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they/them, she/her
Discord Server

who is this?

hii! i'm known as hackstarz around here, though you may also know me as cuberhax. i've been modding since 2018.

my name's sammie, i'm non-binary! my pronouns are they/them and she/her, i don't have a preference.

some fictional characters i particularly like are ralsei, jayfeather, silver, and boshi. they are good bois

i mainly play mario kart wii and geometry dash, plus some other random wii games and mario kart games.

i'm a bit of a music person, i especially like techno/trance. if you want my playlist for some reason, here you go.

as of recent i have started uploading on youtube (finally), check out my channel! if you have subscribed then thank you so muchhh qwq

i still haven't processed that twd98 has made several videos on my mods, thanks troy you're awesome ^ω^

sedral is cute btw and makes good textures

By the same author: HackStarz

Bashi's Racing ResortBashi Music PackBoost Track Grand PrixCTGP Revolution ClassicCTGP-R v1.02 HNS PackDimrain47 Music PackMKW Ultra Shortcut Edition
Revo Kart 64SMW2 Yoshi's Island Music Pack

Texture Hacks:
Dark Bowser Castle 3SK VolcanoLapis MinesCuber's CastleSunset MallSSBB Mushroomy KingdomGalaxy BeachHaunted ParkwayCold TownshipSunset Peach Beach
Crystal DesertAurora FacilityFrostbite CircuitCuber RoadwaySurreal MountainsCheeseboard CrossFlooded Quag Beach

Custom Tracks:
Lethal Lava LandLuigi's LakesideGBA Cheese LandWindover TrekRainbow Road DXDS Rainbow RoadInsane Ghost ValleyJames BaySNES Mario Circuit 1
CTR1 Nin Clan RoadMaple PlatformSupermassive Expedition

Custom Characters:
SpikeBeeg YoshiSpyroQuagsireWigglerYellow Beeg YoshiHungry LumaChristmas Beeg YoshiWooperQuagspike
Sushi CatBeeg BoshiYellow BoshiYellow Beeg BoshiSleepy YoshiPuckTotodileSealeoPikachuChespin
CP PenguinWalreinSphealWartortleBoneshiCelebiFloatzelArcClassic BoshiYoshi Kirby
Baby YoshiBashiQuagsire (on foot)Spheal (on foot)MudkipFurretTotodile (on foot)LaprasSnivyRalsei
Silver the HedgehogBlaze the CatSpamtonKrisRalsei (Hatless)Niko

Custom Vehicles:
Dry BomberFunky Kong on QuackerBanisherFlame RiderShooting StarZipperROB-BLSPink Gold Peach on Wildfire FlyerTyrantCucumberStandard Kart 7
DragonflyEgg 1Nitro EggBlue BiddybuggyLandship

Track Edits:
Midnight City FallsSakupen Valley R/T

Other Mods:
NoHack2Win Race.szs RecreationTrue Impossible CPUs

Old/Outdated Mods