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Hello, I'm HackStarz, known as mgsnowflake or Jetpack33133 (and still also HackStarz or CuberHax) on other platforms. (I apologize for any cringe caused by looking at what I had done under those names.) I used to make mods fairly often, but I think I am running out of inspiration.

I am into techno/trance music. Real old stuff, but it's like gold for me. I guess that also represents my opinions about custom tracks, ha-ha. My favorite artist at the moment is Dimrain47.

Alongside Mario Kart Wii, I play Geometry Dash. They are both my very favorite video games.

I think I first got Mario Kart Wii in 2012. I remember the first combo I ever used was Waluigi on the Wario Bike. The very reason why I am still here today is because a few years later, a friend introduced me to custom tracks. (That friend is actually on this wiki somewhere. Good luck finding them. Ehehe~) It took me way too much time to figure out how to hack my Wii, but when I finally did, it was around early v1.03 that I started playing CTGP Revolution.

I think I was making mods as early as 2017. They were just texture hacks, but I eventually figured out custom music, and finished my very first mod pack in February 2018: Geometry Dash Music Pack. This was never publicly released, and yes, I am aware that Cibles made her own version in the same year. I couldn't find when she first released her version, and I couldn't find accurate evidence of which one was finished first. On August 2018, I finished the first version of CuberHax Music Pack, which means that the music pack is 2-3 years old as of now. In early 2019, I made my first complex custom track distribution, named CTGP Blast to the Past. Inspired by LuigiGalaxy530's series with a very similar name, it was a compilation of all retro tracks from SNES to 3DS, using CT-CODE. I made an account on this wiki on April 2019, and started uploading mods on August. This seemed innocent enough at first, but little did I know that some "circumstances" would ruin it all. My first hit mod was somehow one of the first ones I released, MKW Ultra Shortcut Edition. I'm not going to explain what it is, since you may already know, but I first had the concept in March 2019. (Keep this in mind.) Through what could only be described as sheer luck, Troy made a video on it. I was ecstatic, as you could imagine. However, MK Mier had made a similar mod in May 2019, and assumed that I copied him. This was a problem, since I actually didn't copy him, but of course nobody will ever believe that. I'm being completely honest here, but I honestly don't care anymore if you don't believe me. One person even simply told me to stop making unoriginal distributions, and I wonder if that's because they heard that I apparently copied MKW Ultra Shortcut Edition, or maybe from 9.0x Speed Pack, which was actually a stolen idea at first. But it got even worse. I made a few track ports of tracks from Mario Kart DS Deluxe, an infamous MKDS rom hack known for having bad track models. This was a terrible mistake. Some people were fine with those, and a few even liked them. However, the senior modders thought they were absolute garbage, which I assume is likely what caused many modders to "strongly dislike me forever", which I assume was made even worse by my previous issues. And the rest is history, I guess.

Geometry Dash Info (long enough to have its own header)

On Geometry Dash, my username is HackStarZ. I also make serious levels from time to time, though usually not very good ones. I upload these levels to TheHyperGDPS, a Geometry Dash private server. My username on there is Boshi. But here is my top 5 rated levels I have beaten:

1. Stalemate - Insane Demon
Worst fail: 75% (twice)
Not long after Deadly ClubStep, I beat my first insane demon. This is a pretty good first insane demon, and I didn't even find it through any suggestions. I don't think anyone decided that Stalemate was a good first insane demon, but it somehow is. Once you learn it, the hard parts aren't that bad. However, the ship parts are inconsistent, so I am lucky that my worst fail is only 75%. Including practice and copyables, it took me 3,227 attempts. Without practice and copyables, I barely have any clue, but it would probably have taken 800-900 attempts at the very most, probably less. Unlike Deadly ClubStep, Future Funk, and maybe Fairydust as well, it only took 3 days to beat instead of 4!

