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Hello! I'm Rex. I'm a newbie at making custom tracks and other things, so don't expect a ton from me haha :p

Right now I'm only working on my own custom tracks in SketchUp, but eventually I might try to get into porting tracks from other Mario Kart titles and maybe some outside games, and texture related stuff if I feel like it.

Don't really know what else to put up here, so I'll update this profile whenever I feel like it. Thanks for stopping by, I guess!

My current projects

Custom Tracks
Track Name Latest Version Info Planned future updates
Sherbet Circuit RC2.5 (2019-03-31) A simple snow/ice themed track. Also my first custom track I've made and worked on.
  • Fixing the water splash animation for when the player falls into the water
  • Adding scenery, such as trees
  • Make an out of bounds zone for the outskirts of the track

An update with the features above has been planned for a while, however due to texture issues, the new version being developed currently is postponed to an unknown date.

LCP Floor It 1 Beta (2019-03-27) A track based off the first level of the minigame Floor It from SpongeBob SquarePants: Lights, Camera, Pants!.
  • Adding more details to the track
  • Making the track resemble the original one more
Custom Arenas
Arena Name Latest Version Info Planned future updates
GCN Pipe Plaza Alpha 2 (2019-04-04) My first port and battle arena.
  • Adding functionality for pipes being entered if possible
  • Adjusting enemy routes so they aren't broken
Character Textures
Texture Name Latest Version Info Planned future updates
Cyan Koopa Troopa Beta (2019-04-15) My first character texture, inspired by the one I made for Mario Kart 8. Currently only has textures for Blue Falcon and Bullet Bike.
  • Adding support for more vehicles