Zef's CT Pack

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Zef's CT Pack
Author: Zef
Type: Riivolution
Tracks: 232 Custom Tracks
Version: v5.0
Date of Latest Version: 2018-06-28
Regions: NTSC-U, PAL, NTSC-J
(english only)
Download: Google Drive
ISO Patcher (ErrorUnknownGT) Google Drive
Discord Server: Discord


Zef's CT Pack is a custom track distribution by Zef. This pack comes with 232 custom tracks from various creators.




Here is the link to view the CTGP_CODE, which contains the track information: https://pastebin.com/vAW2K1cT

Here is the link if you would like a full list of all changes: https://pastebin.com/mwRUkZmD

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2017-??-?? Initial release
v2.0 2017-??-?? Private test update
  • Entirely new track selection.
  • New features test.
v3.0 2017-09-25 2nd Private Update test
  • Fixed XML error that caused errors with other distributions.
  • Updated Track selection.
  • Updated Menu Texture.
  • Changed region to 890.
v3.02 2017-10-08
  • Updated tracks from private version.
  • Fixed some errors with files loading.
v3.03 2017-12-07
v3.031 2017-12-08
  • Fixed PAL and NTSC-J loading errors
v3.04 2018-01-04
  • Updated and replaced some tracks
v3.041 2018-01-15
v4.0 2018-03-16
  • Updated and replaced some tracks
v5.0BETA 2018-05-22
  • Updated and replaced some tracks
  • Add 32 new tracks over the Nintendo tracks
  • Add font color options
  • Add minimap color options
v5.0 2018-06-28
  • Expand upon tracklist from v5.0BETA

Game Features

Game Features
Feature Author Information
Custom Tracks Worldwide XeR This distribution is capable of searching for random players to play custom tracks with. When running the pack, simply press the Regional/Continental button (which is renamed to Custom Tracks Worldwide) to search for custom track players. You can also join your friends who are playing CTWW, and they can join you. This feature is currently experimental, but seems to be working correctly. Credits to XeR for finding the required values to do this.
Wiimmfi Wiimm and Leseratte Support to play on a custom MKW server has been added as a replacement to Nintendo WFC.

For more details see Wiimmfi Project.

Change Characters Between Wi-Fi Races MrBean35000vr When in online play, the player's character, vehicle and drift mode choice may be changed between races by pressing + on the Wii Remote (or Start on the GCN Controller) when on the VR screen. This simply takes the player back to the character select menu, and then returns them to the vote when they have reselected. If the time limit expires, the currently selected options are taken.
Random Track Selection Chadderz When in CTWW mode, picking random will allow the game to select a custom track based on a number provided by the game's RNG system. It can also be triggered by pressing + or Start (depending on your controller), and may be used offline to randomly select a track to play on.
Wi-Fi Timer Chadderz The countdown timer on the Wi-Fi voting screen is always shown now, rather than just when you're about to run out of time. This can give you a better idea of how long you have to make a decision when voting. The time allocated is 30 seconds.
Wi-Fi Time Limit Expansion Chadderz This distribution makes a modification to the race time limit on Wi-Fi. It has been expanded from 5 minutes to 5:40, allowing longer tracks to be entered and played through to completion. The game has another hard limit of 5:56 before it disconnects everyone, so it is impractical to increase the time beyond 5:40, as the time advances even when looking at leaderboards. If 5:40 is reached, the pack forces you past the leaderboards quickly to avoid disconnection.
Time Trial Ghost Blocking mdmwii The game will not save ghosts at all in order to try to prevent save data corruption and accidental overwriting of ghosts. Personal leaderboards are also not updated. This feature is only temporary as future releases will support ghost data saving in a much more secure way.
Draggable Blue Shells MrBean35000vr Blue Shells can now be held behind you like Red Shells. They will explode on contact, but not hurt the player. They can be used to protect against other items being shot from behind, but if wheelie-bumped while holding a Blue Shell behind you it will fall away and disappear. Only one Blue Shell can exist at once, so even when it is held out behind you it will be impossible for anyone else to get one from an item box.
Speedometer Chadderz There is a speedometer in the lower right hand corner of the screen. This only works in single player modes.
Max Lap Count Mod Geeh and MrEvil A track can have anywhere between 1 and 8 laps.
Speed Modifier MrBean35000vr Tracks have a speed modifier applied (e.g. 2× speed) which causes all parts of the game's physics to move at the increased speed (including vehicles, items and boosts).
Multiplayer Loads Single Player Files aplumafreak500 In order to cut the download size in half, and to allow for a cleaner XML, a patch to StaticR.rel has been applied so that multiplayer will load single-player course files. This may cause severe lag in 3 or 4 player multiplayer. This is experimental and may cause a crash.
Mushroom Bugfix Leseratte When playing online, after the 18th item, it is no longer set to always give Mushrooms.
Ultra Uncut MrBean35000vr Ultra Uncut causes the player's current lap variable to be decremented whenever they enter a check point quadrilateral associated with a mandatory check point with ID higher than 1 from one associated with the start line (ID 0). This is a simple improvement over the game's check which checks only for entering the quadrilateral immediately before the start line. On tracks with one or fewer mandatory check points, Ultra Uncut falls back to the game's original behavior as the improved check cannot be used.
My Stuff You can load files from a My Stuff folder used by one of these Custom Track Distributions:
By the same author: Zef

Custom Characters

Custom Track Contributions:
Chill HillDelfino Sky

Mario Kart XZef Kart WiiZef's CT Pack

Texture Hacks:
Greyscale SpacewayHaunted Beach