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Author: ‎Graciie
Type: Riivolution
Textured Tracks: 130 Tracks
Custom Tracks: 120 Tracks
Version: v1.1
Date of Latest Version: 2018-10-04
Download: Google Drive
Discord Server Discord


Graciie Kart Wii is a texture/custom track pack by Graciie. It contains over 130 textured tracks and 140 custom tracks. Over half of these tracks contains nearly every track from "RTCT" by TWD98. The other tracks are tracks specifically picked by Graciie, and contain both good and bad/meme tracks

If any creator of anything in this pack wants one of their creations removed, feel free to contact Graciie on her talk page, and she will remove it. All creators are credited in the pack

Graciie advises that you should not do GP's or VS. The only one that works (for now) is Time Trials. So it doesn't crash, exit out of the GP/VS Race right before the end of the final race, since the award scene crashes the game. This may be a bug to do with some of the cts.


Main Content

  • 144 Custom Made Trades (includes (almost) every track for the infamous MKW series "Rate That Custom Track")
  • A Choice of 130 Textured Tracks (you can choose which ones you want!!)
  • Clear Background Video on the Track Selection Screen (can't change it)
  • 1 Font (again, you can't change it (unless you download Graciie's extra downloadable content - a download link will be ready once Graciie adds the codes to everything))
  • Wiimmfi
  • My Stuff Folder (however, if you put in it, for example, a custom texture of Toad's Factory, you will need to set "toads factory" on the track textured page to "disabled. there will be a readme file explaining what to and what not to put in there)

Additional Content

Note that the author has yet to release a download, however it will include

  • Custom Characters (a selection of Graciie's custom choice of textured and custom characters)
  • Custom Music (choose between a selection of Graciie's favourite packs!!)
  • Custom Gamemodes (additional content for now, however may be main at a later time)

MORE to be revealed at a later date!!


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Currently no media

Track Wishlist

Want to suggest a track to be in the next Graciie Kart Wii update? Request it at Track Wishlist. Graciie will review it when she gets time. Be sure to check often whether your track will be accepted or not!!

Known Bugs

  • Track Names are mixed up. however they aren't with the custom fonts & clear track selection background video. However some of the names are wrong, so the track list is located below
  • Not sure if NTSC-U/J work. Might not be a bug.

Hopefully Graciie can squash the bugs, but for now they remain

Bug Fix Progress

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Custom Tracks

To see the list of custom tracks, please click here

Textured Tracks

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Version History

Version Date of release Folders Features Download Link
Beta/Early Release: 2018-09-01
  • [Add] Courses
  • [Add] Items
  • [Add] Backmodel
  • [Add] Riivolution
  • [Add] Fonts
  • [Add] 130 textured tracks
  • [Add] 10 sets of textured items
  • [Add] 7 backmodel textures
  • [Add] PAL support
  • [Add] NTSC-U/J support
  • [Add] 7 fonts
Beta\Early Release (No wiimmfi)
v1 2018-09-18
  • [Add] Tracks
  • [Add] Characters
  • [Add] THP
  • [Remove] Backmodel
  • [Update] Riivolution
  • [Add] Boot
  • [Add] Codes
  • [Add] Menusingle
  • [Add] Title
  • [Add] Wiimmfi
  • [Remove] Items
  • [Add] 120 Custom Tracks
  • [Add] Graciie's Textured Characters, Custom Characters
  • [Remove] 7 Backmodel Textures
  • [Update] PAL, NTSC-U/J xml's
  • [Add/Replace] "Warning" screen
  • [Add] Draggable blueshells
  • [Add] Change-Characters-In-Wiimmfi-Waiting-Lobby
  • [Add] 30 New Cups
  • [Add] Custom Title Screen
  • [Add] Wiimmfi
  • {Remove] 20 Custom Sets of Items
v1.01 2018-10-04
  • [Update] Characters
  • [Update] Menusingle
  • [Update] Tracks
  • [Update] Fonts
  • [Remove] Custom Characters
  • [Update] Graciie's Textured Characters
  • [Update] Track Names
  • [Update] 5 Tracks
  • [Replace] Dangerous Font (previously used wrong font)

Future Versions

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By the same author: Graciie

Character Texture Hacks:
Purple & Black Daisy (Daisy Texture)Ocean Kong (Funky Kong Texture)

Graciie Kart Wii