CuberHax Track Texture Pack

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CuberHax Track Texture Pack
Author: CuberHax
Type: CTGP Revolution
Tracks: 32 Tracks
Version: v2.0.3
Date of Latest Version: 2020-02-06
Download: Google Drive


CuberHax Track Texture Pack is a texture and model hack distribution made by CuberHax. It features 32 texture hacked tracks.


v1.9.3 Presentation


Track Listing
Cup Track Version Author
Mushroom Cup.png
Mushroom Cup
Luigi Circuit at Night v1.0 Betelrama
Golden Meadows v1.0 Rachy
Midnight Gorge v1.0 JorisMKW
Sunset Factory v1.2 Super-Mario68
Flower Cup.png
Flower Cup
Green World v1.0 Betelrama
Coconut Treehouse v1.0 Betelrama
Midnight Snowboard Cross v1.0 Fraz
Lapis Mines v1.3 CuberHax
Star Cup.png
Star Cup
Daisy Circuit at Nighttime v1.1 Rachy
Night Koopa Cape v1.0 MKWhippy
Forest Maze v1.1 DarkyBenji
Crystal Volcano v1.0 Betelrama
Special Cup.png
Special Cup
Underwater Ruins v1.0 SpyKid
Snowview Highway v1.0 NintenYoshi
Cuber's Castle v1.2 CuberHax
Icy Road v1.0 NoHack2Win
Shell Cup.png
Shell Cup
Midnight Beach v1.0 Darkmario957
Jungle Falls v1.0 MrKoeikoei
Night-Shore Boardwalk v1.0 JamesMKW 69000vr
Fire Mario Raceway v1.0 Rachy
Banana Cup.png
Banana Cup
Glacial Night v1.0 SM979
Snow Beach v2.0 JorisMKW
Cold Township v1.0 CuberHax
Waluigi Pinball v1.0 DarkyBenji
Leaf Cup.png
Leaf Cup
Moonlight Desert Hills v1.0 Betelrama
Dark Bowser Castle 3 v3.0 CuberHax
Night Jungle Parkway v1.0 JorisMKW
Midnight Circuit v1.0 ARM1
Lightning Cup.png
Lightning Cup
SSBB Mushroomy Kingdom RC1 CuberHax
Shady Courtyard v2.0 Betelrama
SK Volcano v1.1 CuberHax
Forest Temple v1.0 NoHack2Win

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2019-08-20 First release
v1.1 2019-08-21
v1.2 2019-08-23
v1.3 2019-08-26
v1.4 2019-09-03
v1.5 2019-09-06
v1.5.1 2019-09-08 Reverted Dark Bowser Castle 3 back to RC1.
v1.6 2019-09-16
v1.7 2019-09-19
v1.8 2019-10-07
v1.9 2019-10-20
v1.9.1 2019-10-26 Updated Dark Bowser Castle 3.
v1.9.2 2019-11-02 Updated Sunset Mall.
v1.9.3 2019-11-18 Updated Daisy Circuit at Nighttime.
v2.0 2019-12-01
v2.0.1 2020-01-18 Added Forest Temple, replacing Starlight Castle.
v2.0.2 2020-01-18 Added Underwater Ruins, replacing Night Desert.
v2.0.3 2020-02-06 Added Cold Township, replacing DS Delfino Island.