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Hi! I'm Rex. I kinda just exist, I don't have much interesting to say about myself, and like being in the shadows rather than the spotlight. The main types of mods I create are Custom Tracks, as I have a decent amount of experience in making them, though I tend to make them for my own enjoyment, and not really any serious reasons. I also don't release them all too regularly, as I'm not very motivated regularly.

My tracks are not for everybody, I don't really strive for perfection with my tracks (especially visually, beware if you have high standards!), I mainly just try to aim for what I'm personally content with. I recommend you check out other talented creators and their creations on this wiki instead if you're looking for anything that's more polished and pretty! I just hope that you can at least respect that I do this as a hobby, and it's not something I'm aiming to be the best at :>

If you are interested in seeing some of my thoughts and extra little information about the new mods I release, check out my mod blog page.
I also plan to have a link to a folder on this page in the future, containing not only mods I've released here, but also most of my other mods that are too small-scale to upload to this wiki. (BRSTMs I've made, any model or texture modifications outside of CTs/THs, etc.) I'll put the link for it here once it's ready!

Update Permissions

If you want to ask me questions or requests that are related to any of the mods I've published on here, you're free to ask on my user talk page. I also have a Discord account, but I'm not very confident in talking with people I haven't talked with much before directly, so I would prefer you use the talk page if we've never interacted before. If you already know what my Discord account is, feel free to ping me in a server I'm in (such as the public Tockdom one from the main page, or DM me if you have me added), instead of using the talk page.

If you want to update any of my Custom Tracks:
tl;dr, please contact me before doing anything if possible!

  • I'll likely be fine with you updating it as long as the focus is on bug fixes and such, and if I haven't mentioned doing anything with the track any time soon myself.
  • If you want to do anything more than bug fixes, I would like to be asked and informed about what changes you're making! When it comes to making other forms of my original tracks (texture hacks, track edits, remakes in MKW or in other games, etc.), please ask me for permission on those too.
  • If another author was involved with the creation of the track, you should also ask them for permission, especially if they did more of the work on it than I did.
  • If an update is more for your own or a distribution's preferences, I would appreciate the update being labeled as an alternate or distribution specific version. (ex. v1.0-alt, v1.0.mkw)

Please respect my wishes for aspects of my tracks I do not want altered. Overall I would prefer if my tracks stay close to how I originally made them in visuals and gameplay, so please don't majorly change anything about those without permission.

User Link

Some of the mods I've released are exempt from my user link. If it's a mod I made in my own efforts, it's overall something I don't want to be or doesn't really need to be on the user link, whether it be something of mine I don't like much anymore, or is made as a joke or more unorthodox purpose. I may add or remove stuff depending on how I feel about them each time I edit the user link. The mods listed in each category are sorted by when they were first released, with a few exceptions. The "contributions" section mainly consists of tracks where I only worked on part of the model, and/or just some of the track's files.