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Avatar: MANOWII-avatar.png
Discord: Man-O-Wii#5227

Hello everyone, I'm DryBowser, an American who loves Wii Modding! If you want to update any of my creations, check the "My Creations" section.

My current name is Man-O-Wii, however, I have to wait until my account is old enough for the name change to be approved. The name Man-O-Wii is derived from Man-O'-War, a venomous marine hydrozoan often mistaken for a type of jellyfish.

Believe it or not, even though I play MKWii more than any other wii game, the Super Mario Galaxy series will always be my favorite games.

Besides Mario Kart Wii, I'm also working on a NSMBW mod that will replace (hopefully) all of the levels. I can't say for sure though, because i've only got two levels done. The hack will be very low effort, as the levels are meant to look bad. The idea came to me while watching Mayro's NSMBW-2, when she kept talking about "bad-tiling". So, naturally, I had the thought; "I bet I can fuck up a level worse than that." Thus, the hack was born.

My start on the Wiiki wasn't great. I did some My Stuff distributions. I now focus on custom tracks and minor track edits, with the occasional texture hack, character hack, and distribution (the distributions are now through Riivolution with Custom BMGs).

My favourite thing i've made on the Wiiki is my custom track 39 Days, because it was my first working custom track and features the theme of Survivor, my favourite television show.

I'm currently an active participant in BillyNoodles's Custom Track Jams, so keep a lookout for my tracks in those videos.

I am currently in the process of making track edits for Mayro’s Variation Sensation series, as well as participating in the friend rooms for it.

I’m working on a texture hack distribution that will feature 32 texture hacks as well as character textures made entirely by myself.

Be sure to check out my Youtube channel. I have a lot of Mario Kart Wii stuff on there, including showcases. However, I also do some videos on SMG modding. I have a pretty interesting series on there called "Exploring Super Mario Galaxy," where I use flying hacks to explore every galaxy in SMG. I also plan to do a texture hack/character texture tutorial at some point.

My Creations

Want to update something i've made (no distributions, sorry), look no further. Use this table as a reference on what can be updated and what can't.


This describes the legend for the “Can you update it?” section of each table.

Yes You can update the mod without asking me for permission.
Requires Permission You can update the mod, but you have to ask for my permission to update it first.
No You cannot update the mod and I will not give permission to update it. I don't want unofficial updates either, however, if you really want to update it at least title it an -alt version of the current version and leave it out of the Misc-Info box. This cannot be enforced obviously but if possible I ask that you oblige by these recommendations.

Custom Tracks

Custom Tracks
Name Version Update Planned? Can you update it? Notes
39 Days RC1 Yes No This is a track that I want to be completely made by me for personal reasons. Sorry, I'm not allowing any updates on this one. And if absolutely possible I don't want any unofficial updates either due to personal reasons I do not wish to disclose.
A Drive Through Miniville v1.0 No No This one should be fine as is, but if you want to update it for some reason it'll have to be unofficial.
A SketchUp Track Beta No Yes Feel free to update this one if you want. It's not a major project so I could honestly care less.
Acidity Island RC1 No Requires Permission I don't plan to update this one, but since it's one of my better tracks I require permission to update it.
Blooper's Aquarium Beta.ctj Possibly Yes I'd like to fix some of the many bugs this track has, but you can do it too if you want.
Boo Circuit RC1 No Requires Permission This is a remake of Boo Circuit.
Cacti Desert RC2 Possibly Requires Permission This is one that definitely needs work, but since this one is one of my favorites I don't want just anyone updating it.
Circuit Raceway v1.0 No Requires Permission This has just been updated, so I see no reason for it to be updated again. If you do want to update it, I require permission.
Codename: WARIO' v1.2 No Requires Permission This track is honestly fine as is, but if you wanted to update it, I'd still have to talk it over with JadenMKW.
Crater Raceway RC1 No Requires Permission This was my first one, but I would be willing to allow an update if you wanted to update the right things. There's certain things I want as is though.
Grass Road Remake RC1 Yes (CuberHax Update) No CuberHax is already planning to update this, so no updates allowed for this one until further notice.
The Hardest Course Harder than The Hardest Course Harder than Mushroom Peaks v1.0-joke No No Honestly, this is a joke track. I want it as is. No updates for this one!
Lake Eitur RC1 Possibly Requires Permission I plan on adding another shortcut in the future, not sure when though.
Question Block Castlegrounds v1.0 No No This is my best custom track by far. I don't want it updating unless it's by me.
Rainbow Test Site RC1.test No No This is a test track to test Curvilofts capabilities as well as Texture Pattern Animations. I don't think this needs an update.
Rolling Gizmo Raceway v1.0 Possibly Requires Permission I only want certain things updated for this one.
Slimy Spring Subterrain RC1 No No This one was created for the SMG Custom Tracks Project. Therefore I do not want any official updates.
SMG Ghostly Gate RC1 No Yes I have no plans to update this, so go right ahead and update it if you want.
SMG2 Sky Station Raceway Alpha Yes Yes I plan to update this at some point, but go right ahead and update it if you want.
Song Speedway v1-ctj Possibly Requires Permission I kind of like the way the track turned out, but if you want to update it for whatever reason, let me know and you'll be able to.
The Spiral Sandpit RC1 No No This was created for the SMG Custom Tracks Project. Therefore I do not want any official updates.
Trick Mountain v1.0 No No This one should be fine as is.
Twilight Town v1.1 No Requires Permission There are a few things I don't want changed, so permission is required for this one.
Unsuspicious Lair RC1 No Requires Permission I quite like this one, so it'll need permission.
Virtual Boy Voyage RC1 No No I want to keep this between myself and those i'm associated with.
White Loop Beta Possibly Yes I'd like to update this, but I've kind of lost motivation for it. Go ahead and update it if you want.

