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Important information
When loading this distribution via CTGP Revolution, a message will be displayed saying: The disk drive appears to have stalled. To fix this, just wait a bit longer and CTGP Revolution will load with Jari Kart Wii installed.
When using this distribution with CTGP Revolution, make sure to disable "Automatic BRSAR Patching".
Jari Kart Wii
Logo: Jari Kart Wii Logo.png
Author: Metaljaripower
Type: CTGP Revolution, Riivolution
Tracks: 32
Arenas: 10
Version: v7.0
Date of latest version: 2022-05-02


Jari Kart Wii is a texture hack distribution created by Metaljaripower. It is a mix of other texture hack distributions, and is themed around the Pokémon series.



v7.0 Presentation


Track Listing
Cup Track Version Author
Jari Kart Wii Eevee Cup.png
Eevee Cup
Jari Kart Circuit v1.0 Metaljaripower
Eevee's Farm v2.0 Metaljaripower
Leafeon Hills v1.0 Metaljaripower
Toxic Factory v1.1 Metaljaripower
Jari Kart Wii Emolga Cup.png
Emolga Cup
Emolga Circuit v2.0 Metaljaripower
Metal Mall v2.1 Metaljaripower
Kirlia's Mountain v2.0 Metaljaripower
Poison Mine v1.0 Metaljaripower
Jari Kart Wii Espeon Cup.png
Espeon Cup
Dark Red Daisy Circuit v2.1 Metaljaripower
Paradise Cape v1.0 Metaljaripower
Celebi's Forest v1.0 Metaljaripower
Espeon's Volcano v1.1 Metaljaripower
Jari Kart Wii Glaceon Cup.png
Glaceon Cup
Midnight Ruins v1.0 Metaljaripower
Metal City v3.0 Metaljaripower
Frozen Castle v1.1 Metaljaripower
Metaljaripower Road v3.0 Metaljaripower
Jari Kart Wii Meloetta Cup.png
Meloetta Cup
Dark Blue Peach Beach v2.0 Metaljaripower
Buneary Falls v1.0 Metaljaripower
Witches Forest v1.1 Metaljaripower
Meloetta's Moonlight Serenade v3.0 Metaljaripower
Jari Kart Wii Alolan Vulpix Cup.png
Alolan Vulpix Cup
Vulpix Iceland v1.0 Metaljaripower
Manaphy's Night Beach v1.0 Metaljaripower
Minccino Village v1.0 Metaljaripower
Mawile Stadium v1.1 Metaljaripower
Jari Kart Wii Fennekin Cup.png
Fennekin Cup
Heatwave Hills v1.0 Metaljaripower
Galaxy Dimension v1.0 Metaljaripower
Fennekin's Jungle v1.1 Metaljaripower
Kingdom Way v2.0.ww Metaljaripower
Jari Kart Wii Sylveon Cup.png
Sylveon Cup
Sylveon Circuit v1.0 Metaljaripower
Flowery Garden v1.0 Metaljaripower
Wishing Mountain v1.0 Metaljaripower
Sea Temple v1.0 Metaljaripower


Arena Listing
Cup Track Version Author
Jari Kart Wii Mawile's Stages.png
Mawile's Stages
Korrina's Toy Plaza v1.0 Metaljaripower
Zorua's Festival Pier v1.0 Metaljaripower
Funky's Neon Stadium v1.0 Metaljaripower
Meloetta's Roulette v1.0 Metaljaripower
Thwomp Wilds v1.0 Metaljaripower
Jari Kart Wii Leafeon's Stages.png
Leafeon's Stages
Sky Battle Garden v1.0 Metaljaripower
Lakeside Battle Park v1.0 Metaljaripower
Metal Skyscraper v1.0 Metaljaripower
Comet Observatory v1.0 Metaljaripower
Bone Ocean House v1.0 Metaljaripower


Small Characters

Small Character Listing
Original Character Version Author
Tt baby mario 64x64.tpl.png
Baby Mario
Baby Gray Mario Metaljaripower
Tt baby luigi 64x64.tpl.png
Baby Luigi
Baby Gray Luigi Metaljaripower
Tt baby peach 64x64.tpl.png
Baby Peach
Baby Dark Blue Peach v1.0 Metaljaripower
Tt baby daisy 64x64.tpl.png
Baby Daisy
Baby Dark Red Daisy v1.1 Metaljaripower
Tt kinopio 64x64.tpl.png
Black Toad Metaljaripower
Tt kinopico 64x64.tpl.png
Black Toadette Metaljaripower
Tt noko 64x64.tpl.png
Koopa Troopa
Black Koopa Troopa Metaljaripower
Tt karon 64x64.tpl.png
Dry Bones
Blue Dry Bones Metaljaripower

