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Avatar: Char6432's Avatar.png
Country: Ireland
Favourite Pokémon: Aron
YouTube Channels: Char6432 Terrible Game Shack
Discord: Char6432#2698
Editing Programs: BrawlBox,, SZS Explorer,

SZS Modifier, Blender

Birthday: March 20th 2006 (16 years old)

About Me

Hi My name is Charlie. I am a Wii Modder from Tipperary, Ireland. I have began Modding Smash Bros. Brawl now, So I may or may not be that active here.

Outside of Mario Kart Wii I play terrible games on another channel I have that I like to call Terrible Game Shack. If you're going to subscrice to my channels, I'd prefer if you subbed to This channel instead of the Char6432 channel

My Mods

Feel Free to Update Any Single One of Them, My Characters are not the Best, for example: Mr Bean has no Shaders.

Mod Version Stuff to Update
Mr. Bean on Mach Bike v1.0 Yes, I will add shaders one day
Shaun the Sheep v1.0 Yes, I will add shaders one day
Quagsire on Bruiser v1.0 It's a model swap, it can't get any better
Courage v1.0 I might put it over all vehicles
Aron v1.0 Shaders
Komasan v1.0 shaders
Komajiro v1.0 same as Komasan
Yogi Bear v1.0 It's too perfect
Kirito Funky Kong v1.0 Dosen't need an update
SWWW v1.0 Put other characters on it
Mario Kart Wii Disc v1.0 idk
N64 Brick this mod is a joke

Mod Recording

I have a Capture Card so I can record videos of your mods for you (Although it's in 480p Because I record my Wii not Wii U) Just DM my Discord Char6432#2761 and say "Can you record my mod" or something

Here is one of the videos I recorded for example


Fun Facts No One Needs to Know About Me

I can do a Kermit the Frog impression

I can speak barely any Irish despite living in Ireland all my life

I use my PS3 as a DVD Player and very little else

So That is about Everything I have that I can put here. See ya later :)

By the same author: Char6432

Texture Hacks:
N64 Brick

Custom Characters:
Mr. Bean on Mach BikeShaun the SheepQuagsire on BruiserCourageAronKomasanKomajiroYogi BearHank HillTinky WinkyDittoJohn CenaB.D. Joe

Character Textures:
Kirito Funky Kong

Custom Vehicles:
SWWWMario Kart Wii DiscHornet Automatic