F-Zero White Land I

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F-Zero White Land I
v2.0 as seen in SketchUp
Author: Jefe
Version: v2.1
Release date: 2015-10-25
Editors used: CTools, KMP Modifier, Photoshop CS, SketchUp, SZS Modifier
WBZ files: ct.wiimm.de


White Land I is a track from the SNES game F-Zero. The name "White Land" refers to the icy nature of the track. A detailed map of the original track from snesmaps.com was traced in SketchUp to ensure an accurate track layout.


FALCON KICK! Captain Falcon's on a balloon! SHOW ME YOUR MOVES! Intro and replay cameras! Check them out in replay mode! YES! Fake shadows too! FAAAAAAAALCOOOOOOON PAAAAAANCH! Split screen works great! Show this level off to your friends! C'MON!

Differences from the original

Since karts are slower than F-Zero Machines, the energy recharge area has been converted to a boost pad and four additional boost pads have been placed on the track. The blue 'magnetic repulsors' that border the track spin players out when touched and are raised at an angle as in F-Zero X. The icy areas aren't super slippery as in the original; this will change if an appropriate KCL setting is found by or given to the author.


v2.0 VS Race (CTGP-R v1.03 Speed-Modified Version)
Original Version

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2011-10-21 The snowy and metal parts of the track emit dirt effects. There will likely be an update to fix that and maybe add some decorative details to the level, like billboards and such. Bots are ok, but could be better, especially on the jump pad section. The SketchUp file for v1.0 can be downloaded here.
v2.0 2011-12-26 Includes new buildings, new opening pans and some redone textures. Also includes various updates to the KMP and KCL to fix some uncommon bugs and to get better dust effects. The SketchUp file for v2.0 can be downloaded here.
v2.1 2015-10-25 Update by maczkopeti:
  • Rotated 90°.
  • Added fall boundary just below the road.
  • Changed solid fall to regular fall boundary.
  • Improved ramp collision.
  • Adjusted lap counter and start position.
  • Mirrored starting lineup.
  • Added water animation.
  • Adjusted minimap.
  • Slightly lowered vrcorn.

Custom Track Distributions

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Names in Other Languages

Dutch: F-ZERO White Land 1
French: F-Zero White Land 1 (NTSC)
F-ZERO White Land 1 (PAL)
German: F-ZERO White Land 1
Italian: F-ZERO White Land 1
Japanese: F-ZERO ホワイトランド1
Korean: F-ZERO 화이트 랜드1
Portuguese: F-Zero White Land 1 (NTSC)
F-ZERO White Land 1 (PAL)
Russian: F-ZERO Уайт-Ленд 1
Spanish: F-Zero White Land 1 (NTSC)
F-ZERO White Land 1 (PAL)
Greek: F-ZERO Γουάιτ Λαντ 1
Polish: F-ZERO White Land 1
Finnish: F-ZERO White Land 1
Swedish: F-ZERO White Land 1
Czech: F-ZERO White Land 1
Danish: F-ZERO White Land 1
[en] - Known as F-ZERO White Land 1 in Europe and Australia
By the same author: Jefe

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