

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Names in Other Languages

Dutch: SADX Twinkelcircuit
French: SADX Circuit Scintillant
German: SADX Glitzerpiste
Italian: SADX Circuito Scintillio
Japanese: SADX トゥインクルサーキット
Korean: SADX 트윙클 서킷
Portuguese: SADX Circuito Cintilante
Russian: SADX Мерцающий заезд
Spanish: SADX Circuito Destellante (NTSC)
SADX Circuito Centelleante (PAL)
Greek: SADX Πίστα Λαμπυρίσματος
Polish: SADX Migająca Trasa
Finnish: SADX Tuikintamutka
Swedish: SADX Tinderbanan
Czech: SADX Zářivý Okruh
Danish: SADX Tinderbanen