Dark Forest Path

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Dark Forest Path
Author: Citrus
Version: RC2
Date of latest version: 2021-03-07
Editors used: Blender, BrawlBox, GIMP, KMP Cloud, RiiStudio, Wiimms SZS Tools
WBZ files: ct.wiimm.de
Download: Discord


Dark Forest Path is Citrus's third custom track. It was made in two hours for the fifth edition of Whipinsnapper's Turbo Jam, where it received a four star rank out of five. Due to the restriction of only having three materials or less, the track initially had only had three materials; RC1 added a finish line, bringing the total to four. The track is very simple, without any ramps or boost panels and it is five laps.


RC2 VS Race
RC1 VS Race
RC1 Modeling Timelapse

Version History

Version Date of release Information
RC1 2021-01-16 First release
RC2 2021-03-07 Fixed fog effect.

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Names in Other Languages

Dutch: Donker Bospad
French: -
German: -
Italian: Cammino Forestale Oscuro
Japanese: ダークフォレストパス
Korean: -
Portuguese: -
Russian: -
Spanish: Camino Forestal Oscuro
Greek: -
Polish: -
Finnish: -
Swedish: -
Czech: -
Danish: -
By the same author: Citrus