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Avatar: AndyK's Profile Picture.png
Mii-Name: Gängster
YouTube: AndyK2Wii

Hi, I’m a german MKW-Player and fan of custom tracks. I’m a custom track bug fixer and texture optimizer and newly a custom track creator.

Custom Tracks

  • (none)

Retro Tracks

Name Download Date
SNES Koopa Beach 1 Remake v1
Retro RC1

Modified Tracks

I didn't create the tracks. I did change only the most necessary to optimize.

Download all tracks modified by me

Original Track (Version) Author what changed Download bug-video Date
Snowy Circuit (v1.RC2) Putinas optimized KMP, new KCL and specially model for split screen RC3 not available 2012-02-11
SNES Donut Plains 2 (?) MRbuttCHINSxMKWii Texture was sometimes in front of the camera RC1.1 you see it 2011-08-07
SNES Bowser Castle 3 (RC1) Tock optimized itemroute & respawn positions RC1.1 not available 2011-08-01
Desert Bone (RC1.1) Putinas and AndyK more objects (for higher difficulty) and fixing some glitches RC2 RC1.1 vs. RC2 2011-07-31
SM64 Whomp's Fortress (RC2) Reedy94 optimized objects & bullet bill route RC2.05 it freezes 2011-07-17
GBA Lakeside Park (v0.6) igorseabra4 "Wiimms wall landing" bug and inactive items & itemboxes
respawn position
"no way out" bug
you see it

DS Mario Circuit (RC1) MRbuttCHINSx11T7 Texture & checkpoints RC1.1 texture flickering 2011-07-07
Haunted Woods (RC1) Thondam1 checkpoints & respawn positions RC1.1 looking at rosalina on the minimap 2011-07-02
Unnamed Valley (v1) Scye Texture & it was hard to drive/jump over the corners v1.1 not available 2011-07-02
SNES Ghost Valley 1 (?) Metaknight new kmp-file for visible objects, if not slot 5.3 RC1.1 no ghost 2011-06-28
GCN Rainbow Road (RC 2.1) MKDasher positioning bug RC 2.2 not available 2011-06-20
FZMV Cloud Carpet (v1) Scye shorter canyon & positioning bug v1.2 long canyon 2011-06-13
SNES Vanilla Lake 2 (RC1) igorseabra4 raised the contrast of the cliffs RC1.1 cliffs have low contrast 2011-06-11

under construction

Original Track (Version) Author
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