Retro Tracks

Retro Tracks
Name Version Update Planned? Can you update it? Notes
SNES Beta Plains 1 RC1 Possibly No This is my first ever remake. I don't want it updated unless it's by me or certain people.
SNES Beta Plains 2 v1.0 Toxic Prime Update No This track will be updated by Toxic Prime.
SNES Donut Plains 2 v1.0 No No I think this one is fine as is.

Track Edits

Track Edits
Name Version Over Which Track? Update Planned? Can you update it? Notes
Mushroom Gorge but the Mushroom Types are Switched v1.0 Mushroom Gorge No No This one doesn't need an update. It accomplishes what it was meant to.
Land of the Mega Moo Moos v1.0 Moo Moo Meadows No No This is more of a fun little meme edit. It's not anything that needs an update.
Cave v1.0 Kinoko Cave No No This is a complete joke. It is not serious enough to be worthy of an update to be honest.

Texture Hacks

Texture Hacks
Name Version Over Which Track? Update Planned? Can you update it? Notes
Blue-Green Circuit Beta Luigi Circuit Yes Yes I plan to add custom item boxes in the future, but no set in stone plans for now.
Mutated Meadows Beta Moo Moo Meadows Yes Yes I'd like to fix the invisible ramp issue at some point.
Grayscale Gorge v1.0 Mushroom Gorge No No This one should be fine as is.
Hazard Factory v1.0 Toad's Factory No No This one should be fine as is.
Mayro Circuit Beta Mario Circuit No Requires Permission There's some things I don't want changed about this one.
The Warehouse v1.0 Coconut Mall No Yes I have no plans on updating this, but you can.
@SDF Street v1.0 ASDF Course No Yes Go right ahead and update it if you want to.
Flower Field Beta Lava Canyon No Yes Go right ahead and update it if you want to.
SNES Mario Plains 3 v1.0 SNES Mario Circuit 3 No No This one should be fine as is.

Character/Vehicle Textures

Texture Hacked Characters
Name Version Over which character? Update Planned? Can you update it? Notes
Albino DK on Melanistic Spear v1.0 Donkey Kong on Spear No Yes This one doesn’t really need an update, but if you want to go for it.
Dry Funky on Dry Runner v1.0 Funky Kong on Flame Runner Possibly Yes This was my first character texture. You can update it if you want. I want to add menu models at some point.
Funky Kong on Bit Bike Beta Funky Kong on Standard Bike L Possibly Yes I want to fix the menu model at some point, but I don’t know for sure if I will. This is a Model Swap.
Galaxy Rosalina on Monochrome Spear v1.0 Rosalina on Spear Possibly Yes Doesn't really need an update, but if you want to update it, go right ahead. The only thing I might do is add a menu model.
King Boo on Jet Bubble v1.0 King Boo on Spear No No I want this one as is. This is a Model Swap.
Skeletal Bowser on Bone Spear v1.0 Bowser on Spear No Yes Another one that doesn’t need an update. But you still can if you want.
SMG Ice Mario v2.0 Mario No No I want to keep this one as is.
Violet King Boo on Bronze Runner Beta 2 King Boo on Flame Runner Possibly Yes Go right ahead and update this one. I might add a menu model, but other than that this mod is complete.
Zombie Dry Bowser on Zombie Spear v1.0 Dry Bowser on Spear Possibly Yes Yet another one that I think is fine as is. Feel free to update it if you want to. I might add menu models to this one eventually.

SMG Custom Tracks

Me and a few others have decided to start a brand new project known as the SMG Custom Tracks Project! This project will create custom tracks based around Galaxies from Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2. If you would like to help, hop on the discord server featured on the page, and let us know that you want to help out with creating the tracks!

