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If you want to update my original custom tracks supposing publish them, please ask me before that.
You can contact me in Talk Page or Twitter.
Do NOT release without my permission.
So then, why did you update some tracks created by others previously? - ...uhh.
My original custom tracks except collabs and remakes will be unplayable in CTGP Revolution hereafter.
Prefered language: English, Japanese
Age: 23
GitHub: expiteRz
Twitter: @cY049z
Reddit: u/9pr_rznect
Website: rz-public

Hi, I'm Rz (\ˈrüz\) as shortly of Rhuz, formerly known as Paran, and the owner of ZR | mkw showcase. I make tracks and tools.
Track remake requests and commissions are not accepted.
I can't even understand why could anybody monetize with their illegal contents includes custom tracks and texture hacks.

My Works

  • My owned tracks are aimed to be created for fun as casual, and not for competitions like Lounge.

Latest Custom Tracks

Name / Current Version Date of First Release Date of Latest Release Modelling Software Used
Fortside Volcano RC2b-hotfix2 2016-02-05 2023-01-15 SketchUp
Nightmare Cliff v2.01 2017-10-31 2022-11-13 3ds Max (v1.0), Blender (v2.0)
Cottonplant Forest v1.0 2018-02-08 2018-06-16 3ds Max
Rz' Test Track Pre-2.0.april 2021-04-01 2022-04-01 Blender

Outdated Tracks

  • Note that it doesn't mean anyone would be able to update the tracks, just because I'm out of working on them. I do not allow to update them without my permission.
Name / Current Version Date of First Release Date of Latest Release Modelling Software Used
Cityside Nature Beta 2.4 2015-12-18 2019-10-13 SketchUp

Remade Tracks

Track Name / Current Version Date of Latest Release Original Author Modelling Software Used
Blue Loop v1.0 2019-02-11 YellowYoshi 3ds Max

Collab Tracks

Name who collaborated with Track Name / Current Version Date of Latest Release Modelling Software Used
Maximiliano Troy Circuit 2016 v1.0 2016-06-28 SketchUp (by Yoshi74)
Illuminati Track Thing v1.1.1 2020-01-27
Rainbow Labyrinth v2.01 2018-10-20 SketchUp

Custom Track Jam Tracks

Currently some of my Jam tracks are not planned to release in Wiiki publicly.

Name / Current Version Date of Release in Wiiki Modelling Software Jam Theme Place
Floating Paperway v1.0-ctj Blender S3J3 Paper 11
Mini Town Festival pre-1.0.ctj S4J2 Festival 5
Is This Canyon? pre-1.0 2021-04-04 S4J4 Canyon 10
Penguin Wasteland pre-0.1.ctj S5J2 Desert Disqualified

CT Secret Santa Tracks

Name / Current Version Date of Release in Wiki Designer Theme
NSMB Way (Above Clouds) pre-0.1.ctsanta AlexTG4517 Sky
Fall Creek pre-0.1.ctsanta Mystora Autumn Breeze

Custom Track Edits / Fixes

Name / Updated Version Date of Release Original Author Details
Majora's Castle Beta 2 2016-12-18 Thiruon Gameplay improvements
Blood Fire Sky Beta 3 2017-12-01 Thed0ra7z Visual overhaul
Royal Canyon v1.2 2017-12-29 Thed0ra7z Visual improvements
Mushroom Fort RC4.02 2019-09-02 Putinas, Conner Gameplay and visual improvements
ONI Training Place v1.0 2017-12-15 Dao Ibuki
Simply Retroway Beta 2 2018-12-14 NEGATEN
Grassy Maze RC3 2019-11-06 Quajeek99 Gameplay improvements

My Own Texture Hacks

Name / Current Version Date of Latest Release Infomation
Lighting Gold Bricks Beta 2016-09-13 BoneStage-themed texture hack.
Poison Garden v0.7 (Beta 2) 2015-03-02 DS Peach Gardens Texture
Sakura Forest v1.0.1 2019-02-09 The texture hacks of Cottonplant Forest, my own custom track.
Autumn Cave v1.0 2018-10-28
Winter Forest v1.0 2019-02-08


Name Version Date of Latest Release Programming Languages Source Code
KCL Calculator rev.1 2022-06-06 HTML, JavaScript GitHub


  • My BRSTMs v2 v3.1 FINAL - The 3 versions of my music pack. Some of special things are included in v2 downloaded pack.
  • Space Raceway v1.1 - N64 Mario Raceway Edit

Worthless Contents

  • Rz' Selections - The foolish distribution that contains Rz' selected tracks and some special features as following below:
    • LE-CODE and some public cheat codes
    • Rz' owned custom server based on Python-coded DWC Emulator instead of using Wiimmfi