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Welcome to my user page. There's nothing interesting to see here, except my bio. I'm a veteran NSMBW modder and i have experience in XML writing, but i also made lots of (crappy) texture hacks for MKW. I'm a former 4TL Hacker, too.

Texture Folder

In August 2017, before the drama happened and files were taken down, i had collected all the Texture Hacks that i could find on the Internet, to make an own pack. While the pack might be never finished, the files have been preserved and sorted, and they are all available at this link.

NOTE : Most of these files are untested to this day, so they might crash the game and/or be worth a ban on Wiimm-Fi. Please test them before using them for online play/texture packs. If you have any issue, feel free to report.