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April Fools Notice
For April Fools I made a bunch of random messages on talk pages. If you were offended by what I said, or thought it went "too far," I am sorry.
Avatar: HackStarz Boshi Avatar.jpg
Newgrounds: DJ-Boshi
Youtube: Boshidude
GameBanana: Bananas are cool
Twitch: Boshidude
Discord Server: Boshidude's Base
Discord Tag: HackStarz#7705


Hello, I'm HackStarz, also known as Boshidude, and previously known as CuberHax.
I was an active modder for a while, and I still release some stuff.
I am part of the MKW Hack Pack team.
My favorite games are Mario Kart Wii and Geometry Dash.
I listen to a lot of trance music, mainly from the mid-late 2000s. I put together a neat playlist of my favorite tunes here.
My favorite book series is Warriors, and my favorite character from it is Jayfeather.
My favorite video game character is Boshi, despite the fact I have not played through Super Mario RPG.


I don't talk in DMs. Don't try to ask anything. You can tell me stuff, but I will not respond. Don't take it personally.

Wiki Allies

In no particular order:

If you want to be removed or something, just let me know :P

Geometry Dash Info

On Geometry Dash, my username is Boshidude. Here are my top 5 rated levels I have beaten:

1. Supersonic - Insane Demon
Completion date: 2021-02-10
Time to complete: 9 days
Worst fail: 98%
Attempts: 6,403
I did not like the level much going into it. There are many inconsistent parts and bad transitions. You just have to hope everything works. Funnily enough, I noticed that I played better on this level if I changed my icon. This level took much longer than I expected. Usually I fluke levels fairly hard, but I got 82, then 89, then on the 7th day, I hit the jackpot with 98! It's the first time I have died at 98 or more on a demon. The next day I died at 96. My luck was quite bad. But on the 9th day I finally beat this level. Like Deadly Clubstep, it's a necessary level to get better at the game, but it's also not so good. This level took me over 2 times the time it took to beat Deadly Clubstep, and 3 times the time it took to beat Stalemate.

2. Windy Landscape - Insane Demon
Completion date: 2021-03-27
Time to complete: 5 days
Worst fail: 95%
Attempts: 4,812
Even though I switched back to my old mouse, I was still able to complete this. I thought it would be harder than Supersonic, but it's actually easier. 27-34 ruined the experience a bit, but I grew some consistency and was able to pass that road block. Compared to Supersonic, it's an enjoyable level. Also, I died at 79% 4 times in total. Lolz :P

3. Deadly ClubStep - Hard Demon
Completion date: 2021-01-05
Time to complete: 4 days
Worst fail: 90%
Attempts: 4,117
This is kind of like the bridge between hard demons and insane demons. That's why I wanted to play it. It's not very enjoyable, and has some tough timings and transitions, but I knew if I wanted to get skilled I would need to beat it. I really should have not died at 90%, but I did anyway, and it's my worst fail in a long time. But what really pushed me forward to victory was npesta. I had his stream in the background, and while I was playing, he beat Bloodlust. I was really proud of him, and that eased my feelings a bit. Not long after, I randomly beat Deadly ClubStep.

4. Stalemate - Insane Demon
Completion date: 2021-01-08
Time to complete: 3 days
Worst fail: 75% (twice)
Attempts: 3,227
Not long after Deadly ClubStep, I beat my first insane demon. This is a pretty good first insane demon, and I didn't even find it through any suggestions. Once you learn it, the hard parts aren't that bad. However, the ship parts are inconsistent, so I am lucky that my worst fail is only 75%. This was originally above Deadly ClubStep.

5. Fairydust - Hard Demon
Completion date: 2021-01-01
Time to complete: ~4 days
Worst fail: 75%
This is one of the first Nine Circles levels. Aside from the bad transitions, it wasn't actually that bad. The funny thing is, when I beat it, I was in practice mode and I did it in 1 attempt. So you can imagine I wasn't very excited about beating it. I hack completed the level, because doing it in 1 attempt in practice mode still technically counts as beating it.

Legacy List

What's with your name?

It may seem like I am calling myself a star of hacking, which is not true. I am far from that, and I am not egotistical. It's actually a reference to Cheating a Cheater, an old video by MrBean35000vr. I remember the annotations. The main antagonist of the video was obsessed with hacking stars. So that's basically where I got my name.

By the same author: HackStarz

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