Medium Characters

Medium Character Listing
Original Character Version Author
Tt mario 64x64.tpl.png
Darky Mario v1.0 DarkyBenji
Tt luigi 64x64.tpl.png
Darky Luigi v1.0 DarkyBenji
Tt peach 64x64.tpl.png
Dark Blue Peach v1.0 Metaljaripower
Tt daisy 64x64.tpl.png
Dark Red Daisy v2.0 Metaljaripower
Tt yoshi 64x64.tpl.png
Blue Yoshi v1.0 Metaljaripower
Tt catherine 64x64.tpl.png
Blue and Black Birdo Metaljaripower
Tt didy 64x64.tpl.png
Diddy Kong
Meloedy Kong v1.0 Metaljaripower
Tt koopa jr 64x64.tpl.png
Bowser Jr.
Purple Bowser Jr. Metaljaripower

Large Characters

Large Character Listing
Original Character Version Author
Tt wario 64x64.tpl.png
Cyan and Black Wario Metaljaripower
Tt waluigi 64x64.tpl.png
Cyan and Black Waluigi Metaljaripower
Tt donky 64x64.tpl.png
Donkey Kong
Green Donkey Kong Metaljaripower
Tt koopa 64x64.tpl.png
Purple Bowser Metaljaripower
Tt teresa 64x64.tpl.png
King Boo
Blue King Boo Metaljaripower
Tt roseta 64x64.tpl.png
Black Rosalina v2.0 Metaljaripower
Tt funky 64x64.tpl.png
Funky Kong
Metalfunkypower v2.0 Metaljaripower
Tt hone koopa 64x64.tpl.png
Dry Bowser
Blue and Black Dry Bowser Metaljaripower

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2018-04-17 First release
v2.0 2018-05-21 Fixed race UI.
v3.0 2018-07-01 Added new texture hacks.
v4.0 2018-09-03
v5.0 2018-12-24
v6.0 2019-06-25
  • Replaced all custom characters with character textures.
  • Replaced some texture hacks and added battle arena texture hacks.
  • Replaced some music and sound effects.
  • Fixed Toad's Factory music.
  • Added new position tracker textures.
  • Added new offline and online menus.
  • Added new item models.
  • Added split-screen menu files.
  • Added Gardevoir and DLC characters.
  • Updated custom CTGP Revolution channel.
v6.1 2019-08-08
  • Fixed NTSC-U blackscreen.
  • Added custom voice for DLC character.
v7.0 2022-05-02
  • Added Homebrew Channel support.
  • Added new position tracker textures.
  • Added new offline and online menus.
  • Added new item models.
  • Added new character textures.
  • Added more menu files.
  • Added custom cup icons for CTGP Revolution.
  • Removed all My Little Pony texture hacks and replaced others.
  • Replaced some music and sound effects.
  • Updated Riivolution support.
  • Updated custom CTGP Revolution channel.

Known Bugs

By the same author: Metaljaripower

Texture Hacks:
Fluttershy's ChamberRarity's BoutiqueRarity Daisy on Dolphin DasherZombie Daisy on Mach BikeDarky Mario on Sprinter BikeChristmas Wario on Spear
Meloetta's Moonlight SerenadeDark Red DaisyMetalfunkypowerBaby Dark Red DaisyMetaljaripower RoadMeloedy KongDark Red Daisy CircuitGold Mario Circuit
Fennekin's JungleTsareena CapeBlack RosalinaWitches ForestCobalt CavernsChristmas CircuitBaby Dark Blue PeachDark Blue PeachDark Blue Peach Beach
Flareon's CastleMetal CitySteenee's FestivalEevee's FarmBlue ToadetteKirlia's MountainToxic FactoryKingdom WayMetal MallWild BlackBlue Yoshi
Blue Yoshi FallsGarden SpeedwayMawile StadumHeatwave HillsLele MountainSpace DesertEmolga CircuitFrozen CastleAbandoned GraveyardDiancie's Crystal Castle
Cherry Blossom TreewayLeafeon HillsEspeon's VolcanoSylveon CircuitCelebi's ForestJari Kart CircuitParadise CapeMidnight RuinsBuneary FallsVulpix Iceland
Minccino VillageGalaxy DimensionFlowery GardenWishing MountainSea TempleKorrina's Toy PlazaZorua's Festival PierFunky's Neon StadiumMeloetta's Roulette
Thwomp WildsSky Battle GardenLakeside Battle ParkMetal SkyscraperComet ObservatoryBone Ocean HouseUnite Raceway

Track Edits:
Dark Red Daisy Circuit (Figure-8 Madness)

Custom Characters:
Meloetta (Pirouette Forme)ManaphyMawilePopstar MiiAlolan VulpixBraixen

Custom Vehicles:
The Flame BikeTiny Ship

Jari Kart Wii