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Hello! I am CannonFodder! I plan to buy Mario Kart Wii and set up CTGP eventually. Once I learn how to make custom tracks, I will do so. For right now, though, I am content to watch videos on them and come up with my own ideas. I like cannons, as my name suggests, and most of my custom track ideas involve them.

If you wish to add me on Steam for whatever reason, my user name is Winhmu_General.


Top Ten CTGP (or formerly CTGP) custom tracks:

10. Calidae Desert

9. Citro's Wedding Altar

8. Fishdom Island

7. Candy Coaster

6. Flowery Greenhouse

5. Melting Magma Melee

4. The Rabbit Hole

3. Mansion of Madness

2. Super Sky Courtyard

1. Glimmer Express Trains