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Countdown Mode Beta8 Mod is a cheat code modification of Countdown Mode created by Kazuki. The main purpose of the modification is to set different time limits for each custom track using course.lex files. If there is no course.lex file or the time limit is not set, then 2:30 (150 seconds) is used as the time limit. Note that this code currently ignores engine classes above 200cc.

Detailed instructions for setting time limits can be found here.

In addition, the following modifications have been made to make the behavior of the code similar as possible to CTGP Revolution:

  • Changed lap modifier from eight to nine.
  • Fixed a bug where songs did not accelerate in some scenes.
  • If you attack an enemy and score but time cannot be increased any further, your score will not increase.

This code uses 0x800011D4 ~ 0x800011D7 in addition to the Exception Vector Area used by the original cheat code.


Cheat Codes

Countdown Mode Beta8 Mod, PAL

Countdown Mode Beta8 Mod, NTSC-U

Countdown Mode Beta8 Mod, NTSC-J

Source code