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Creator: MrDark35000vr
Operating system: Windows
Version: v2.2.2.2
Date of latest release: 2018-06-12
Programming language: C#
Discord server: Discord
Source code: GitHub
Download: Dropbox


DTools (short for Distribution Tools) is a series of tools to create a Custom Track Distribution.


Current tools

  • CTGP Compiler v1.8.1.
  • Points Modifier v1.3.
  • XML Generator v1.6.
  • Speed & Lap Modifier v1.2.1.1.
  • U8 Converter v1.1.1.
  • SZS Fixer v1.5.
  • Image Converter v1.0.1.
  • Mission Editor v1.1.1.

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2015-03-15
  • First release.
  • Tools:
    • CTGP Editor v1.0.
    • Points Modifier v1.0.
    • Hard Patcher v1.0.
v1.5 2015-12-27
  • CTGP Editor v1.5:
    • Generates automatically a template.
    • Slot information with initial letter and hexadecimal.
  • Remade UI for Points Modifier v1.1 and Hard Patcher v1.1.
  • Tools added:
    • XML Generator v1.0.
    • Speed & Lap Modifier v1.0.
v2.0 2017-01-07
  • CTGP Compiler v1.6 (a.k.a CTGP Editor):
    • Add ct-code and image path to compile.
    • Edit and save ct-code file with CTGP Editor.
    • Slot information can be searched by slot or by index.
    • Remade UI and minor bug fixes.
  • Points Modifier v1.2:
    • Checks if the new points system is in descending order before modifying.
  • Speed & Lap Modifier v1.1:
    • Can open many track files to convert it.
    • Reports all converted files (optional).
  • Tools added:
    • WBZ to SZS Converter v1.0.
    • SZS Analysis v1.0.
    • Auto-add Tool v1.0.
  • Tools removed:
  • XML Generator v1.0.
v2.1 2017-09-19
  • CTGP Compiler v1.7:
    • Added CTGP Simple Visual Editor to generate more easily the CT-CODE.
    • Can create txt files.
  • Wiimmfi Patcher v1.2 (a.k.a Hard Patcher):
    • Able to open and close the StaticR.rel file.
    • Makes a backup before patching.
  • Points Modifier v1.3:
    • Able to open and close the StaticR.rel file.
    • Able to make projects and can save it.
    • Checks the current system points from a StaticR.rel file.
  • Speed & Lap Modifier v1.2:
    • Can modify the speed (0.1x to 10x) and lap (1 to 9) values as you want.
    • Reports the current progress.
    • Open all szs files from a directory.
  • WBZ/SZS/WU8 Converter v1.5 (a.k.a WBZ to SZS Converter):
    • WU8 conversion support.
    • Options added:
      • Remove AI-Param.
      • Clean KCL.
      • Center minimap.
      • Auto-add (tool removed).
  • Tools added:
    • XML Generator v1.5.
    • Image Converter v1.0.
    • Cup Layout Generator v1.0.
    • Message Tool v1.0.
v2.2 2018-03-11
  • CTGP Compiler v1.8:
    • Interactive Visual Editor instead of Simple Visual Editor.
    • CTGP Editor can make icons instead of Cup Layout Generator (tool removed).
    • Minor bug fixes.
  • XML Generator v1.6:
    • Automatic checked values (create option) for track files (20 to FF) and generate code for multiplayer support (optional).
    • Automatic generate code for language files and video files.
    • Minor bug fixes.
  • U8 Converter v1.1.1:
    • Remove options: Auto-add, center minimap, remove AIParam, clean KCL. It added in SZS Fixer.
    • Can compress SZS files.
  • SZS Fixer v1.5:
    • Added options removed in U8 Converter.
    • Able to transform a track (see Track Transformation).
    • All analyzed tracks will be displayed in a single window.
  • Multithreading support for:
    • CTGP Compiler v1.8.
    • U8 Converter v1.1.1.
    • SZS Fixer v1.5.
    • Speed & Lap Modifier v1.2.1.
    • Image Converter v1.0.1.
  • Tools added:
    • Mission Editor v1.0.
  • Tools removed:
    • Message Tool v1.0 (unneeded tool).
    • Wiimmfi Patcher v1.3 (it was never tested).
  • Mission Editor v1.1:
    • Able to add CPUs in Mission Mode (requires CPUs in Mission Mode code to works).
v2.2.2 2018-03-25
  • CTGP Compiler v1.8.1:
    • A fatal error has been fixed.
v2.2.2.1 2018-04-01
  • Speed & Lap Modifier v1.2.1.1:
    • Speed and laps range have been fixed.
v2.2.2.2 2018-06-12
  • Mission Editor v1.1.1:
    • An error when open another file has been fixed.