Community Controlled Collection

I am currently working on a custom track distribution known as the Community Controlled Collection. It is a distribution that relies entirely on user submissions! If you would like to submit a track, check out the track wishlist which is linked there.

In addition, I may need help with the pack, so if you'd like to help with either testing or putting together the track, let me know on the discord server!

I have some plans for future things I'd like to do.

Glitzville Arena - Texture Hack of Funky Stadium based on the Arena from Paper Mario: TTYD.

Honeyhive Galaxy - I’ve wanted to do this port for awhile. It’ll just be the main planet.

Old Track Remakes - Let’s be honest. There’s countless old tracks out there that need a remake.

Retro Game Track - A currently unnamed custom track that will take you through numerous retro games. These games will be Minesweeper, Snake, New Rally X, Dig Dug, Xevious, and finally Pac-Man.

3D Warehouse Releases - Upon looking in the 3D Warehouse in Sketchup, I discovered a few unfinished custom track models. I’m hoping to complete some of them.

Arcade Ports - If I can get my hands on some models I’d like to port some Arcade Tracks into MKWii.

Super Mario Galaxy Ports - As a huge SMG fan, I love combining MKWii and SMG. Though I’ve already ported a few tracks, why stop there?

In addition, there are a few things that are more than just an idea that I have already begun working on

Man-O-Wii's Custom Pack - A personal custom track pack that will use CT-CODE. It is not far into development as the tracklist is not complete yet. I have some tracks in mind though. I’ll most likely include all of my playable tracks along with all released tracks from the Custom Track Jam. I do have the Wiimmfi region selected though, #6008. Though it is a personal pack, it will be released publicly.

Slot Car Rivals! Tutorial Track - A port of the tutorial track from Slot Car Rivals!.

Glitterland Pass - Also known as James Charles Circuit. This track will feature sparkles all around.

Rainbow Funky Texture - A Funky Kong on Flame Runner texture that is actually complete. Not sure when I’m going to release it though.

You can find all of my finished creations in the box below, along with a few unfinished projects.

By the same author: DryBowser

Major Projects:
Community Controlled CollectionSMG Custom Tracks Project

Custom Tracks:
Crater Raceway39 DaysCircuit RacewayWhite LoopCacti DesertA Drive Through MinivilleUnsuspicious LairLake EiturRainbow Test SiteAcidity Island
Virtual Boy VoyageQuestion Block Castlegrounds

Retro Tracks:
SNES Donut Plains 1 BetaSNES Donut Plains 2 BetaSNES Donut Plains 2

Custom Track Jam Tracks:
Twilight Town (Twilight Jam/Jam 7) – Codename: WARIO' (with JadenMKW) (Cave Jam/Jam 8) – Song Speedway (Music Jam/Jam 9)
Blooper's Aquarium (Underwater Jam/Jam 11) – Wizard Way (Music Jam/Jam 12)

SMG Custom Tracks:
Slimy Spring SubterrainThe Spiral Sandpit

Mario Kart Madness Competition Tracks:
Rolling Gizmo Raceway

SMG2 Sky Station RacewaySMG Ghostly Gate

A SketchUp TrackGrass RoadBoo CircuitTrick Mountain

Track Edits:
Mushroom Gorge but the Mushroom Types are SwitchedLand of the Mega Moo MoosCave

Texture Hacked Nintendo Tracks:
Blue-Green CircuitMutated MeadowsGrayscale GorgeHazard FactoryMayro CircuitThe WarehouseSNES Mario Plains 3

Texture Hacked Custom Tracks:
@SDF_StreetFlower Field

Custom Characters/Vehicles:
Dry Funky on Dry RunnerZombie Dry Bowser on Zombie SpearGalaxy Rosalina on Monochrome SpearSMG Ice MarioViolet King Boo on Bronze Runner
Albino DK on Melanistic SpearSkeletal Bowser on Bone Spear

Model Swaps:
King Boo on Jet BubbleFunky Kong on Bit Bike

Custom Track Distributions:
DryBowser's Unused CT DistributionColor Grand PrixAntique Kart WiiBowser's CT PackMan-O-Wii's Least Favorites Pack

Texture Hack Distributions:
DryBowser Kart Wii

In-Progress Distributions:
SMG Custom Tracks Showcase Pack

Minor In-Progress Distributions:
DryBowser's Custom Track Collection - Season 1Invisible Kart WiiMan-O-Wii's Authentic Texture PackMario Kart Crossover

Tracks I've Updated:
Rugged Island (v1.3)Mushroom Raceway (v4.0)Mario Tower Defense III (v1.1)

Joke Custom Tracks:
The Hardest Course Harder than The Hardest Course Harder than Mushroom PeaksLMAO Track