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Avatar: Char6432's Avatar.png
Mii: Char6432's Mii.png
Country: Ireland
Favourite Pokémon: Aron, Slowpoke, Zigzagoon, Mudkip
YouTube Channels: Char6432 Terrible Game Shack
Discord: char6432
Editing Programs: BrawlCrate,, SZS Explorer, Blender
Birthday: March 20th 2006 (17 years old)

About Me

Hello, My name is Charlie, I'm an Irish teenager who likes modding consoles and games. I've modded a Wii, 3DS, PS3, PS2 and SNES Classic, And I have plans to mod my Switch and my PSP. I also enjoy editing YouTube videos based around terrible video games I play.

In terms of mods I've made for Mario Kart Wii, I make Custom Tracks, Characters, stuff like that. Some of my stuff is unreleased but I'll gladly give you some of my mods if you DM me on Discord. my Discord tag is char6432.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my mods!

My Mods

Feel Free to Update Any Single One of Them, My Characters are not the Best, for example: Ditto's arms aren't rigged properly (at all).

Mod Recording

I have a Capture Card so I can record videos of your mods for you Just DM my Discord char6432 and say "Can you record my mod" or something

Here is one of the videos I recorded for example. The quality is 1080p I'm pretty sure

i really do hate Rainbow Road btw

other stuff

The other consoles I mod are as follows: PS3 Super Slim, SNES Classic, Wii and the 3DS. I plan on modding my Switch and a PS2 soon They're not the only consoles I play, some of these I emulate (to avoid spending thousands on consoles I play only a few games on). I play games from the GBA (I own a flash cartridge), Playstation (I play on PS3), PS2 (Emulator at the moment), Dreamcast (emulator), GameCube (I play on Wii), SNES and NES (I play on Wii)

So That is about Everything I have that I can put here. See ya later :)

By the same author: Char6432

Texture Hacks:
N64 Brick

Track Edits:
GCN Peach Beach Mushrooms

Custom Tracks:
Charlie's CastleManic Daydream

Custom Characters:
Mr. BeanShaun the SheepQuagsire on BruiserCourageAronKomasanKomajiroYogi BearHank HillTinky WinkyDittoJohn CenaB.D. JoeEgg Dog

Character Textures:
Kirito Funky Kong

Custom Vehicles:
SWWWMario Kart Wii DiscHornet Automatic