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I'm Rex. I exist, I can't really say much else since I find myself pretty uninteresting.

Questions and permission to update stuff

If, for whatever reason, you want to ask me questions that are related to any of the mods I've published on here, you can ask them on my user talk page. Once I see it, I may respond to it if I feel it is needed. I do have a Discord account, but I do not like talking with people I haven't talked with much before in private.

If you want to do an update to my mods:

  • I would prefer you asking me first. I probably won't mind it, but I would still like it if you asked me before doing anything just so I am aware. If it is a pretty small update, such as just changing a few values of things in the BRRES or KMP, you don't have to ask for permission.
  • If you're asking me about an update, please list to me what you plan on changing, in case I have things that I do not want changed about the track. Right now, there is only one track of mine that I can think of that I don't want specific changes to: for Paralyzed Cliffs, the lack of animations, as well as the character, items, etc. not being grayscale are intentional, and I would prefer those aspects to be left alone.
  • I'm fine with my original CTs being remade, as long as the track is over 2 years old. If the track is younger than that, please ask me for permission regarding it.

User Link

Released custom tracks that are exempt from my user link are tracks of mine that I don't like as much as the ones that are on there.

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