2. Deadly ClubStep - Hard Demon
Worst fail: 90%
This is kind of like the bridge between hard demons and insane demons. That's why I wanted to play it. It only took me 4 days like Future Funk. It's not very enjoyable, and has some tough timings and transitions, but I knew if I wanted to get skilled I would need to beat it. I really should have not died at 90%, but I did anyway, and it's my worst fail in a long time. But what really pushed me forward to victory was npesta. I had his stream in the background, and while I was playing, he beat Bloodlust. I was really proud of him, and that eased my feelings a bit. Not long after, I randomly beat Deadly ClubStep. This time I have a total attempt count: Including practice and copyables, it took me 4,117 attempts. Without practice and copyables, I estimate around 500-700.

3. Fairydust - Hard Demon
Worst fail: 75%
This is one of the first Nine Circles levels. Aside from the bad transitions, it wasn't actually that bad. It took me quite a few days to beat it. I don't remember how many because I took like a week long break. The funny thing is, when I beat it, I was in practice mode and did it in 1 attempt. So you can imagine I wasn't very excited about beating it. I hack completed the level, because doing it in 1 attempt in practice mode still technically counts as beating it.

4. Future Funk - Hard Demon
Worst fail: 70%
If you don't know what Future Funk is, it's a 4+ minute level that is inspired by Clutterfunk and High Life, there is an infamous dual in the level, and it's easy to die at 99%. Thankfully that didn't happen to me. Once I passed the dual, I beat the level. Only took me 4 days.

5. Nine Circles - Hard Demon
Worst fail: 48%
The one that started the whole Nine Circles trend. I wanted to beat the level a while back but I didn't have the skills to do so. One day I decided to try it out, and while I learned most of the level, I gave up that day. The next morning, I picked it up again and beat it. I beat it in less than 24 hours! And yes, you read that right, I fluked from 48%! My luck was insane on this level.

Legacy List

What's with your name?

It's a long story. I was known as CuberHax. In the beginning it was a special name. Troy had made a video of my mod. But he never made another video of it like he said he might. I understand, maybe the video wasn't interesting enough. But as more time passed, and as I released more mods, I started to become more hated. I am guessing it's because of Cuberluigi CT Pack (the least likely reason I guess), my MKDSDX track ports (the most likely reason), or my love for older custom tracks and not focusing on how a track looks (the most undefined reason). Anyway, CuberHax became a name of laziness and, well, bad mods. It became something I don't want to be associated with, but was really who I was. It would be impossible to let it go. So I did the closest thing: A name change. This way the people who like my mods won't be sad or something, while I still get to kind of have a new beginning. To everyone who hated my mods: I'm sorry it was so awful. It really hurts to see people actually hate specifically ME, mostly for my garbage mods. To everyone who supported me (who I assume is a very few amount of people): I really can't thank you enough. I feel like I don't deserve your support, but you gave it anyway. But I guess I should directly say it: Thank you so much guys.

Okay, no more sob story, now how about the actual name, HackStarz? It may seem like I am calling myself a star of hacking, which is not true. I am far from that, and I am not egotistical. It's actually a reference to Cheating a Cheater, an old video by MrBean35000vr. I remember the annotations. The main antagonist of the video was obsessed with hacking stars. So that's basically where I got my name.

Planned Mods

I want to remake Rainbow Road DX to be much better, but aside from making the model, I am not very encouraged to make it. My attempt at porting the original model totally screwed up without the help of Octanevinny and Oh ok, and the KMP originally took very long anyway, so that explains it. Maybe I can make the model and pass it to someone else to turn into a playable track.

No more ideas. No more brain.

Wooden Sky Road MKDS BKT

I believe I have the glitch shortcut BKT for Wooden Sky Road, which is a Mario Kart DS custom track. This time is 31:223. I recorded it after I got it, which you can find here. It's shaky because I did the run on an airplane and had to record it there with my phone. Here is the song I used for the background. I also got a potential BKL, which is 9:932, but since the full time was 31:225, which is sadly only a very small amount of milliseconds behind the BKT, I didn't bother to record it.

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