Molten Mountainway

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Molten Mountainway
Author: kHacker35000vr
Version: v2.0a
Release date: 2014-04-30
Editors used: 3ds Max, KMP Modifier
WBZ files:


Molten Mountainway is kHacker35000vr's eighth custom track and his first track to be completely made in 3ds Max. The lava theme was an easy choice, it was the only theme that kHacker hadn't used yet. Although the full design was finished in November 2012, the modelling didn't start until 2013. The course is partly be inside a volcano and partly outside it. Finally after 2 freeze problems, it is released at 5 October 2013.

The start is at a relative boring part. Shortly after it the road splits up: an easy to take small corner and a sharp corner. By taking the sharp corner you can skip the track a bit, but there is a chance you won't make the corner or don't make the jump over the lava after it. What you will notice at the easy route is the raising/dropping pool of lava. No worries, you can drive in it (to a certain depth). After this lava part the big climb of the mountain begins, if you successfully dodged the stones rolling off the mountain, it is time to get in the volcano. It is not easy to find a good strategic stat to jump in the hole, if you don't go fast enough you won't get the boost when landing, if you go too fast, you hit the wall. After this hole you drive in the narrow caves of the volcano.


The first design of Molten Mountainway appeared in August 2012, but there weren't real plans for creating a new CT. The serious creation of a complete design didn't start until two months later. Then after the KMP Modifier v3 was finished the real modelling started. Shortly after the start in 3ds Max the actual model was already done for a big part but after the first week of January motivation dropped and the modelling stopped. Real progress hasn't been made until the end of March and shortly after the revival the full model was finished and texturing started. Unlike the creator's previous projects, the textures aren't made by WorldsBoss but are ripped from Super Mario Galaxy and edited by kHacker himself. After the last improvements and the lava was added, the model was completed at the second half of June. Shortly after the model was completed, the KCL was taking shape, but until now it hasn't completely been finished. As Augustus started, the track was put on a hold for a month. Progress was made with small steps, but after the announcement of a track voting stream for CTGP Revolution many hours were made and the 'trailer' was uploaded. Sadly, the track posted for the stream froze on Wii. The freeze is later resolved with help from Chadderz. When the final Wii testing stage began, another unknown mid-game freeze came up while playing VS offline. This delayed the development stage a bit but the expected date of release stayed the same.


Just like BigOto2 has done with Halogen Highway, the full creation containing all modelling, texturing and other stuff has been recorded. Not only does this give a timelapse where progress can be visible, but it is also possible to see the total working time which is used to find out how far progress is.


v2.0 VS Race
v1.0a VS Race (Dolphin)
Time-lapse of the creation

Version History

Version Date of release Information
Beta 2013-09-29 Model done, KCL complete, objects added
RC1 2013-10-02 Wii freeze fixed, cameras done
v1.0a 2013-10-05 Fixes mid-game freeze
v1.0b 2013-10-24 Invisible walls to prevent anybody to enter the glitched fall boundary
v1.0c 2014-01-19 Freeze problem solved
v2.0a 2014-04-30
  • Cave model made higher
  • Cave exit ramp lowered
  • Almost every other ramp lowered as well
  • CPU routes fixed
  • Sticky road on volcano
  • Checkpoint fixed with new knowledge
  • Floating rocks with ramp moved around
  • Wooden ramp at the start lowered
  • New wooden ramp at the lava island near the cave entry

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Names in Other Languages

Dutch: Gesmolten Bergweg
French: Sierra en Fusion
German: Geschmolzener Bergpfad
Italian: Sentiero Fuso
Japanese: モルテンマウンテンウェイ
Korean: 모르텐 마운틴웨이
Portuguese: Montanha Derretida
Russian: Литой городром
Spanish: Montañapista Fundida
Greek: Λιωμένος Βουνόδρομος
Polish: Płynna Droga Górska
Finnish: Sula vuoristo
Swedish: Smälta Bergsidan
Czech: -
Danish: Smeltet Bjergsiden
By the same author: kHacker35000vr

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