Wingcapman's Custom Menus

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Wingcapman's Custom Menus
Author: Wingcapman
Version: Beta
Date of latest version: 2023-06-28
Editors used: Benzin, BrawlCrate, Photoshop, Wexos's Toolbox, Wiimms SZS Tools, wuj5
Download: Google Drive


Wingcapman's Custom Menus is a custom menu distribution created by Wingcapman. It contains many modifications to all of the menus that exist in Mario Kart Wii to give them a new look. The goal of this project is to make everything appear more playful, while not looking busy at the same time. The Lap Texture Fix mod is included in this as well.

On top of that, this contains a modified StaticR.rel, which contains menu-related changes. These changes have been made to the models that are used on the character and vehicle selection screen and the transitions between menus.

Currently, the menus are made for distributions that make use of LE-CODE, but support for many more will be added in the future.


Beta Showcase


Menu Listing
Original Distributions Information
Save Banner and Icon Mario Kart Wii Static save icon version.
Formula Kart Wii
Title Screen CTGP Revolution English PAL only.
Formula Kart Wii English NTSC only.
LE-CODE English PAL only.
Single Player Menu CTGP Revolution English PAL only.
Formula Kart Wii UI only.
LE-CODE English PAL only.
Multiplayer Menu LE-CODE English PAL only.
Online Menu CTGP Revolution Experimental version, English PAL only.
Options Menu LE-CODE English PAL only.
Race UI CTGP Revolution Includes Countdown and 24 Players assets, English PAL only.
Formula Kart Wii English NTSC only.
LE-CODE English PAL only.
Font Mario Kart Wii No Korean support.
StaticR.rel Mario Kart Wii PAL only.
Patch Content Formula Kart Wii English NTSC only.

Planned Changes

This is a list of planned changes for future updates. It is meant to indicate what is being worked on and what can be expected to get updated, changed or removed.

Strap Screen

  • Let the users know what controller they can use.
  • Find a way to apply a new animation.

Save Banner and Icon

  • Add an animation for the Save Icon.

Title Screen

  • Add a background behind the license selection screen's trophy progression textures.
  • Fix Mii name padding issue.
  • Give the license Options button a new animation.

Single Player Menu

  • Fix all text that is cut off.
  • Add a grow and shrink effect to a button when it is highlighted.
  • Fix the Rules and Drift Help button button and change their grow animation.
  • Hide Multiplayer models so the track and battle arena selection screen will not have player models included to fix the Multiplayer menu.

Multiplayer Menu

  • Update all files to match the Single Player menu.

Online Menu

  • Remake all files.

Options Menu

  • Update the back button when on the yes-no page.
  • Indicate optional BMGs for the Records page.

Mario Kart Channel Menu

  • Add different borders.
  • Add custom back button and bottom description to match other menus.

Tournament/Competition Menu

  • Add different borders.
  • Add custom back button and bottom description to match other menus.

Race UI

  • Fix some "SCORE" counter alignment issues.
  • Edit the results screen for 12 and 24 players.

Ending Ceremony Results Screen

  • Thicken the player's borders and spread them a bit further away vertically.
  • Shrink and colorize the congratulations text.

Achievement/Unlock Screen

Language Files

  • Update files to support all menu changes.



  • Fix the Mission Mode's "fifth button" video.
  • Find addresses for all character and vehicle positions for both placements and page transitions.
  • Add a new model in the BackModel menu.

Version History

Version Date of release Information
Beta 2023-06-28 First release

Known Bugs

Distributions that make use of "SuperMenu" files are incompatible with menus that load custom BMGs.