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Bruh de la Boi
Avatar: Bruh de la Boi's Profile Picture.png
Age: 20
Pronouns: She/Her, They/Them
Discord: Bruh de la Boi#4624
YouTube: Bruh de la Boi
Twitter: @BruhKonata1
Profile Picture Credit: @Lenoxmst

Hi, my name is Samantha! I'm transfem and my preferred pronouns are She/Her and They/Them. I am interested in game design and music theory. I am a moderator of the Custom Mario Kart Wiiki, alongside other members of the Wiiki team. I am also a moderator on The Custom Mario Kart 8 Wiki and The Custom Mario Kart Double Dash Wiki!!.

About my Published Content

If you wish to update anything that I publish on this wiki, I would appreciate it if you contacted me about it first, as I want to be aware of any changes added. That being said, I will usually say yes if you ask me first, unless I plan on updating it myself.

By the same author: Bruh de la Boi

Custom Tracks & Arenas:

Track Edits:
Vroom Vroom MeadowsKinoko Cave TVanilla BayMushroom Peaks RMario Circuit R/TWario's Gold Mine RWario's Gold Minecraft RGCN Baby Park R
Quag Beach RDS Test Circle RTour Sydney Sprint RDS Peach Gardens RTour Paris Promenade R

Track Textures:
Wario's Gold MinecraftGreg Heffley's NightmarePatrick CastleRed LoopNut MallQuag QuagBoo Jersey Island

Custom, Edited, and Textured Characters:
Ryūko MatoiNon-Binary Pride Flag MiiBirdo (Black)EndermanSenketsuscripulous_fingoreMario (SNES)Yellow ToadSmall MarioWitch ToadetteMario with BLÅHAJ
Lakitu (Party Time)Homer SimpsonStewie GriffinBullet BillLanky KongThe NoidColored BirdosPoochyHuffin PuffinToad (Tourist)Jumbo Josh

Custom, Edited, and Textured Vehicles:
Brown OffroaderInferno FlyerFlame Flyer (Medium Weight)Flame Flyer (Light Weight)The Luigi KartRed B Dasher Mk. 2Pink B Dasher Mk. 2Pink SpeederSwift Talon

Samantha's Custom Music PackMario Kart Tour Style Final LapsRevo Kart 8 Deluxe