CuberHax Track Texture Pack

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CuberHax Track Texture Pack
Author: HackStarz
Type: CTGP Revolution
Tracks: 32 Tracks
Version: v4.0
Date of latest version: 2020-09-21
Download: Google Drive


CuberHax Track Texture Pack is a texture and model hack distribution created by HackStarz. It features 32 texture hacked tracks with a "classic" theme.


v1.9.3 Presentation


Track Listing
Cup Track Version Author
Mushroom Cup.png
Mushroom Cup
Aura Luigi Circuit v1.1 Darkmario957
Snow Capped Meadows v1.5 M&SG
Humongous Fungus v1.0 DarkyBenji
Aurora Facility v1.1 HackStarz
Flower Cup.png
Flower Cup
Green World v1.0 Betelrama
Coconut Treehouse v1.0 Betelrama
Midnight Snowboard Cross v1.0 Fraz
Wario's Ice Mine v2.0 JorisMKW
Star Cup.png
Star Cup
DK's City v1.0 SpyKid
Koopa Jungle v1.2 SpyKid
Forest Maze v1.1 DarkyBenji
Crystal Volcano v1.0 Betelrama
Special Cup.png
Special Cup
Crystal Desert v1.1 HackStarz
Snowview Highway v1.0 NintenYoshi
Cuber's Castle v1.2 HackStarz
Icy Road v1.0 NoHack2Win
Shell Cup.png
Shell Cup
Nightside Shore v1.0 CrazyManRick
Jungle Crater v1.0 Betelrama
Night-Shore Boardwalk v1.0 JamesMKW 69000vr
Hue Stadium v1.0alt Jesper
Banana Cup.png
Banana Cup
Space Ice Land v1.0 Caron
Night Beach v1.0 JorisMKW
Christmas Square v1.2 Rachy
Waluigi Pinball v1.0 DarkyBenji
Leaf Cup.png
Leaf Cup
Moonlight Desert Hills v1.0 Betelrama
Dark Bowser Castle 3 v3.0 HackStarz
Haunted Parkway v1.0 HackStarz
Cuber Circuit v1.0 HackStarz
Lightning Cup.png
Lightning Cup
Frostbite Circuit v1.0 HackStarz
Shady Courtyard v2.0 Betelrama
GCN DK Mountain Night v1.1 Destiney13131vr
Forest Temple v1.0 NoHack2Win

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2019-08-20 First release
v1.1 2019-08-21
v1.2 2019-08-23
v1.3 2019-08-26
v1.4 2019-09-03
v1.5 2019-09-06
v1.5.1 2019-09-08 Reverted Dark Bowser Castle 3 back to RC1.
v1.6 2019-09-16
v1.7 2019-09-19
v1.8 2019-10-07
v1.9 2019-10-20
v1.9.1 2019-10-26 Updated Dark Bowser Castle 3.
v1.9.2 2019-11-02 Updated Sunset Mall.
v1.9.3 2019-11-18 Updated Daisy Circuit at Nighttime.
v2.0 2019-12-01
v2.0.1 2020-01-18 Added Forest Temple, replacing Starlight Castle.
v2.0.2 2020-01-18 Added Underwater Ruins, replacing Night Desert.
v2.0.3 2020-02-06 Added Cold Township, replacing DS Delfino Island.
v2.1 2020-02-23
v2.1.1 2020-03-18 Added Sunset Peach Beach, replacing Midnight Beach.
v2.4 2020-04-18
v3.0 2020-07-21
v4.0 2020-09-21 Replaced a large amount of tracks.
By the same author: HackStarz

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Texture Hacks:
Dark Bowser Castle 3SK VolcanoLapis MinesSunset MallSSBB Mushroomy KingdomStone JungleGalaxy BeachHaunted ParkwayCold TownshipSunset Peach Beach
Moonview PlainsBowser's Hot SpringsMolten Granite IslandCrystal DesertAurora FacilityFrostbite Circuit

Custom Tracks:
Lethal Lava LandLuigi's LakesideGBA Cheese LandWindover TrekRainbow Road DXDS Rainbow RoadInsane Ghost ValleyJames BayCrazy Mountain

Custom Characters:
SpikeBeeg YoshiSpyroQuagsireWigglerYellow Beeg YoshiHungry LumaChristmas Beeg YoshiWooperQuagspikeSushi CatBeeg BoshiYellow Boshi
Yellow Beeg BoshiSleepy YoshiPuck on Flame RunnerTotodileSealeoPikachuChespin on Mini Mach BikeCP PenguinWalreinSphealWartortle

Custom Vehicles:
Dry BomberFunky Kong on QuackerBanisherFlame RiderShooting StarZipperROB-BLSPink Gold Peach on Wildfire FlyerTyrantCucumberStandard Kart 7

Track Edits:
Midnight City FallsSakupen Valley R/T

Other Mods:
NoHack2Win Race.szs Recreation

Old/Outdated Mods